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How to Choose Wine for the Wedding

Naturally, wine is typically a quintessential wedding alcohol, thanks to the natural pairing of wine with dinner and varieties. Besides, every couple wants their wedding to be perfect, from the fitting of the dress to the wow factor of the cake.

Top Wedding Cake

When you think about the wedding cake, the first consideration will typically be the style and creativity. You would want to act as a focus point for your reception venue, and look awesome in the cake cutting photos.

Romantic Outdoor Wedding

There is always something unique about an outdoor wedding. If you are a nature and garden lover, then you will fall in love with the unparalleled beauty of a rocky ocean shore that is always attached to a romantic outdoor wedding. I understand that you are eagerly waiting to recite your vows in a mid

Honeymoon Travel Checklist

As you are preparing to plan your wedding, I bet you must be thinking about flowers, wedding invitations, bride’s dresses and groomsmen suits. But, how about the passports, plane tickets, and flip-flops? Right, I am talking about the honeymoon travel checklist.

Finest Wedding Décor

When it comes to wedding designs and decor, the sky is the limit. A wedding is typically known for its exquisite ceremony.But, for many of your guests, real wedding begins at the reception thus: food, dancing, open bar and having fun.

20 Best Wedding Colors

There are different and perfect wedding colors around the globe. Choosing your wedding colors doesn’t have to be that difficult. You need to ask yourself about the sort of humor you would like to create. For instance, soft colors create a romantic environment while vibrant colors tend o evoke a sense of drama.

Custom Designed Wedding Invitation

In this modern era, there are beautiful and elegant wedding invitations that are custom made to fit the bride’s budget and taste. Custom wedding designs should be categorized as the most creative areas in planning a wedding. In other words, having the best combinations of papers will make you overwhelmed on

The Best Bridal Shoes

The wedding dress has been chosen, flowers are picked for your big day, and perfect earrings are found. Now, what will you wear on your flawless pedicure feet? I bet that every bride has a certain weakness when it comes to shoes; a perfectly pointy stiletto can lose you in the track.

Wedding of Aleksandra & Tomislav

Aleksandra was a 14 years old girl when she arrived at the school in Đurđevac where she met Tomislav. They played football together almost every day and when it came time to leave the school she told him that he was her best friend and will remain so for whole her life.

Country Weddings

There are different wedding trends that come and go, but one wedding style seems to be sticking around thus a country style wedding. However, there are simply amazing styles and decorations that pertain in planning a country wedding.