Wedding preparations usually take lots of time and efforts not regarding daily stress. I suppose, that it can hardly be a good idea to start one’s married life with the feeling of tiredness and fatigue. So, it’s obvious, that honeymoon is the way to get rid of this stress and build a family on positive and pleasant emotions.

Traditionally, honeymoon associates with five-star hotels, spa, and beautiful ocean view. Still, not all spouses believe that those places can be a paradise for them. Nowadays, more and more couples tend to choose healthy honeymoon instead of lying on the lounge by the swimming pool all day long.

This is a great option for adventurous and active couples. This type of vacation includes various alternatives from discovering new cultures in exotic countries, scuba diving near the outlying islands.

Sometimes, the ideas points of newlyweds’ view about the honeymoon can be different. Don’t take it to heart. In this article a variety of places to go and activities to do there are listed. So you can always make a compromise.

For instance, the bride intends to have a relaxing honeymoon with yoga and pilates and the husband, on the contrary, desires to have an active vacation. There is a way out. Some resorts combine various activities. One day you can have an exciting cycling tour with your beloved one, and the other – enjoy the relaxing spa treatment or peaceful meditation on the beach.

So, let’s consider different options of healthy honeymoon.

Adventurous honeymoon

For those couples who want to keep fit and yet enjoy romantic and unforgettable vacation, hiking is a great choice. Which mountain range and country to choose, is only a matter of taste. You can stay in a nice hotel or in a cottage for only two of you. Don’t be scared, thinking that all you will be doing is hiking! On the other hand you can make you trip exciting and active enough, so not to drop from fatigue at the end of the day.

During your honeymoon, besides hiking, you can also involve yourself in various activities. The last may include horseback riding, rock climbing, cycling, enjoying the sunset somewhere in the deserted places in mountains. Just imagine: only two of you and the wild but calm and breathtaking nature around. I’m sure; this picture can hardly leave one unfazed. The motto of this honeymoon can be popular belief that claims: one can get real pleasure of life, only when he/she leaves the comfort zone.

Honeymoon on the deserted islands

What can be better for newlyweds than beautiful nature, deep blue ocean, few people around, breathtaking landscapes and striking coastline? If this sounds like a paradise for you – honeymoon on the deserted island is a perfect option. You will not just enjoy the nature all day long.

Different hotels offer a vast range of activities, including relaxing spa treatments, meditation on the beach, yoga, etc. Not to mention, the exotic food and discovering new cultures.

Those who like outdoor activities can try water rafting, zip-lining or swimming in the lagoons or waterfalls. It’s worth mentioning, that not all the resorts can offer all these ways of time spending. So, decide what you wish and then look for a perfect place.

Spa, yoga and pilates honeymoon

Many people who stick to healthy lifestyle, naturally, intend to keep on it during their honeymoon. Sitting in the hotel and enjoying all inclusive services sounds not so great for them. In this case, yoga and pilates honeymoon is the way out. You can choose your favourite activity or try something new, for a change. Start your day with morning meditation lesson before having yoga or pilates class just for two of you.

This vacation will not just be a pleasant pastime, but also will help you to enrich your mind, soul and body and feel ready to deal with tackle any obstacles on your way. Let alone the beginning of your married life in the aura of calmness and wellness.

Cultural enriching honeymoon

What is our life without discovering and getting to know something new every day and every minute? What an excitement and pleasure it is to discover new cultures and traditions. So, why not to spending your honeymoon, enjoying diverse civilizations, their pastime and customs?

You can broaden your horizons by learning new cuisines, attending to unforgettable sightseeing excursions; participating in some traditional holidays. You can take a guided tour and learn the history of the city and some impressive places of interest. On your return home, you will not just be happy and satisfied, but also spiritually richer.

Budget honeymoon

It happens quite often that the young couple has spent all their savings on a dream wedding. Still, depriving yourself of long hoped-for honeymoon is not an option. Who said that the paradise should cost a fortune?

All you need to do is to search for a right destination and know the right time to go. One more advice: try to take all-inclusive packages. Usually, they turn out to be less expensive. They include food, drinks, various activities and entertainments. As a result, you will avoid needless stress and save some money.

You can pick up a place for you honeymoon by yourself. To do so, you’ll probably need the Internet and a clear idea of what you are looking for. What it takes is to take into account your wishes, budget and general preferences. I believe it’s easy and quite fun.

To make things easier, you can use the services of some tour agencies. They can offer a variety of places to go and do all the booking, car and hotel reservations and many other things which can knock you up easily. I don’t think that fatigue and stress is something you want to keep in mind about your honeymoon.

In the end, I’d like to remind you, that during the marriage ceremony a groom and a bride give each other an oath to stay together in sickness and in health. So, why don’t you to start married life in healthily? Enjoy your honeymoon!