Top 10 creative weddings

Wedding creativity is categorized as the first aspect that visitors will see at your wedding ceremony. Thus, they can pack a big punch when it comes to the first impression. Does that mean that you should spend all your savings to make them happy? Absolutely not! There are simple and creative methods that you should

The Best Month to Tie the Knot

Let’s be honest, before your husband got down on one knee and proposed, you had already thought about your future wedding plans. What you may not have thought about was your wedding month. Picking the month of your wedding is one of the most crucial components of a wedding. With the help of this article,

How to Pick the Perfect Playlist

Wedding receptions are uniquely different depending on where the bride and groom are from, family traditions, religion, and many other factors. One thing they all have in common is having a wedding playlist. From your first wedding dance, to the songs being played on the dance floor at the reception, having the perfect playlist is

Planning a beautiful wedding on a low-budget

Deciding some tough financial questions during wedding planning process is unavoidable anyway. You have a modest wedding budget but still want to have a wished-for celebration which won’t look like low-price? Here are some proven money-saving tips.

Wedding Day Timings Schedule – Full Guide

As the bride and groom embark on the final marathon leading to their grand event – twelve, nine, ten days… one weak left – they would feel the stress of wedding frenzy mounting up exponentially. Once you get down to the nitty-gritty, nuptial logistics and supply alone prove terrifying. Even if the couple hires professional

Hiring a Wedding Planner – Complete Guide

So, you are getting married? Congratulations! You and your spouse-to-be are in for what some people call ‘pleasant worries’ – arranging the festivities. Mentally, you may already come up with a little to-do list: buy clothes and rings, send invites, pick out the photographer, the florist, the venue, the menu… This is not all, of

Ultimate 12-Month Wedding Planning Checklist Calendar

Engagement and wedding are very special events in human life. However, it requires tons of planning thorough preparation. It is always the best to start ahead of time to avoid any hassle and frustration but get ready for your dream event. If you doing well at managing your wedding preparations, it will definitely turn into

What Does a Chief Bridesmaid Do?

A wedding party is all smiles and entertainment for everybody around, but one person. Her hands are usually too full, practically leaving out any possibility of amusement. Even the happy couple, who will remain in the limelight throughout their big day - and who must be up to the status – will be less preoccupied.

Bridesmaid bouquet

Is a bouquet for a chief bridesmaid necessary detail at a wedding? A lot of future newlyweds ponder this question during their preparation for ceremony. It would seem a mere trifle but it is commonly known that wedding is an event which happens ones in a lifetime – still and all anybody hopes it to

The Biggest Wedding Music Trends

Music is an essential part of any wedding as far as guests’ and newly-weds’ festive mood depends on it in large part. How to pick the right music for a celebration so that to please everyone?