How and the main question ‘where’ are bachelorette parties held today? Any place would be appropriate to have a good time with friends. The main course is to set the priorities. What would you like – to keep up traditions, to take a rest before wedding, to chin with girls, to score a full ride, to dance with all your heart or simply get drunk? Yes, such desire can appear before bridal too. Choosing the venue depends on your expectations of hen party.

Where And in What Way Can You Hold a Bachelorette Party? Some Popular Options

Han party at home

In case if bride has her own flat in which she is secure from interruption, bachelorette party can be arranged there. Well, this accords with time-honored specific traditions in full. Girls eat, drink, talk and maybe even share a tear

[up] while thinking of thoughtless youth.
It does not have to be boring. You may not only spend time together, but lay on themed night. The most popular option is slumber party – it is usually sleepover.

Girls gather in bride’s house or in neutral venues (for example: in large hotel accommodations). Then they change their clothes to pajamas or night-dresses and have fun. It is considered that such an intimate space makes people more sincere, so girls’ chats can became very outspoken and soul stirring.

It is a good idea to prepare few interesting films for slumber party, for example: comedies, chick-flicks or even horrors. It would be better to spend time in semi-darkness, so you’ll need candles. As for drinks, choose mulled wine or any other hot alcohol. Various divinations (jocose or serious) are appropriate entertainment for this event.

One can also lay on spa-party. This allows to kill two birds with one stone: to have wonderful time in good company and to brush up on the eve of wedding. Prepare aromatherapy candles, low-alcohol cocktails with natural juices and honey as well as all necessary implements and beauty products for in-home spa. After cosmetic procedures are over girls can do face to each other and go the nearest pub and impress all its visitors with their radiant beauty.

It’s fine to watch videos with fiancée and her friends during night-in stagette: children’s matinees, school festivals, prom, outdoor recreation… Sweet memories will bring a special atmosphere to the wedding eve.

In coffee-bar, pub or night club

Although, this option is more expensive and it is unlikely that you’ll have a chance to talk well, but you can score a full ride, dance till one drops, sing karaoke, watch man strip or even order lap dance. Of course, one should not to take along a camera in order to avoid producing of damaging information. This is also the matter to leave gossipy friends who cannot keep secrets at home.

In a restaurant

It is better to choose rather expensive and luxury restaurant. Girls dressed in full dresses, refined dishes, champagne. One will have an opportunity to have a calm conversation enjoying with low-key music and then dance. Such option has one drawback: it is, again, expensive.

In sauna

It is desirable to choose sauna with a swimming pool, banquet hall and proper additional services (for example: the presence of a billiard table can brighten up your leisure). In some saunas different spa treatments are available: scrubs, massages, body wraps.

In one word – you will not be bored during couple of hours spend in good sauna.

Choose nothing but low-alcohol drinks for bachelorette party in sauna or prefer juices and tea. Seafood and exotic fruits skewers would be suitable regales.

You may play games and hold different contests with friends in sauna during hen party. For example: give a banana and yogurt to each unmarried friend. That girl who would be able to eat yogurt without spoon, using banana only, will marry the first (of course, after bride). In case if there is swimming pool in sauna, you can take along a wreath made of artificial flowers.

Let your friends throw a wreath into the water one after another. The friend who will throw it to the longest distance or whose wreath will touch opposite wall side of pool becomes the winner. Forthcoming marriage would be her prize.

In a limousine

Order a large limousine which can accommodate as many as 12 persons. Get to know, if drinks and snacks are included into the rental cost – if they are not, you should buy them. It’s so romantic to spend pre-wedding day with friends riding along the streets and looking at night city lights. The best duration for limousine rental is 3-5 hours. Girls can even dance in the car and share their emotions with passers looking out of the sunroof. They can also continue the feast at the bar if they wish.

At the waterpark

It is such a wonderful thing – to feel like a child once again shortly before the wedding! Bride and her friends will have fun and get a lot of positive emotions. Then they can visit café which is situated on the waterpark territory – to talk and reminisce some things or discuss forthcoming wedding.

Alfresco bachelorette party

When the weather is warm girls may hold a great picnic with meat cooked on fire, singing to the strains of guitar, playing active games and launching Chinese lanterns. Of course, it may be rather complicated for them to organize picnic without men. So girls can ask bride’s father or brother to help them. They are also able to do it in other way – joining the groom and his friends organizing a united outdoor party.

Bachelorette party while taking a walk

Girls can go for a walk if the weather is fine – it would not be an ordinary promenade, but funny and interesting entertainment.
Friends may put on long skirts and invest bride with ultra-short miniskirt, stockings and high heel stiletto shoes. Let her get all the attention of men.

Prepare a list of errands for bride in order to avoid aimlessly roaming. It should contain near 10 items, including such tasks as asking passer to give her a condom, taking an autograph of some man, pretending that she set him down for a star, making photo with hairless man and so on.

In case if bride arranges hen party herself she may ask her friends to make this list. Such kind of walk turns into crazy adventure. Visiting the bar can be its final, for example: girls can move to the bachelor party venue.

Helpful hints

  1. Choose the right day.  It is preferable to lay on hen party 3 or 4 days before wedding if you are planning to organize varied programme and drink alcohol. Bear in mind that you and your friends will need some time for having a rest and recovering strength. Bride has to do many things before her wedding and have an early night.
  2. Think over dress code. For example: it is a good idea to order t-shirts with inscriptions previously if you plan to hold bachelorette stagette in the bar, night club or any other public place. Tees for bride and her friends may have corresponding inscriptions on their front side and on back side – words: ‘We have a hen party’. It will attract an attention of other visitors and protect bride from undesirable suitors.
  3. There is tradition in some countries (including England) to dress short skirts with high knee socks and fasten hair with ribbons. By the way, it is important to have at least one pink detail of clothing when it comes about English hen parties.
    You may also choose some color – let all your friends to be dressed in the clothes with certain hint. Your guests can all have cowboy hats and bride – a veil (but not long and not white one). There are a vast number of variations! Photos of such event are usually especially punchy.
  4. Do not disrupt other people. You should not visit guy’s party without warning if groom don’t wish bride and her friends to come. You don’t need undesirable conflicts before wedding, do you? In case if groom is not credible, why did you decide to merry him?
  5. You need something to be kept as a memento. Invite a professional photographer and let him to arrange a photo shoot. Choose an interesting theme. For example: «Back to Childhood» (dress short gowns, knee socks and tie hair with ribbons) or «crazy singletons» (expressly sexy outfits, languishing look).

Pictures from bachelorette party would be kept as a keepsake by bride and her friends for a long time.