When you think about the wedding cake, the first consideration will typically be the style and creativity. You would want to act as a focus point for your reception venue, and look awesome in the cake cutting photos.

However, it’s not all about the looks; the cake should look great and have that wow! Experience

Sometimes, choosing a wedding cake can be seen as an easy job than it sounds. However, it is more complicated than you can imagine, especially with a wide variety of shapes and current sweet table decorations. Also, as a bride to be, you might see your wedding cake as a more decorative feature than something for your guest to eat and enjoy. The fact is that wedding cakes designs are frantically evolving.

Trending Wedding Cake and Sweet Table Decorations Designs

There are various emerging trends when it comes to wedding cakes. The following are just a few ideas that should inspire you while choosing the top wedding cake:

Colored Icing: As with different aspect of up-to-the-minute weddings, color is tremendously creeping thus replacing the ivory icing traditional white cake. While choosing the top and trending wedding cake, you should look for lavender, ice blue, butterscotch, and pistachio hence complimenting with the wedding style and current theme.

Directly Stacked Tiers: It has been the norm that wedding cakes must have several tiers. One tier is usually on top of the other, rather than being separated by cake boards or columns. The supports that are used are usually hidden by wedding sweets or sugared flowers. You should choose a wedding cake that has holders on the left and right side thus making it look more presentable and colorful.

Tantalizing taste: You should avoid using the normal traditional plain sponge wedding cakes. However, consider choosing various alternative flavors such as pistachio and chocolate. You can also combine it with tasty wedding sweets such as stylish chocolate miniatures.

Simple flowers: When choosing sugary or fresh flowers, you should note that they tend to play an important role in most of your wedding cake designs. Consider choosing the trending blooms such as calla lilies, tulips, daisies and orchids too.

Unusual Shaped Tiers: The renowned circular and square shaped tiers have slowly vanished in the most trending wedding cakes designs. Sometimes is better to choose some dramatic effect for your wedding cake. You can choose from a hexagon, octagon, and flower shaped cake.

How should My Wedding Cake look like?

Just like your choice of your bridal gown, wedding decoration, and wedding venue, your wedding cake should also express the theme of the wedding and your personal style too. Take a look at the top most creative wedding cakes and sweet table decorations:

Painted Cakes:

In recent years, painted cake has been popular in various wedding events. In fact, it is the perfect way to personalize your wedding cake. You can choose from floral, hobbies or even love birds.

Lace Wedding Cake:

This wedding cake design is set to continue due to its refined embellished laces. It is typically categorized as the top most wedding cake since it is all brides favorite.

Cultural Cakes:

The cultural wedding cake symbolizes your cultural background. They come with different cultural designs such as symbolic gifts, special wedding outfits, and perfect nature colors.

Rustic Cakes:

The rustic cake has been trending, and it is still designed by several cake designers. It is attached with the merest hint of butter cream that comes with creative combinations of wedding sweets and sweet table decorations.

Tall Wedding Cakes:

They tend to create a dramatic impact as they seemingly reach for the sky, and they don’t topple over. If you have a reception venue, consider having this high ceiling top wedding cake.

Rococo Cakes:

This type of cake is best for a lavish and luxurious wedding. The lavish use of scrolls, gold swags, and rich embellishment is how you can describe this type of cake.

Streamlined Cakes:

A streamlined cake tends to represent the stunning architecture of a particular space or building. You can choose from the picturesque parks and unique cityscapes.

Black Cakes:

It is a complete alternative of a white wedding cake. You should try the black wedding color and add some golden theme color thus making it to be more appealing.

Colorful Cakes:

Your wedding color scheme should be determined by your cultural background and personal preferences. You should choose from various types of sugary flowers that it will be easier for you to compliment with your bridesmaids dresses and themes.

Reason for choosing the top wedding cakes

  • Keep into account that your wedding cake will be the main centerpiece for the whole event. All guests will set a glimpse at you while cutting the cake.

In addition, to the basic you should choose the top wedding cake because:

  • They are unique: Every cake designer must tell you that they treat each cake as a work of art. Current wedding cakes are unique. To make them more special, you should look for a professional cake maker.
  • It has the latest design: You should not choose one type of wedding cake all year round, that is why it is important to research and find the top most and trending wedding cake. Don’t be caught up in the 1960s.

Important tips to note:

  • You can wish to match your cake with bridesmaid’s dresses or your floral colors. To achieve this, you need to take to your cake designer some of your weddings fabrics and pictures.
  • While choosing the type of your wedding cake, you should also choose the type of icing that you will have. For instance, there is a royal icing that is typically made of egg white and pure icing sugar. There is also a fondant icing that is similar to royal icing, but you only require a liquid glucose to make it soft for elaborate piping.
  • Ideally, you should order your cake three to six months before your wedding day. The process will help you to plan and be ready on time.