Traditional Scottish Wedding

There are many reasons behind planning a traditional Scottish wedding for your big day. Perhaps you or your other half was born in Scotland, or an important member of the family has Scottish roots. Or, you may have just visited Scotland and found it delightful and amazing. Let us be your wedding planner as you

Interfaith wedding

Meeting and falling in love with a person from different faith Love is said to be mysterious because one minute you may not even be thinking of love but within a few days, you could be madly in love with someone you just met. After only a few dates, your heart will tell whether you

Traditional Croatian Wedding

Each culture has its own set of wedding traditions, and Croatian weddings are no exception. Nestled across the Adriatic Sea from Italy, Croatia is a country with ancient architecture, history, and traditions to match. Brimming with castles and forts, beaches and natural parks, Byzantine art and ancient cathedrals, Croatia is a unique place to visit.

Wedding in the Style of India: Scenario

In our previous article “Thematic Wedding in an Indian Style” we have discussed thematic nuptial in an Indian style organization and ways of creating necessary entourage. Now we will view over some other important nuances of preparing for it and possible process of this festive event. So future newly-wedded have come to decision about theme

Wedding in the Style of India: Introduction

It is not necessary at all to get married to a Hindu in order to arrange an Indian wedding. This way fits to everyone who likes Bollywood movies, is fascinated by Indian culture, and interested in or even practices Yoga etc. If a nuptial in an eastern style has always been your dream, pay attention

Christmas & New Year Wedding Planning

If you cherish to turn your wedding into a real fairy-tale, plan it on Christmas or New Year holidays. What are the advantages of a New Year’s or Christmas wedding?

Wedding Anniversaries – First Ten Years

How many weddings a person might have during his or her life? Well, one or two… maybe three. In fact, we can celebrate it time and again. First and foremost, if you manage to start a close-knit family, then you can mark this day by celebrating the anniversary every year.

English wedding traditions

In England Down to nineteenth century parents or guardians of young people decided their marriage. They also organized weddings. Therewithal, in the time when everything about marriage was arranged, grooms and brides often could be not acquainted with each other. Not infrequently Often future newlyweds were not elder than 7 years old. Children could even

Greek Wedding Traditions

Reception should be not only lush and beautiful, but also unusual, different from the standard drunken feast. For example, you can make the wedding in the Greek style. Of course, not just copy “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” from the movie, try to use the original rules and traditions for your own celebration.

German Wedding Traditions

Modern urban weddings in Germany differ from American or European very little. However there are few special traditions that make German wedding special. It is worth saying that certain traditions in Germany may differ depending on the region, and it would be very difficult to list them all. Let’s talk about the most common wedding