There are different and perfect wedding colors around the globe. Choosing your wedding colors doesn’t have to be that difficult. You need to ask yourself about the sort of humor you would like to create. For instance, soft colors create a romantic environment while vibrant colors tend o evoke a sense of drama.

So, how about the wedding season? The answer will depend on the season that you want your wedding to be held. Your chosen season can dictate various decisions such as whether to choose the bold colors or subtle combinations. Also, more often darker colors tend to work best during a fall and softer shades works best for summer and spring.

At first, it can be quite difficult, but once you start narrowing your options, things will become simpler for you. But don’t take the wedding color decision lightly. Here are twenty of the best wedding colors to choose.

Tiffany Blue, Ivory, Carnations Pink, and Maroon

Don’t get confused with all color combination. Tiffany Blue and carnation pink tend to complement each other. While ivory and maroon represent the elegant color combination of bridesmaids, teardrop bouquet.

Gold, Taupe, Chocolate, off- white

Chocolate and gold color wedding combination brings the unique artifacts’ of the wedding. You can decide to make golden glasses with a tip of chocolate brown at the top. While taupe and off white are the neutral color shades that add glamor and brightens your wedding color theme.

Gold, Sage, Canary Yellow and Bronze

Canary Yellow color tends to brighten the room by adding its unique color texture. Whereas bronze is a down-to-earth color that signifies stability of all color combination. Depending on the wedding style that you choose, a vintage wedding is perfect for these color combinations.

Royal purple, mint and silver wedding color

Royal purple is one of the most and best wedding colors of all seasons. The three colors happen to pair amazingly beautiful. The bright silver and mint colors bring in the perfect versatile of mixing and matching. You can choose from the lighter shades of royal purple such as lilac and lavender. These color combinations are perfect for your uplifting reception.

Golden, orange and white wedding color

Orange is typically known as the best and gorgeous color that adds warmth and a unique splash color to your wedding. When combined with golden white, it makes the perfect romantic blend of sunny colors. If you are convinced about the bright orange color combination, then deep orange, red and dark orange will also look beautiful. You can decide to add a neutral color so as to incorporate with the chosen wedding theme. The above colors are perfect for a fall, spring and summer wedding.

Charcoal and Jade, Emerald wedding color

Jade and emeralds are two unique gemstone colors that complement each other. Thus emerald is richer in illuminating a dark green color while Jade has a muter and lighter green color. They are both defined as flattering colors on people of all size and shapes. So as to accentuate the lively emerald, a charcoal gray color will be the perfect color scheme. These three colors are perfect if you are planning an outdoor themed wedding.

Red, black and taupe

Black and red are two perfect dynamic colors that achieve a sense of romance and dramatic power. If you are planning a formal and modern wedding, then these are the ideal colors for you to choose. To balance out the darker tones, and then use a smoky taupe color to create the unique and beautiful color contrast. These three color combinations are perfect for winter weddings, but the colors would also look great all, year round.

Light gray, coral, and teal

Coral and teal happen to pair amazingly beautiful. These two bright colors tend to coordinate well with a light gray color. It’s perfect for summer outdoor wedding and spring as well. The color combination creates the perfect atmosphere for any ceremony and bridal bouquet. If you love bright colors, then these three wedding colors are perfect for you.

Yellow, Navy, and White

If you would like to try a nautical theme in your wedding, navy and white are the best color schemes to choose. To enhance the nautical effect, use a pale yellow color to accent the nautical theme. Regardless of whether you want to represent a certain theme, there is no doubt that yellow, navy and white will go perfectly together.

Gold, peach, and mint

Mint color is widely known for its unique versatility, and it is mostly paired with other cooler colors such as spark gold or matte. A warmer pastel tone such as peach complements the whole color combination. This contrast is enough for an eye-catching wedding color theme.

Grey, Pink, and Ivory

Pink and gray colors have been coupled together as a beautiful contrast of dark and light. The added neutral shade of ivory tends to complete the whole palette. The best part about gray and pink is that no matter the shade you use, they will still look gorgeous together.

Hot pink, rich coral, and fuchsia

Traditionally, people tend to think about hot pink and rich coral color. Rich coral and fuchsia complement with an outdoor nature. Hot pink completes the color theme by enhancing the bright color of the wedding.

Brown and Sage wedding colors

Despite the ongoing rejection of the black or brown and sage color, there is typically nothing wrong with having black tuxes and brown bridesmaid dresses. They both look elegant and sophisticated together. You can also decide to add a metallic accent such as champagne colored vests for groomsmen. Also, bridesmaids can wear golden shoes.

Aqua blue and butter yellow.

Aqua blue is a typical sky blue color that tends to complete any wedding style decor. To complete the whole wedding theme, mix a butter yellow color and a few bright calla lilies.

Best colors for the wedding bouquets

Warm red tones: A warm red tone is a unique red bouquet that has been combined with three different color variations. Thus zinnias, celosia, and bells of Ireland.

Sweet succulent: This unique bouquet is mixed with bright wedding colors such as the pops of purple and the lemon scent to accentuate the wedding theme.

Choose lovely lilac: varied lengths of lilac trimmed flowers are set together. The unique combination displays double lavender tulips, lavender orchids, and blue bird roses.

Pick wildflowers: You can also create a unique bouquet for yourself by using special wild flowers. You can do so by picking favorite accents such as a mix of purple, white, red and yellow flowers.

A classic of wedding bouquet: If you are planning to get married in winter, then consider a classy rose bouquet. You can decide to add more colors such as the pops of white which are placed throughout the bouquet.

Use a natural palette: If you want a simple but dramatic look, then decide to go neutral by having a full bouquet that is paired with white roses and a touch of green leaves.

Go for Ranunculus: If you don’t want too much embellishment in your wedding bouquet, then choose this one tied and single flower that is loosely tied together for a romantic wedding bouquet.

Which colors would look best on my wedding?

Many people think that choosing the colors for your wedding is one of the first decoration decisions, but in reality is that if you choose the colors first you will end up changing them severally. It is advisable to make some of your wedding arrangements first, such as picking a date and wedding venue. You can also decide to hire a florist and sometimes the ideas that are proposed by your florist might guide you in color selection.