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Traditional Scottish Wedding

There are many reasons behind planning a traditional Scottish wedding for your big day. Perhaps you or your other half was born in Scotland, or an important member of the family has Scottish roots. Or, you may have just visited Scotland and found it delightful and amazing. Let us be your wedding planner as you

The Best Honeymoon Activities for Newlyweds

About to the tie the knot and still haven’t decided on your amazing honeymoon destination? From luxury honeymoon to adventurous honeymoon packages, we’ve got you covered. Here are the best honeymoon activities for you and your special someone.

How to choose wedding palette

There are magnificent wedding that are full of glamour but only a few can make their dreams into reality. A lot of effort and skill need to be put in place. A wedding is not just about tying the knot but also the feeling and the experience that the guest will have. Wedding color, style,

Ivana & Damir wedding

It was a freezing day, everyone was making preparations for the celebration of New Year 2012. In the evening Damir went on a party with his friends and it was just a destiny, he met his love Ivana. While they were sitting at the table, eating and talking with their friends, they did not pay

Interfaith wedding

Meeting and falling in love with a person from different faith Love is said to be mysterious because one minute you may not even be thinking of love but within a few days, you could be madly in love with someone you just met. After only a few dates, your heart will tell whether you

Top 10 creative weddings

Wedding creativity is categorized as the first aspect that visitors will see at your wedding ceremony. Thus, they can pack a big punch when it comes to the first impression. Does that mean that you should spend all your savings to make them happy? Absolutely not! There are simple and creative methods that you should

Top 10 summer-autumn wedding dresses

Autumn is typically known as the fall in North America, it is one of the gentle and moderate climates that everyone would wish it could remain as it is forever. If you are an upcoming bride, the first thing to think about as you utter the words “what do we do, what do we do?”

The Best Month to Tie the Knot

Let’s be honest, before your husband got down on one knee and proposed, you had already thought about your future wedding plans. What you may not have thought about was your wedding month. Picking the month of your wedding is one of the most crucial components of a wedding. With the help of this article,

How to Pick the Perfect Playlist

Wedding receptions are uniquely different depending on where the bride and groom are from, family traditions, religion, and many other factors. One thing they all have in common is having a wedding playlist. From your first wedding dance, to the songs being played on the dance floor at the reception, having the perfect playlist is

Wedding of Vera and Filip

This year the beautiful couple Vera and Filip will celebrate 10 years together. They started their journey together by a happy accident, they met each other at a celebration in Bjelovar (Croatia). After a couple of months they started to go out together and from that moment till the wedding they were together an amazing