Wedding planning is almost always messy, nervous and surrounded by fuss – so when you are starting to plan, the very first fundamental rule must be ‘the sooner, the better’. That statement should became your motto, and the following rules should help you make a beautiful event:

Rule №1

You should start a plan for your wedding early, especially if you want it to be in the summer – good photographers have a schedule going on for months. This also includes a banquet hall. Perfect solution – make a booking in the beginning of spring, so you could work all possibilities and not choose from what remains.

Rule №2

A wedding is your perfect day, so when planning think of yourselves first, and when this day comes – try to relax and have all of the fun in the world. When you are enjoying the event and feeling confident and bright, your guests would enjoy it too – so the day will be pleasant, memorable and really perfect.

Rule №3

When day X finally comes, try to protect yourself from any worries and concerns. Charge friends and parents with the organization of guests, buffet, financial issues and other important things, or even better – dare yourself to trust a wedding agency. Then the festival will be bright and smoothly held, so you won’t spend your energy, mood and nerves.

Rule №4

Carefully choose the host and photographer. These are the people on whom depends very much on what will be your wedding day and remaining memories. At the meeting with them try to feel for how easily you communicate, whether you are comfortable with them. If everything went well – then you will feel naturally and not constrained on photographs, and this is very important for good photos and video.

Host of your wedding is a more responsible choice. He will create atmosphere of the event from scratch, so it’s clearly necessary that you must feel comfortable and get positive emotions from him. If you are smiling while talking to your future host, everything will be good, but if not – it is unlikely the person who you want to lead on in a most important thing in your life.

Rule №5

Take a proper care of wedding walk route. Try to avoid making a tour of the city’s monuments and remember – main goal is to make fun and take some good pictures. The place should be nice and comfortable to accommodate all your guests.

Also, try to make your location easily accessible – you unlikely want to spend half a wedding in a close car or limousine.

Remember, even if you decided to marry spontaneously and time is running against you, you still have a chance to rent a proper place for celebration and hire a good host or hostess – although that depends only on your luck.