Usually during the winter people want to spend their holidays in the countries of eternal summer, going to seashore or ocean. Nevertheless winter months, even in a frigid climate, have the charm.


It’s not speaking in vain that children tales of the Snow Queen and the Nutcracker are soaked with a special scent of romanticism. The best place to make the fairy tale come true is to visit Europe. In addition you will get acquainted with local Christmas traditions.

Honeymoon trip in winter: advantages

Summer flow of tourists will make you spend the honeymoon in a frantic pace, and it will be hard to catch the true atmosphere and local color and fully enjoy it. In winter you can enjoy sightseeing without forcing a way to them through the crowds of other holiday-makers. Additional plus of winter rest — is reasonable prices if we don`t talk about the holiday-tours. For those who like shopping chosen direction and month allow to enjoy pleasure of sales time and bring new clothes from a trip. Remember, that romantic atmosphere depends only on a state of mind, but not on a season.

Winter honeymoon trips: best places

The Countries of Scandinavia are perfect for winter trips. You can do a reindeer, especially if it is possible to get there for winter holiday Also you shouldn`t forget about skiing and sledge, these activities can`t be missed. While visiting Finland you may also visit Santa Claus’s village — and you will see the fairy tale in real life. Here you can have a dinner at some “fairy-tale” restaurant, take a walk in ice park; get Christmas gifts to your friends and relatives. Maybe one day you will return here with your children.

Come to visit Sweden! This country is ready to host newlyweds in the special Ice hotel. Every year the hotel built in the city of Jukkasjärvi and it is its main place of interest. With an eye toward the fragility of initial material, the hotel functions only during winter months, from December to April, and every year the building is unique: it created by a new design project.

For the construction there are several tons of ice are taken from neighbouring reservoirs. The second construction material is 30 thousand cubic meters of snow. In the latest time you can find a chapel near the hotel, where fans of romantics hold their wedding ceremony.

Despite high prices, room reservation in hotel begins almost in the moment of its opening in December. Taking into account low temperature indoor you shouldn`t stay there for more than one night, but it is quite enough to feel yourself in the kingdom of the Snow Queen.

The Czech Republic is exciting in winter. Besides traditional winter entertainments, such as skating, skiing and sledging, you also can find there other delights. Many tourists prefer to visit the Czech Republic for New year. Preparing for Christmas here begins in early December and streets and houses are completely changed. This is the period of bright illumination, fireworks, hot mulled vine and romantic spirit which is literally in the air. Newlyweds can enjoy beauty, warming each other with love. Well-known Christmas fairs in Czech are worth to visit and castles of the Czech Republic are great for having special honeymoon photoset.

Ski resorts in the Alps aren’t such expensive as commonly cited. There are quite negotiable decisions. The Alps … Even a short honeymoon trip in French or Swiss mountain resorts are unforgettable!

Those who aren`t limited in finance, can have a honeymoon trip in the real British castle. Trade in “family nests” sphere has been popular long ago and now it cranked out by business persons, because it is more than enough people, willing to feel themselves as medieval lords. As the result, any person can have a room in the hotel located in the ancient castle with thick walls.

Entertaining program is organized according to the spirit of the age: you have your dinner dressed in evening gown and it begins after a gong sound. At the same time, the facilities are presented in castles, so you can experience spirit of aristocratism in the warm pool, talking to your relatives online. The only disadvantage of such a trip is its high price.