Love Story Photo Session Before Wedding

Genres of photography can be different, but photo shoots “Love story” have common themes related to relationship. “Love story” photos are strongly associated with a wedding and pre-wedding period recently; however, love is not only romance and wedding. “Love story” pictures can be made in honour of the anniversary of the wedding (the first, fifth

Wedding buffet

Buffet tables are kind of entertaining which was initially invented in France. Such arrangement of a festive table has a variety of benefits. This kind of reception is an entertainment which eliminates need to purchase additional furniture items, because its main goal is a communication, but not tableful.

Creating a table seating plan for your wedding

Wedding preparations are quite a challenge for a bride and a groom. Therefore, creating a seating plan for the reception can be tricky business and may will take some time. Luckily, you can get through it with sedateness and some good tips. So here they are.

Lace Wedding Dresses

Femininity and elegance are in high esteem again. The fashion world gradually gives up the formal men’s style suits and shapeless pants, preferring flowing lines, romantic colors and vapory fabrics. The lace wedding dresses have returned to runways too.

What to wear on a wedding?

If you are invited to a wedding, two questions stand in front of you: what to present, and what to put on. Choosing a gift is simpler – all wedding gifts are rather universal and don’t depend neither on weather nor on a season or the concept of a wedding. Choosing an outfit is trickier

How to choose a wedding invitation

Choice of wedding invitations is one of the first stages in wedding preparations. Usually their turn comes after the date of the wedding is chosen and the list of the guests is complete. But it isn’t really correct. Of course, for it is necessary to decide on the date of a wedding, on the number

5 rules of wedding planning

Wedding planning is almost always messy, nervous and surrounded by fuss – so when you are starting to plan, the very first fundamental rule must be ‘the sooner, the better’. That statement should became your motto, and the following rules should help you make a beautiful event: