Deciding on bride’s and groom’s crew is an important decision for them. After all, these people aren’t just guests. They perform special duties during wedding preparations, the ceremony and banquet. Therefore, the choice of best men and bridesmaids is better to be taken seriously.

Thereon hangs how interesting and successful a celebration eventually will be. In the worst case scenario, a one’s wedding party can only add troubles, rather than help. In this article there’re listed some tips which can help to pick perfect best men and bridesmaids and in such way avoid this sad scenario.

It will be easier to make a choice, if one knows the duties a wedding party should perform. So here they are:

  • Decorate a wedding cortege or at least organize this activity.
  • Make necessary arrangements so the guest may take their seats in the cars before the trip to the registry office.
  • Organize greeting of newlyweds after the ceremony by throwing petals, rice, sweets, etc.
  • Check whether everything is ready for promenade, like champagne, glasses, sandwiches and sweets.
  • Ensure that during the walk all the guests get a treat.
  • Help guests to find their place at the wedding table.
  • Participate in contests during the celebration.

Particular bridesmaid’s duties include helping a bride during wedding preparations, like choosing a wedding dress and all the accessories: veil, shoes, jewelry etc. She also should put things in the bag that a bride might need during the wedding – spare tights, cosmetics, thread, napkins. By the way, this bag will also be carried by a maid of honor. Another duty is to have an eye on the bride’s outlook, and if something is wrong, be ready to fix it.

Best man’s responsibilities involve checking whether rings and passports are taken before going to civil registry. He needs to take some exchange money, as they are often required and usually there aren’t any. When guests congratulate the newly-weds with presents, best man is responsible for taking them from the hands of just married and organizing a place where all the gifts can be gathered.

The main duty of a wedding party is, of course, to do everything possible to spare a bride and groom of all the organizational issues. Given that, they have done everything needed during wedding preparations, so now they deserve to enjoy one of the most important days in their life.

When the feast is over, the newly-weds will probably like to leave immediately. In this case, a best man and a bridesmaid should take care of presents and also make sure that all the guests have transport to get home and if necessary call them a taxi.

Now, knowing the main responsibilities of a wedding party it shouldn’t be that difficult to make a right choice. First of all, one should think about how many best men and bridesmaids he/she needs. It’s only a matter of taste. On the one hand, when there are more than one, it will probably cause some fuss and troubles, but then again, more help at a celebration.

The main requirements to a wedding party:

  1. They should be joyous and have a good sense of humor. After all, during the celebration, especially at the banquet, they are involved in many contests and games that entertain and cheer up guests.
  2. Apart from entertaining guests, best men and bridesmaids take an active part in the wedding preparations. For this reason, they’d better be responsible and organized. Some urgent problems may appear during the celebration, and then one’s right hand-man should take care of it.
  3. Another important feature is punctuality. On the wedding day one has enough fuss, so best man or bridesmaid that are always somewhere is not something one is looking for. It’s necessary to be sure, that they are always next to you, ready to help. If something goes wrong, he/she should be able to help you recollect and find a solution.
  4. ‘Goody-goody’ isn’t also the best choice, as well as the ‘attention-seeker’. Seeing that from the first one there will be not so much help and the second one will only try to outshine the newly-weds, and it’s not an option.
  5. As bridesmaids try to choose honest and frenker girls. After all, who else but a maid of honor should tell a bride when she slouches or her hairstyle needs to be fixed. Some ladies prefer to remain silent, without thinking what kind of trouble this silence may cause.
  6. Try not to choose a person prone to envy. Envy is always obvious and such person will create needless tension when it’s out of place. It is better to give preference to married ones or to those who are sincerely happy for your special event.
  7. After the wedding, there will be a lot of common pictures, and the holiday itself should please the eye. So try to find a girl and a boy who are good looking, not much taller or smaller than a bride and a groom. By the way, for the same reason it is better to discuss the attires in advance.
  8. Wedding party is not necessarily a friend from childhood. Especially if you choose one, it can complicate relations with the others. For this role a sister, coworker or someone you feel comfortable with is fine. Great idea is to invite a cousin, relatives are one of the most important people in your life and they are always ready to lend you a helping hand.
  9. Sometimes bride’s best friend is a guy and she wants him to be her wedding party. Why not? If a groom is able to understand it and has nothing against – go ahead!
  10. It is preferably that the wedding party is familiar with the most of the guests. Then it will be much easier to solve some problems during the celebration.
  11. Introduce best men and bridesmaids to a toastmaster in advance, so they can discuss the scenario of the wedding and therefore know when their help is needed.
  12. They also should know who to contact in the restaurant, where the celebration will take place, if there will be such a necessity.
  13. A sense of duty or invitation under the rubric of ‘I was her maid of honor’ should not be a decisive factor in one’s choice. Especially if the candidates don’t meet the requirements above. This is your holiday, which should be positive and unforgettable.
  14. Well, the most important issue when choosing a wedding party is a sincere desire of the last ones. Therefore, before offering a role of a best man or bridesmaid, one would better ask if he or she really wants it. Try also to explain that no matter what, you’ll be glad to see them as the wedding guests.
  15. Folk wisdom proclaims: a bridesmaid should be a little bit younger than a bride and not divorced. Then the spouse will live happily. Another belief says that a best man and a bridesmaid must be baptized, if one is planning to get married in the church.

To conclude, one shouldn’t underestimate the role of a wedding party. They are practically responsible for the maintenance of order and joy during the celebration. Furthermore, if there is no toastmaster, a best man and bridesmaid perform its duties.

Nevertheless, it is not of crucial importance whom to choose for a wedding party. The main thing is that these people are reliable, close to a young couple, people who can easily take a hint, by and large those with whom one would like to share this solemn moment. So put off all the worries and choose a help-mate to plan this long-awaited holiday.