Engagement and wedding are very special events in human life. However, it requires tons of planning thorough preparation. It is always the best to start ahead of time to avoid any hassle and frustration but get ready for your dream event. If you doing well at managing your wedding preparations, it will definitely turn into exciting day!

The following 12-month planning checklist will help you to sort all things out and to get them done in a timely and enjoyable manner.

Once you get engaged it is the time to set the big date – your wedding. This is where you begin entire planning and it becomes one of the crucial steps. So, how do you pick it?

Picking the wedding date

First of all, it takes one to sit down and think through the financial situation. As we all know a fool and his money are soon parted. So, be wise or accept wise advices. May be it doesn’t sound so romantic. However when all is said and done, it all comes to ability to cover the bills.

There are two major wedding times: the hot season and the off one. Most couples prefer to get married from June to October. Of course, it easy to catch good weather almost everywhere during this period and it may seem reasonable. Still, prices grow up during this season.

Marriage in the off season, which lasts from January to March, could be much more affordable. One might not have the nicest weather, but he is surely able to get various privileges and preferences. By and large, it’s always possible to enjoy gorgeous and lovely event. Of course, if your heart is set on having an outdoor wedding ceremony, you have no choice but to pick the nicest weather and place.

Another tip is not to rush, but take enough time for organization. Be patient. You are going to share the entire life, so an extra month or two of waiting will do good. It’s best to start planning at least for 9-12 months before wedding.
Finally, one may prefer some special or significant date. It can be anything at all: the date you first met or kissed, your favorite band birthday or concert you’ll be on, or official holiday like Independence Day! Just think of the history or calendar, your special date will come up!

Let’s move to getting together the 12-month checklist for the nuptial. These timelines will help to break down the overwhelming amount of to-dos. Using it one can handle everything in time. By the way, putting them down helps to set deadlines. There’s definitely no need to worry about things. It’s coming to enjoy this special time in your life.

11-12 months ‘till the special day

Here comes the official engagement announcement. Everyone will have enough time to make it so they’ll come to the event or to make an amends.

  • Imagine the perfect bridal. Take a deep breathe. Put everything down, all the details, to portray this special day. Dream big, feel free and confident – you’ll get it. He that wills the end wills the means! Besides, one can make some adjustments later.
  • Shop for some help. Get a good specific manager in your team. He will set you free from fuss and anxiety related to the process.
  • Gather your folks. Introduce your families and parents to each other and let them decide and play the roles in your wedding planning.
  • Set a budget. This would help to get more practical with the organization.
  • Start putting together the guest list. It takes some arguments over who is to be invited. So, take your time and settle things down.
  • As one may see, even 12 month before the big date it’s easy to find many things to manage. Such an early start would free up more time for you and give room for more excitement.

    9-10 months ‘till the nuptial

    • Break down responsibilities as a couple. There are things to do for both of you. A bride may come up with her own special to-do list and the groom can do the same.
    • It’s time to start shopping! Let the girl begin hunting for her perfect and one of a kind gown! You may buy it or order it from a seamstress. Picking styles takes a lot. Now it’s urgent at least to pick the color (it does not have to be white!). If a vintage style wedding is to be, one may pick creamy or ivory shades. You may choose the style, fashion and making of it.
    • It’s time to look for the best venue. If the bridal is planned in the hot season, one needs to make sure the place would be available to you. The competition might be high, so it’s a good idea to be ahead of time.
    • Finish up your guest list and check the must have guests sked – have you got them available on the date?
    • Search for possible accommodation options if there are many guests coming from out of town.
    • Once you pick out the location, make a list of entertainments suitable for it. One may like to have live music or even a band, or hire a DJ for the event.

    As you may see, these two months would also be pretty busy. You do get lucky, if you find the proper venue within first few shots.

    7-8 months before the wedding

    Now it’s time to obtain the groom’s suit.

