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Wedding in the Style of India: Introduction

It is not necessary at all to get married to a Hindu in order to arrange an Indian wedding. This way fits to everyone who likes Bollywood movies, is fascinated by Indian culture, and interested in or even practices Yoga etc. If a nuptial in an eastern style has always been your dream, pay attention

Shocking wedding styles

When guests turn up at a nuptial ceremony, they wait to see confetti showers and an ocean of bright flowers, a sunlit aisle symbolizing the path of life, blissful and serene, and a flurry of delicate petals… We all expect marriage to become celebration of true love and devotion, a dignified declaration of faith and

Nautical Theme for Your Wedding

The sea and everything related to it always stirred hearts of romantic-minded people. That is why the nautical wedding theme is so attractive: it is applicable to restaurants design, interior decor, and the very celebrations including weddings. Reception in maritime style is always beautiful and solemn yet not familiar and hackneyed, like traditional wedding banquets

Bachelorette Party: Where and How to Enjoy

How and the main question ‘where’ are bachelorette parties held today? Any place would be appropriate to have a good time with friends. The main course is to set the priorities. What would you like – to keep up traditions, to take a rest before wedding, to chin with girls, to score a full ride,

How to Choose Bridesmaid’s Dress – Full Guide

Men of honor usually spend the whole wedding day together with the newly-weds, that is why they will surely appear in the center of guests`, camera men` and photographers` attention. Consequently, they have to look like a million dollars.

33 Ways to Wow Your Wedding Guests

The theme, the food, those genuine words exchanged at the ceremony or how fabulous the happy bride appeared… What do you think your friends and family will remember longest once the big day is over? Things we have just mentioned are standard for any nuptial. All couples carefully select outfits, do their best to please

Wedding Garters – History and Tradition

There is one absolutely useless today, but at the same time rather considerable part of women outfit. This fashion item is also the most mysterious, because usually it is worn secretly, so that nobody except beloved man could see it. One can only envision, dream and imagine if it is put on or not. So,

Christmas & New Year Wedding Planning

If you cherish to turn your wedding into a real fairy-tale, plan it on Christmas or New Year holidays. What are the advantages of a New Year’s or Christmas wedding?

Wedding Anniversaries – First Ten Years

How many weddings a person might have during his or her life? Well, one or two… maybe three. In fact, we can celebrate it time and again. First and foremost, if you manage to start a close-knit family, then you can mark this day by celebrating the anniversary every year.

How to Pick the Color for your Wedding Dress

Though variety of wedding gowns is huge, brides still face difficulties. To start with, the quantity of styles is immeasurable. Certainly every woman knows what suits her best, but what if another design fits even more? Decoration of nuptial outfits can also vary, that is why one will surely be puzzled while choosing among several