The wedding dress has been chosen, flowers are picked for your big day, and perfect earrings are found. Now, what will you wear on your flawless pedicure feet? I bet that every bride has a certain weakness when it comes to shoes; a perfectly pointy stiletto can lose you in the track.

To look stunning and unique on your wedding day, you have to choose the best wedding shoes that will effectively enhance your posture. That said bridal shoes were typically the crowning glory for any beautiful wedding look. You must be comfortable enough to move around with it, and dance too.

The Best Bridal Shoes

Wedding shoes are categorized as one of the most exciting purchases that a bride will ever make. Probably, more so than the wedding dress! The options of buying the wedding gown are quite limited regarding how many shades of white, ivory or cream can be there. Shoes are where you want to get them. You can choose from the fairytale princess to Bianca Jagger cool. Read through to find out how to assimilate the velvet, fringing and textured leather wedding shoes in the stylish way possible. The following are the best bridal shoes that you can choose as you prepare to say I do!

The New White: It is an exquisite white bridal shoe that has a fabulous vintage look. It is a comfortable wedding shoe that has a medium stiletto heel. As a bride, you can easily dance, walk and stand comfortably with this type of shoe.

The Christian Louboutin Crystal Suede Pumps: It is a crystal like seeded pump that has a round toe framed and a totally topstitched collar. Its linear heel brings up the texture of its alluring curve at the dip sides as shown.

Jimmy Choo’s Fayme Collection: It has a simple gilded design that compliments with the wedding gown. It is an ivory and white satin sandal that can be worn with any wedding dress.

Delphine Sued Platform: It is a heart appliquéd suede pump that every bride would love to wear. It measures approximately 6.6 inches and a 1.4-inch platform. The heart sculpture says it all. We are in LOVE.

Love me heart suede pumps: It is appliquéd Charlotte Olympia’s suede pumps that are attached to a romantic addition of blush love hearts. It is categorized as the best bridal shoes for all season.

Classic Sedaraby Shoe: It is a real wedding class shoe. It is a great combination for tall brides who don’t want to tower over their new husband. If you don’t like a massive heel, then this bridal shoe is a perfect match for your wedding day.

Benjamin Adams Pumps: It is typically a sparkling wedding shoe with a difference. It has a triangular heel and has an addition of crystal like features. It is currently the best bridal shoe.

Zanotti Suede peep-toe pumps: It is a unique stiletto that has an embellished illustration. If you love an instant length shoe, then this Zanotti pump is the best choice for you. Besides, Lady Gaga is also a fun of it. If she loves it, you will fall in love with it too.

Dune Heritage Bridal Pumps: It is a unique and must have for every bride. If you are planning to have a vintage theme wedding, then this bridal shoe will be the perfect match for the occasion.

Sparkly Jimi Choo heels: Can you imagine yourself with this type of shoe as you saunter up the aisle. It has a sparkling heel that compliments the chosen wedding dress. It has a comfortable heel and can be worn all day long.

Calvin Klein Flats: Sometimes you just need to relax your feet and wear flats. They are comfortable flat shoes that have a crystal like embellished hence keeping them special.

Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Shoes

Choosing the most comfortable wedding shoes is not easy. There are such different varieties of size, shape, style and colors that will perfectly match your wedding dress. It might seem like a difficult decision, but the following tips will help you understand what you should be thinking about as you chose the perfect wedding shoe.

Find the most comfortable wedding shoes: Remember that you will be wearing your shoes from morning until late at night. Proper wedding shoes are specifically designed to have an additional padding. Don’t settle in buying decent or cheap wedding shoes, they will let you down.


Don’t settle for less: I understand that everyone is on a certain budget. Remember the saying ‘Cheap is Expensive. As a bride to be, you should be prepared enough to spend 15 to 20% of the value of your dress. For instance, if your beautiful wedding dress will cost you $500, then your bridal shoes will cost $50 to$75.

Have comfortable shoes for your dress fitting: Imagine the scenario whereby you fall as you walk down the aisle. To avoid this from happening, the hem of your wedding dress should be at the perfect length so as to ensure that you will be more comfortable while wearing your gorgeous wedding shoes.

-Heel Height: My suggestion is that you stick to what you are used to wearing. It can be versatile flats or elegant heels. If you are not used to wearing 4-inch heels, then why take the chance on your big day? It’s probably not the best time to experiment. Being comfortable is the most important factor for you. If you prefer flats, there are various alternatives that you can choose from such as satin ballet slippers and lower kitten heels.

Consider the color: The color of your shoes should reflect the personality regarding your wedding dress, location, setting, and style. If you have a passion for design, you might embellish your shoes with jeweled shoe clips or diamonds.

As you walk down the aisle, you should feel more comfortable and relaxed on your chosen pairs of bridal shoes. Always give your wedding shoes almost as much consideration as your wedding dress. It is advisable to buy two pairs of shoes thus a flat shoe for dancing all day long and a unique stiletto.