1. Hen-party in a nightclub

Standard dance scenario with snack breaks can be diluted as follows: a game of bowling; a game of pool; rest in karaoke-bar.  The winner is the most active girl who  gets the greatest number of game points.

Alternative variant of similar scenario is disco in the open air in summer. For example, in a large complex with bars, swimming pools, pavilions and, of course, a proper dance floor.

One of the most popular competitions is a dance marathon. This will require a presenter or a DJ that will announce to public about tender and about audience ratings for dance. The girls queue to dance on the stage, the audience evaluates each dance with applause. The winner is the one, who receives the loudest applause. Dancing is not constrained by certain rules – they are limited only by your imagination and dancing skills.

The contest “step over the rope”: two participants stretch the rope and carry it towards the dancing girls who have to cross the rope. Gradually the rope climbs higher and higher. The winner becomes the girl who is able to “transcend” an obstacle.

Contest “Dance with balloons.” Participants climb on chairs or dance on the floor. They are issued armful of balloons. Girls dance with them until the presenter announces: “Oh, what beautiful breasts have our girls!” Participants are required to place the two balls below blouse (shirt, dress), without dance stopping and losing remaining balls. The winner is the first participant who coped with the task.

2. Theme party

It may be a party dedicated to the celebration, such as a bride bachelorette party before the wedding, or any other traditional party: pajama, cocktail, cooking, costume, etc.

For bride’s bachelorette party it is possible to make T-shirts with various inscriptions, rent a limousine and ride around the city on a pre-planned route and visiting interesting places for photography. The main attribute of the holiday – sea of champagne and positive.

One more exclusive scenario – horse riding. Believe me, you will get a lot of pleasant experiences. The photographs of a swashbuckling girl’s society on horseback at the head of the bride look breathtakingly in any season – in fabulous snow-covered winter and in sultry sunny summer.

If the bride is not an adventurous person and prefers quiet rest, then such a company will be approached by  activities in spa or beauty salon. Here we offer “Star Makeover”. The meaning is as follows:  the girls should reserve popular or professional fashion magazines and create a make-up to a tee like Lady Gaga for example. The winner is the one who achieves the maximum similarity.

For culinary party there will perfectly fit “Surprise dumplings” or “How much is the cake?” For Surprise dumplings there  are prepared leaflets with wishes wrapped in foil. Foil balls selectively added to the filling of some dumplings. The winner is the girl who will get the leaf with smiley. Leaflets with wishes can be replaced of filling with large amounts of sugar, pepper or salt. The winner is the girl who will get a dumpling with salt.

Cocktail party claimed, for example, as mojito party. The drink is prepared independently, and while drinking every girl must tell a funny story or a joke. Hilarious evening will be provided. The winner is the girl who will tell the largest number of funny stories. However, while drinking alcohol remember about soft drinks are cunning!

3. Hen-party in bath or sauna

For baths’ lovers there is the following scenario offered. In between of steam room and pool the guests are playing  “Association” (in other words – “The Cow”). Meaning of the game is as follows: the presenter thinks of a word to one of the players.

The player with the help of gestures should show the conceived word. Girl who guesses the word, shows the next word, which the previous “actor” tells her. The winner is the girl who guesses more words. A maximum of laughter is provided to you, because it is difficult to show a compound word quickly by using facial expressions, because it is difficult to show a compound word quickly by using facial expressions.
You can also organize a competition for the most delicious herbal tea from thermoses by analogy with the independent examination, i.e. with numbering thermoses and corresponding cups, with following tasting.

4. Beach party

The active sports scenario includes beach volleyball, Frisbee, shooting from water guns and race on inflatable mattresses on water. After activities – snacks and beach cocktails are offered.

For fans of sunbathing and quieter games there are offered contests: “Limbo”: girls, caved in back, to music игнорируете? , pass under the stick without touching the ground. Stick gradually descends below. Passions run high around the participant. The winner is the girl with the most developed plastic.

“Minesweeper”: there two pairs of girls are involved. The hand of one girl from the first couple is buried in the sand. The same – with the other pair of rivals girls. “Buried” girl’s partner target – to dig out the hand ASAP to some rhythmic music, but she should do it carefully so not to hurt the partner’s fingers. The winner is the couple who did it.

5. Hen-party on a picnic

It is not easy to conduct hen-party on picnic. After all the fire and barbecue require male hands. However, women often go on picnics in the places which are well-equipped for that, with ready arbors and braziers.


“Light up the fire with one match”; darts and badminton; “Hot-cold” – find a bottle of champagne which is hidden in the area.

6. Monty

Monty on hen-party involves competitions:

  • “Undress the stripper” – the name speaks for itself;
  • “Kitty, kitty-meow”: stripper sits with his back to the girls. The leader – one of the girls – indicates with her hand on each of the participants one by one. The girl who gets the “meow” from the stripper gets a prize – a lap dance;
  • “Cabbage”: the girls in turn disclaim clothing items and “dress” naked stripper so that things do not fall down with the “cabbage”. The winner is the girl who spends the majority of her things on “cabbage”.

7. Yacht renting

This is a great pastime for hen-party. The yacht is so self-sufficient for the rest, that it does not require any additional entertainment. However,  the competitions for hen-party are still.

8. Hen-biking

During the breaks, to rest you will appreciate playing “Mafia”; “Twister”; Dry T-shirts competition (to paint T-shirts with markers or cans of paint. It will be necessary to take photos.

9. Hen-party on the football field

This hen-party assumes any games, for example: playing “poker” on an undressing; tug of war; ball games, for example, hit the ball with a blindfold.

In addition, you can put on the face and body make-up colors of the local football team.

10. Party-bus

Party bus on “glorious” or not places of your violent youth,  with music and dancing. Take a bartender for as assistant who will treat your company good cocktails and to dilute female monotony.