  • Get the bride’s maids gowns fitted and ready also.
  • One may like to make a list of things she needs to rent for the event: tables, chairs, dishes, decorations, etc. Find a good renting company or companies and book all the stuff you need.
  • Send out first invitation cards. If you marry during a holiday or in the summer time, it’s better to be done early to make sure the guests save the date and come to your wedding.
  • Buying the rings is a very special moment. You may pick the time to do it during these months.
  • Start planning the honeymoon now! Make a special list of things you like to make it as memorable and romantic as you desire.
  • It is also time to begin planning the stag and hen parties.
  • Think of registering for the gifts. You’re better to do it now.
  • This is a busy and exciting time for the couple, their friends and parents. Get a team of happy volunteers to help you manage all the tasks.

    5-6 months ‘till the bridal

    • Check up all your papers and get them ready.
    • Put together the menu. Find the best caterer for the wedding.
    • Find out off any marriage licensing needed in your state and town.
    • Set up a meeting with the officiant and go over the ceremony.
    • Find a great photographer.
    • Get ready the invitations. If you wish to make handwritten special cards, hire a calligrapher.

    Doing things on time will help you to have a hassle free wedding preparation time. This way one has no need to put own life on halt to get ready. Just go on enjoying your life to the fullest and things get done in a timely manner.

    3-4 months before the special date

    • Write down a list of flowers and find the best option to place your order to.
    • Get a list of drinks and start ordering.
    • Send your guests all the information on their accommodations, road directions, timing, etc.
    • Get the wedding favors ready.
    • Set aside some time to word your vows.
    • Start shopping for a wedding limo. It’s time to get it booked for the special date.

    It’s getting more exciting as the date draws nearer. Still much work is to be done, but you know you got it all and the big day would reward by being just perfect.

    2 months ‘till the special date

    Send out the invitations.

  • It’s time for the bride to go and get her trial make-up and hair-do on.
  • Take your time to make a seating plan for your guests.
  • Finalize your ceremony and get the printed programs done to pass out to the invited.
  • Get the music play list ready.
  • Make sure to get in touch with all the service and product providers for the wedding: catering, flowers, music, drinks, decorations, etc.
  • Place the order for the wedding cake.
  • Get your venue booked for the rehearsal dinner.
  • Plan the gifts for family members.
  • You get right in the center of the whirlwind of excitement and planning. Make sure not to get stressed out. Share the work with your friends and family and stick with the plan.

    1 month before the X-day

    • Determine the time for the final fitting of the gown itself and maids’ dresses.
    • Book the make-up and styling time.
    • Settle down all the transportation needs.
    • Get marriage license.
    • Get in touch with any guests, who did not respond to your invitations.
    • Finalize the number of guests.
    • Get the stuff ready for the honeymoon.
    • Get in touch with your photographer and finalize your wedding programs, photo session, etc.
    • Print out table cards.
    • Put down all the delivery dates and time.
    • Make arrangements for your pets, if you have any for the time you would be away for the honeymoon.

    1 week till the special date

    Finish all the rental and food delivery time and arrangements.

  • Both the groom and the bride should get their final haircuts and trims done.
  • Write a list of people, who should be on your wedding formal portraits.
  • Pay all the bills and finalize all the venue arrangements.
  • Attend your parties and have fun.
  • Do the final rehearsals.
  • And again, enjoy your life to the fullest – it’s your big day and you worked hard enough to make the dream come true. You deserve it!
  • The wedding day

    • Get up and stop worrying. This day is happy no matter what.
    • Have a good bite in the morning. It’s no time to starve yourself to death.
    • Take care of your hair and makeup
    • Set aside some time to take pictures.
    • Exchange gifts.
    • Relax and enjoy!

    The time after the wedding

    Life does not stop at this perfect moment and it is a good thing it doesn’t. You would have many other happy moments in life. For now, one needs to take care of some boring and everyday issues. Here they are:

    • Get a responsible person to return all the rented stuff and do it timely.
    • Send out “thank you” notes.
    • Remove all the wedding décor and return the things that did not come handy.
    • Change your name and get all the paper work done.

    Even going through all these steps and things on the check list is exciting. Make an early start and slowly grow your excitement to its apex. Enjoy the whole process and it will reward with the perfect outcome – your perfectly planned and hassle free wedding day!