As you are preparing to plan your wedding, I bet you must be thinking about flowers, wedding invitations, bride’s dresses and groomsmen suits. But, how about the passports, plane tickets, and flip-flops? Right, I am talking about the honeymoon travel checklist.

It’s the fact that you have had romantic daydreams about how you will have the most romantic honeymoon. However, the fact is that planning a honeymoon destination is typically the last thing that you might think about.

Surprisingly, if you tend to procrastinate on planning your honeymoon, then you will be caught up with time, and this is where you will realize that you have been stressed out. The impact makes you get confused thus forgetting other valuable things as you plan your honeymoon checklist.

Honeymoon Travel Checklist

So, what’s on The Honeymoon Checklist?

Keep in mind that there is certainly no rule that implicates that you have to buy brand new clothing on your honeymoon. What you need is to bring some special and new things that will make the trip, even more, memorable. I am not talking about your beautiful lingerie though you should consider packing some.

Your honeymoon travel checklist will be determined, to a greater extent by where you are going. Do you want to travel and relax on a tropical beach? Or visiting a Sightsee in Europe? Would you wear a bathing suit or a snowsuit? Some of your honeymoon options will be dictated by the amount of money you have set aside for your honeymoon destination.

In addition to the above, check the following honeymoon checklist for both of you:

Honeymoon Travel Checklist1

Honeymoon packing list for the bride

Beautiful ruffled bikini: If you are planning to go for an outdoor romantic view or beach, then don’t forget to carry a nice ruffled bikini. It will make you feel more comfortable hence adapting to the new environment.

Adorable and Unique maxi dress: Since you are newlyweds, don’t forget to carry a colorful maxi dress. It is the best choice of cloth for your honeymoon destination.

A sunscreen oversized hat: No matter where you are planning to go, an oversize hat is a must have for your honeymoon checklist. It comes in various colors, but white and black will be unique since it compliments with different colors of clothes.

A bright Patterned tote bag: The white patterned bag tends to compliment with various clothes. For instance, if you decide to go for an outdoor shopping, you can opt to wear a medium sized brown short, white sleeved blouse and the patterned tote bag.

Don’t forget to list comfortable sandals: If you don’t have comfortable flat sandals, then consider purchasing one. Flat sandals are appropriate for your wedding since you will feel more relaxed as you move up and down due to honeymoon excitement.

A beautiful necklace for a dinner date: Don’t forget to include a unique necklace for the nighttime. It helps in adding the texture of the dress and nighttime romantic moments.

Bridal Lingerie is a must have: It should be the first thing for you to include on your honeymoon checklist. Consider choosing some bright colors.

Have a special goodbye outfit: I mean you should consider wearing a unique dress outfit to wear on the last day of your honeymoon. Keep in mind that you are going to take hundreds of pictures on that day.

Choose a perfect outfit for traveling: As you prepare yourself to leave for your honeymoon, remember you will not stay there forever. That said you should keep into account the type of climate you will find, before landing. Nothing is worse than waiting for a cab in sandals at the airport, freezing to the end.

Don’t forget to include the following:

  • One or two pairs of jeans for the plane and cold airports
  • One light jacket that can be stuffed in a backpack
  • One cardigan for chilly restaurants
  • Four shirts, thus the T-shirt, tank top, button down top and short sleeve
  • One evening purse
  • Extra underwear and socks
  • Strapless bras and otherwise
  • Complementary accessories such as scarves to stretch your wardrobe

Honeymoon Packing list for the groom

Laptop: If you have a laptop, don’t forget to include it on your honeymoon checklist. It will help you in following your honeymoon scheduled and also help you to communicate easily with your family and workmates.

Magnificent golden watch: Have you ever heard that ‘a gentleman is typically known by what he wears’ purchase a unique golden watch that you can wear on your honeymoon dinner date.

Light clothes: Also, purchase some light clothes instead of heavy formal suits. You can opt to carry various designs of shorts and adorable t-shirts. You should include four T-shirts, two pairs of shorts and one swimsuit.

Have a set of dinner suits: Don’t forget to include, two to three dinner suits. It will make you feel more comfortable and romantic. Also include one sports jacket for nice restaurants.

Electrical adapters: Your wife to be will not remember to carry electrical adapters for you. In fact, you should write it as the first option in your checklist. You don’t want a scenario where your entire phones are off, and you neither have an adapter nor any communication device.

Guidebook: This should also be the priority on your honeymoon checklist. Don’t waste a lot of time on the road while looking for a hotel that you had booked earlier.

Remember to include the following items:

  • Airline tickets or e-ticket information
  • Credit cards (only take those that you need)
  • Driver’s license, visa or passport
  • Hotel reservation confirmation
  • Traveler’s check
  • Phone number for your trusted doctor and also credit card companies (just in case your phone or cards are lost)
  • Travel locks and also the ID tags for luggage. It should be named both inside and out.

The Bride and Groom Honeymoon Checklist
There are various simple things that you might forget on your checklist. Take time and look what you have forgotten to include before finalizing. Check if you have the following items:

Bathroom Basics:

  • Pocket size-toothpaste
  • Makeup remover
  • Toothbrushes
  • Shaving cream
  • Cosmetics and deodorants
  • Clippers or Nail file
  • Spray and hair gel
  • Razors
  • A brush or a comb
  • Hair accessories

Don’t forget to include:

  • Sunscreen and lip balm
  • Waist pack (helps to keep your valuable items safe)
  • Sunglasses
  • Antacid, Aspirin, Aloe Vera, Antihistamine
  • Antibacterial liquid or lotion.
  • Tampons or pads
  • Insect repellant

Dos and Don’ts of Honeymoon Checklist

Don’t wait until the rush hour time: It is advisable to start your packing list at least once a week before your honeymoon destination. The last thing you want to do is to pack frantically in a hurry thus forgetting important things.

Don’t Overpack: Even if you have endless beautiful dinner dress, just pick one or two of them. Heavy and big backpacks are a problem to maneuver. You should avoid a lot of hustle by carrying light suitcases.

Carry water bottles: To stay hydrated throughout your honeymoon destination; you should carry reusable water bottles. They are easily accessible thus; you can opt to put them on the backpack.

Carry some reading materials: Remember to carry your favorite’s author’s novels since you might be bored while traveling. To keep you both entertained, you should also carry your fiancé’s favorite magazine.