Wedding Planning Tips For Newly Engaged Couples

Amazing time of wedding planning has started. In this article there are lots of useful advices to make the celebration unforgettable for you, your family and friends. The main advice is to plan everything in advance, and then there will be no reason to be disappointed that the most important day isn’t like one you

How to Choose Your Wedding Colors

The saying goes that well begun is half done. Pick out the right colors for your big day – and you will see how everything will start shaping up just marvelously. Whether you plan exchanging vows for spring, summer, autumn or the snowy season, colors are essential. The scheme you settle for should harmonize not

How to Choose Your Bridesmaids

Organization of any wedding has a lot of complications. Certain bride wishes to do everything herself and another one dreams about wedding-surprise. Any of them tries to make this event unforgettable and romantic. Who can help in managing except your parents?

15 Tips for choosing your wedding party

Deciding on bride’s and groom’s crew is an important decision for them. After all, these people aren’t just guests. They perform special duties during wedding preparations, the ceremony and banquet. Therefore, the choice of best men and bridesmaids is better to be taken seriously.

17 Things every bride needs to know before wedding dress shopping

1. Choose what the wedding party is supposed to be like For example, it can be traditional celebration: you in the snow-white crinoline dress and he, so gentle in the black tuxedo, takes your hand and roses’ leaves solemnly flying from the sky, blessing the new stage in newlyweds’ lives.

48 Recommendations of Hiring a Wedding Caterer – Complete Guide

It isn’t worth explaining importance of such event as a wedding to every person. Everyone likes to transform own wedding into true magic fairy-tale. This great event has several significant steps which claim particular attention from a couple. Nowadays many agencies are appearing.