How to make a great marriage proposal which will be impressive enough to tell your children, grandchildren, and even become a family legend? The offer is not made every day; it expresses an intimate and reverent attitude of a man to his beloved. It should be carefully planned to the smallest details. Don`t delay it too much, or the bride will go to more agile candidate. Just joking.

Offering yourself as a life partner is an important and difficult decision for a man that is taken forever. First of all, look at your sweetheart carefully; try to notice all her characteristic lines and preferences. It will help you to make a proposal she can’t refuse. Try to see yourself on her spot — although it is a really hard work, try to stir the imagination.

It has become fashionable to make proposals in some kind of a public show. Though you should better do it alone in intimate place, and then invite friends to celebrate the engagement. Anyway some women certainly appreciate intention of their beloved to open the soul and announce revelations publicly. If you are going to impress your love, try some of these unusual ways of marriage offers.


1. Magic of Venice

Make your proposal on a journey. Italy is a perfect place for pre-wedding trip. For true connoisseurs of European architecture great choice is Venice, where miracles are quite ordinary phenomenon. You may not have a particular scenario — a walk along the embankments, avenues will put the idea for emerging proposal in your head.


The main thing is to have a romantic gift. By the way, it might not be a ring, because it is so easy to make a mistake in size. Give a pendant with a heart, a dove, earrings, bracelet – anything your inner voice suggests.

The culmination will take place on the promenade along the Doge’s Palace. It’s better to be done in the evening when the city is lit with lanterns. Let’s remember traditional gentleman proposal: get on one knee and say, “Darling, marry me!” Then give her a present as the symbol of eternal love. Hot beverages would be more appropriate than champagne — don’t forget, everything happens in a cool evening near channel. Although it depends on your preferences.

Wonderful tip for proposal in Venice: Vivaldi`s music and ride on gondola will make it absolutely unforgettable. Your beloved will love it.

Of course, you can propose in any other romantic city — Paris, for example, or Verona, home of Romeo and Juliet. In general, it all depends on personal preferences and your sweetheart.

2. Photoshoot

If your beloved likes to be pictured, you should make a surprise for her and arrange a snapshot day for her, inviting a professional. Make it happen at the weekend as in strenuous workdays the most desirable thing would be just home doing nothing.


Place for photo session is easy to choose: amusement park, interesting street or just an unusual tree. Sweetheart is excited, says she will not forget this small celebration in her honour, etc. All is done well!

After this pleasant surprise say a phrase like this: “Honey, your consent to our wedding will make this day completely unforgettable!” Then give her a ring and invite friends — although you have invited them in advance if you strongly believe in a positive answer.

3. Wild romance

The next version of the marriage proposal for those who prefer relationships filled with romance. During the summer time favourite place of recreation is nature. It is more convenient if proposal will happen in the countryside. For example, prepare in advance the basis for a bonfire in the shape of a heart and firewood. After that you calmly go to the river, lake, cycling — anything. Relax from the big city rush.

In the evening you can tell her that you have a surprise, and bring her to the fire, closing her eyes. To make fire go straight, use flammable liquid, but be careful. Untie dear eyes, and, dropping on one knee, read love poems, better of your own creation. If you like to write them by yourself it is not so difficult, and your girl will be conquered. Perfect will be sincere speech about wonderful feelings you have for her and your readiness to take care of her until the end of life, and more.

The presence of parents is possible when you are in good relationship with them. If you like to forge a friendship with the future in-laws, most likely they would be deeply touched and would appreciate the deed and love you.

4. Once upon a Fall evening

Invite your sweetheart for a walk in the park. The transparent freshness of the air, warm colours, rustling underfoot and your loved one — here is the inspiration. You may talk about just anything. Enjoy yourselves. After returning home, wrap your beloved in a blanket, switch on soft music, and go to the kitchen to make mulled wine. The proposal in this scenario should be very surprising. You have to get her agreement.

Presenting the drink, start a conversation in advance. Tell her how lucky you are to find your soul mate in the vast world, that you will always be able to protect her from the harsh world and support her ‘till the end of time. Thank her for the love that she gives you every day, and finish your speech with the words: “…honey, will you take me as your husband?” This tender proposal will not leave indifferent any girl.

Instead of falll evening it can be winter, spring or summer – depends on when you decide to make an offer. Season is not the essence. What is important for your couple – to have a warm evening together. It will conclude a memorable experience for both of you.

5. Erotic

Will you dare to make it? If you have a courage and character of adventurer, please your love with seductive dance of your own performance. Forget the stereotypes, complexes, add a bit of self-irony. The humour in healthy limits will not harm the relationship.

When finances allow, order a huge cake, out which you will jump. If you are short of money, just define the music. Track for your dance depends on your relationship with beloved and personal preference. Sex Bomb by Tom Jones remains a classic song for such a case for a long time. The main difficulty is to expect and stage the movement and gradual undressing.

Professional performers’ experience, stuff from the Internet or your imagination will help you to make this dance special. The show finishes with the speech and the marriage proposal. Offer your hand, heart and everything else, of course.

Maybe not every woman would understand this venture. Though you know your sweetheart like no other, you probably imagine her reaction. By the way, the offer of marriage in this case can be written… on your back or another part of the body.

This moment should be accompanied with sincerity and magic. Make it kind, fabulous, and maybe even funny. Let your beloved feel that you are the man she wants to be her husband. Although your relationship may already be very long. Your future wife is worthy to stand before her on one knee.