1. Choose what the wedding party is supposed to be like

For example, it can be traditional celebration: you in the snow-white crinoline dress and he, so gentle in the black tuxedo, takes your hand and roses’ leaves solemnly flying from the sky, blessing the new stage in newlyweds’ lives.

One can prefer absolutely different way and make his or her wedding party in the forest or by the lake with a lot of friends, wearing natural accessories, wreathes, light linen or cotton clothes, dancing around the fire and circle singing. Sure thing that in any case you would be beautiful bride inside and outside.

2. Setting priorities in the right way

Statistics say that an average wedding party costs newlyweds or their sponsors not less than 3000 euro. Honestly speaking, wedding party is celebrated mostly to honor the tradition of joining two different clans into the one. However, it is really not necessary to spend a huge amount of money on this tradition.

By making more interesting and cheap party you will save some money for the romantic trip. In addition, experience of creating something special and new is really enjoyable.

3. Choose the fabric

Look through all the gowns in the salon and choose three dresses at first. Then take a closer look and touch the fabric. Material of the dress is one of the most important things, because it determines how you will feel and move after putting it on.

If the ceremony is planned to be held in summer, your body will be grateful for airy fabrics: silk, chiffon, cotton or muslin. Brocade, crepe gowns wouldn’t let you get cold while having solemn dinner. Taffeta is universal fabric for every season. There definitely would be a cause to dress such gown one more time.

4. White?

There is a stereotype among people, who have never been to a wedding party, that brides are always dressed in white.

Actually, white wedding gown started being associated with wedding only about 300 years ago, after the Queen Victoria got married dressed in white gown. Chinese and Vietnamese brides traditionally wore red gowns, Irish – green ones, Japanese girls preferred white kimono with the special fan.

5. White!

Nevertheless, if the white dress must be on you don’t forget that cast of white color should match your skin. Girls with extremely white skin should choose ivory cast, for swarthy brides the best color is champagne.

6. Length

Wedding party is nothing without dancing. So while choosing your dress, take in account that its length should let you be confident and move free. Floor length skirt will make you care about every step you take all the time. To be brilliant in the pages of wedding photo book or to have really enjoyable party, that is the question. If the second option seems to be more important to you, than knee-length or a bit longer skirt would let you have fun.

7. Corset

Corseted dress will help you to hold the right posture as well as keep you from overeating at the wedding dinner. By the way, dress of this type will be the best choice for one being on a diet. Corset definitely will prevent bride from the temptation of meal variety.

8. Getting wet

We can overcome the physiology. When human being makes intensive moves he or she is getting wet – this is the way of our body to maintain the proper temperature. Think about it, when you choose the dress – don’t let the physiology spoil your irresistibility.

9. Sew

Imagination is always faster than the material world – there can be no gowns that match bride’s wishes in wedding saloons. If there is no possibility to sew at home, than draw or explain the image of the dress to the seamstress and enjoy the materialization of your dream.

10. Rent

Sometimes it is too expensive to buy a wedding gown. Fortunately, almost every saloon provides an option that allows renting dresses for some period.

11. Explore all the variants

If renting price also isn’t low enough, use the support of brides that have already had wives status. Ask friends or neighbors – they may have one to lend.

12. Decorate it

Devil is in the details – that’s why to create a perfect image every bride should pay attention to them. Choose earrings, rings and necklace to match the gown, remember, that it is better to be simple and neat than fussy and pretentious. Airy silk scarf or elegant embroidery on the gown could totally change your look.

13. Don’t take it too serious

An attitude which can help you in all life situations is to take it all easy. It is normal to get nervous before wedding – still marriage is new and unpredictable phase. Anyway, don’t let emotions control you – plan everything one should buy, plan the budget – that will help not to get confused in the wedding saloon.

Remember that emotions are similar to ripples on water surface – they are not helpful in making any decision. Clear plan of purchases and considered budget will guarantee calm and effective wedding shopping.


14. The partner

Grandmother should have told you that a bridegroom cannot see bride’s costume before the wedding. In point of fact, this tradition had a bit different meaning: a bridegroom shouldn’t have seen linen of a bride, let alone a bride without it. Today things are different. When newlyweds are dressed according to the same style, or range of colors, guests apprehend them as a couple. Isn’t it the aim of every wedding?

15. Shoes

Shoes should match two criterions: be beautiful and be comfortable. The second one is much more important, if the bridegroom isn’t ready to carry you in his arms during the party. Can’t refuse wearing high heeled shoes? Take cozy ballets or sneakers to the party with you.

16. Be aware

This advice applies to the process of shopping in the wedding saloon. Remember, that the assistant is doing his/her job – the more he/she sales the more he/she earns. That’s why you should be aware if you really like one or another dress or you just depend on the “objective” opinion.

17. Take a friend with you

However, you really may need the objective opinion. For this reason take a friend with you, because it is the one person, who really knows you and can help in making right choice.