Every year wedding fashion evolves in multiple directions. Brides and grooms have to consider not just the clothes, but also the celebration style concerning the smallest details. More and more attention is being paid to the wedding photo shoot. Here are some popular ideas that a couple may opt to make their album unique and creative.

The main thing is to attend to each detail and hire a good photographer with whom one needs to discuss everything in advance.

The main styles of photo shoot

Posed style

Usually these are romantic images with a posing couple. The photo topic is usually offered by a photographer. Although it’s believed that pictures of this style are characterized by set postures and unnatural facial expression, but it’s not. A good professional will be able to catch the spirit of the event and display it on the image.

Reportage style

Unlike the previous one, the couple doesn’t know exactly when they will be shot, so they behave naturally. These photos are distinguished by genuine, sincere emotions and funny moments. As a result pictures are bright and very sensual.

Mixed style

Most photographers opt for this kind of photo shoot. A qualified professional can easily combine posed and reportage styles and understands where and when the particular one is appropriate.

The best ideas of Wedding Photography

Retro session

It is elegant and sensual style, which is characterized by austerity, nobleness, comfort and there is no place for vulgarity. The distinctive features of these pictures are, of course, the appropriate decor and props, attires in the spirit of bygone years. It’s worth mentioning that many photos of this style are often of black and white design and it looks very sophisticated. It can be recommended to the couples who appreciate classics and elegance.

Western style

Wedding pictures made in cowboy style have a unique peculiarity and the main thing is to choose the right details, create an atmosphere of the Wild West and plunge into it. The main props are wide-brimmed hats, horseshoes, cacti and the last but not the least– horses, so one will have to hire a few in advance. The best place to shoot is countryside: park, the midst of the vast green field, or even seaside.

Trash the dress

This is an original, spectacular and relatively new trend with one requirement: the photo shoot should be held in such conditions that will definitely ruin bride’s and groom’s outfits. The irreplaceable attributes are water, fire, paint, dirt and debris. The newly-weds can lie on the sand, jump into the water, throw paints at each other and do other crazy things but only in their wedding attires. This is a great option for couples who love to shock and are not afraid of being nuts.

Military style

It involves the shooting in the spirit of military events. However one needs to discuss with a photographer what exactly will point to the military theme be – a weapon imitation in the background, or the army ammunition elements, rough boots peeking out from under the hem of the bride dress, or maybe outdoorsy field conditions. Couples who are related to military service, hunting and fishing, as well as those who are simply fond of military theme, camouflage and other military equipment will love this option.


If brides and grooms are unordinary people prone to make an ambiguous impression or, on the contrary, are indifferent to the opinion of others, then the best way to transfer their explosive energy into wedding photos is this very style.

It involves a combination of incongruous, using the most unexpected techniques and a divagation from the usual stereotypes. The best background for grunge pictures will be abandoned houses, dilapidated buildings, rooms with peeled walls. Also one doesn’t have to wait for good weather – sleet, wind, dark clouds or rain will be appropriated.


Quite the opposite of grunge, yet very popular style for a photo shoot is glamour. The distinctive features of this theme are subtlety and elegance. To make compelling pictures one will need something new, modern and expensive. So what is a glamorous photo shoot?

First of all, it’s an exquisite image that is filled with mystery and beauty. Expensive accessories and other luxury items place special emphasis on the glamour image. The best places for shooting are countryside, the background of an expensive car or a luxury mansion.

Theatre session

If one has friends with access to a theater dressing room, then why not to ask them to get attributes for a wedding photo shoot? It may be false mustache and noses, wigs and bright huge glasses, enormously large shoes, fans, lovely hats and what not. As the scenery, everything is suitable: the streets of the city, favorite cafes, lakes, children’s sandboxes, by and large, any place one finds well-becoming.

The only advice is to improvise, literally play to the camera, personate into well-known characters; one shouldn’t have a dread of being ridiculous or nuts. After all, in the theater just as in life, the main thing is to be sincere.



Family life as well as sport involves the ups and downs, surge of emotion and calm periods. So, that would be great to display this variety of feelings in the pictures. As props one can use boxing gloves, football, golf clubs, snowboards, rollers, bicycles, skis, etc. The sports equipment should be chosen according to ones preferences. Then and there, a couple can organize games, competitions, tournaments; the guests may become loyal fans, and let the friendship win!

So as to find its own unique photo shoot style, a couple has to address deep into their relationships. It’s important to understand what one wishes to perpetuate in his wedding album: passion or immense tenderness, childish enthusiasm or peace and tranquility that bride and groom feel being alone? Try to find an answer to this question, and you will know which photography style is right up your alley.