The Engagement: Ring & Party Basics

Shopping for an engagement ring is an exciting experience, and with a little preparation it can be free of stress, too. There are options galore for engagement rings, from pricing to stone cuts and everything in between, so it will be beneficial in the long run to take the time to consider each option available

Bachelorette Party: Where and How to Enjoy

How and the main question ‘where’ are bachelorette parties held today? Any place would be appropriate to have a good time with friends. The main course is to set the priorities. What would you like – to keep up traditions, to take a rest before wedding, to chin with girls, to score a full ride,

Engagement Party Gifts

Engagement time is the most romantic moment in any couple’s life. It is the beginning of the most significant step of every person. Such event is important, but it doesn’t celebrate overall. Several countries don’t consider that this event is worth to commemorate, because the next holiday is wedding and it demands much charge and

Engagement party cakes

Everybody loves that sweet feeling of fraternity which appears while one is sharing something with another. This feeling can be even greater if sweets are shared. Mutual serotonin exchange creates the air of happiness, that’s why every human holiday includes a part, when guests eat the party cake. Probably, this is the only one tradition,

Engagement Party Ideas

Many young couples rack their brains whether to have an engagement party or not. Sure, it’s a good way to announce and celebrate this special event, nevertheless not all Mr. and Mrs.-to-be organize a social evening on this occasion. Let’s consider all pros and cons of having an engagement party.

Engagement Party Etiquette

Engagement party isn’t obligatory, still it is a cheerful occasion for friends and relatives to get together, share a good time and get to know each other. In addition, such a celebration could be considered as a logical beginning of the upcoming wedding hassle. So, if a young couple decided to organize an engagement party,

10 best hen party ideas

1. Hen-party in a nightclub Standard dance scenario with snack breaks can be diluted as follows: a game of bowling; a game of pool; rest in karaoke-bar.  The winner is the most active girl who  gets the greatest number of game points. creative commons license | photo by: Avarty Photos