Naturally, wine is typically a quintessential wedding alcohol, thanks to the natural pairing of wine with dinner and varieties. Besides, every couple wants their wedding to be perfect, from the fitting of the dress to the wow factor of the cake.

That said you have to budget for the type of wine that your visitors will enjoy on your memorable day. You can also opt to go back into wedding tradition wine ideas or keep-up with the current wine tasting experience. However, choosing a wine list for your wedding day does not have to be a daunting task as it sounds.

How to Choose Wine for the Wedding

How to Get Started

An imperative way to choose wine for your wedding is by tasting variety so as to select the best wine that pairs with your menu. Take a look on how you should choose the best wine for your wedding.

Consider the season: Guests will appreciate more when you offer them a white and red option wine. So, when placing your order, it is also important to consider the type of season for your event. For instance, if you are planning to host winter, fall or an early spring wedding, then people will definitely love to drink more red wine.

Quality is important: Wine is described as a very special element for your wedding table and reception as well. In fact, it helps to enhance the wedding dining experience thus making guests to feel special. Many reception venues will allow you to supply your wine at a fee.

Make an appropriate selection: First, you should think about the food that will be served on your wedding day. The process will help you to choose the right wine that will compliment with the delicacies. However, if there will be a range of different delicacies, then it would be worth selecting a couple of whites and red for your wedding tables.

Sort out the stemware- If you have already chosen your favorite wine, then don’t forget to check out that your chosen wedding venue will similarly serve the wine with a stemware too. If it’s chunky or small glasses, consider outsourcing. You can also opt to use a traditional burgundy glass that is designed for lighter and full-bodied wines.

Sample, sample, and more samples: You should consider enquiring a wide range of wine samples before purchasing one. Sometimes you might even get some for a discount. But remember not to overdo the ‘tasting experience’ since you will be more confused.

Sparkling wine and Champagne: They have been used in wedding traditions, and they are still the most popular wines to serve on your wedding day. Sparkling and Champagne wines are a perfect choice for pre-dinner toast and drinks. After dinner toast, you should consider having a demi-sec that is sweeter and medium dry.

How much wine is enough? As a general rule, you will get about four glasses of a bottle of still wine. That said a bottle of champagne or sparkling wine will serve about six to eight glasses thus depending on the size of the flute. As a starting point, a half bottle of sparkling wine and half bottle of still wine per person. But, it is better to have more wine than not enough.

Other Factors to Consider

You don’t have to serve champagne: There are sweet wines that are readily available in the market. If the budget doesn’t fit, you don’t have to break the bank. You can choose some sparkling and delicious wine from Europe such as Prosecco from Italy that is often $13 to $25 per bottle.

Choose a bottle of wine that has a screw cap: With large events like wedding, a quick drink service is a key to guest happiness. So as to alleviate the stress of the bar attending staffs, you should choose wine with a screw cap. The process will help you to maximize efficiency and also cut down on the inevitable bar line.

Keep your wines appropriately: The medium serving temperature can transform a bottle of wine from OK to extraordinary. Always keep your wine away from heat exposure and sunlight. To ensure quality you can store them in a wine fridge or a temperature controlled area (like a cellar).

DIY Trick: If you are in a hurry and you want to chill white wine quickly, fill in an ice bucket with equal parts ice, a dash of salt and water. In less than thirty minutes you will have a perfectly chilled wine bottle.

Box Wine Verses Bottle Wine

Box wine has had a reputation for being low quality and cheap. The irony is that if you like to supply your own wine on a budget, then box wine is a fantastic option. The only trick is never to let the guests know that it came from a box. You can simply do this by letting your wait staff to serve glasses of wines on a tray.

Whereas bottles of wine are typically the most traditional options thus making it clear to consumers what they are drinking. You can leave a bottle each of white and red on each reception table for guests to consume at their leisure.

Wine Themed Wedding Portfolio

Wine is an important element of any wedding, so why not have it as part of your décor and theme? Wine bottles can be dipped in glitter, painted and also presented naturally as unique centerpiece and vases. You can also opt to turn them into boutonnieres for the groomsmen and groom. Also sending your guest home with a bottle of wine, either custom labeled with your wedding date or from the winery you held your wedding will be a fantastic idea.

For a perfect wedding tradition ambiance, you can choose to have wine barrels that make excellent wedding tables and stands in your reception decor. There is no limit to how you can include wine into your wedding theme.

Keep into account that buying wine in bulk can save you tons of money. So as to avoid surprises, taste the wine that you have chosen to purchase even before planning to buy one bottle.