Every girl wants to be a princess, at least once she wants to dress up in a beautiful gown and be with her fairy-tale prince and that this one special day will be just for them. But Morgane never even thought about something like this until she met Ori.

You can always plan but fate decides everything for us, you never know when you suddenly meet someone who you are willing to go through this path called “life” arm in arm. This is exactly what happened with Morgane and Ori.

The solemn wedding event was scheduled on September. Morgane’s wedding dress was gorgeous, she not only invested in it with all her energy, talent and professional skills but also with all her soul. It was just perfect: the stunning red ribbon that emphasised her waist and little amazing white beads which decorated the wedding dress and veil. Morgane looked like a model from the cover of a Vogue magazine.

Morgane was the image of a princess, when Ori finally saw her, he was speechless. They were the most beautiful, loving and happy couple and it is for all their life! That day was a birthday of their family, family of Morgane and Ori. The wedding itself and the wedding ceremony were outdoors in Israel, many of the guests arrived from France to celebrate the momentous occasion of this beautiful couple.

The wedding party that was both memorable and fun almost lasted until the early hours of the morning.

We believe that there will be many more special moments in their life, but this day will be always the most magical and special.

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First dance 1

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Friends and family playing for our Huppa

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The Huppa

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