A rare representative of the gentle sex remains absolutely indifferent to the scent and taste of cream with vanilla, caramel, coffee and chocolate. Men know, how to take an advantage of this: a woman, who is being wooed, is often treated to cakes a La tiramisu, delicious ice cream and flavoured cappuccino.

Not in vain, because this courtship period is called “rose and candy stage”. Although, it is possible that this phase of relationship will be called “rose and Baileys stage”, because it becomes popular instrument for seducing women.
This drink combines the scent of vanilla cream and caramel taste. Thus, unlike standard sweets, it also burn, making the eyes burning, cheeks glowing, and a heart – beating a little faster.

However, according to the rules of etiquette giving women alcoholic beverages as a gift is not appropriated, but Baileys is on a special account. After all, it is perceived more as a dessert than as spirits. Moreover, one should not hesitate to stock up on Baileys liqueur, if expecting a romantic evening with a dinner.

Baileys is good, of course, not only as a gift for a woman. It is perfect for any table, regardless of the occasion. Especially if there will be a lot of women. However, men also like to treat themselves to delicate liqueur Baileys, although there are not so many fans of the drink among them. Maybe men just don’t want to accept their love for Irish cream liqueur, considering it to be just a feminine drink?

What is Baileys Irish Cream

Baileys Irish Cream is an Irish whiskey and cream based liqueur, made by Gilbeys of Ireland. In addition to cream and whiskey, in process of making the liqueur also used purified vegetable oil, vanilla, caramel, sugar, cocoa. There are varieties of Baileys liqueur, which may include mint, coffee, etc. In addition the liqueur does not contain preservatives.

Cream does not deteriorate due to the perfect mixing with alcohol.

Naturally, like all liqueurs, Baileys is sickly bittersweet. The liqueur `s fortress is 17%.
Baileys is the first cream liqueur. It appeared in 1974. Later, other manufacturers began to produce creamy caramel cream liqueurs, but they did not achieve such fame and popularity, like Baileys.

Now let’s talk about proper Baileys liqueur drinking, suitable food and snacks for liqueur, and cocktails with Baileys.

How to drink Baileys Irish Cream?

When and with what liqueur Baileys served?

First of all, you need to keep in mind that Baileys is liqueur, and liqueurs are usually served after dinner as a digestif.

Digestif is a drink served after the meal. Digestif is contrasted with aperitif, a drink served before a meal. If aperitif is for improving the appetite, digestif is for better digestion. Traditionally liqueurs are served as a digestifs.

Baileys can be served purely or with a dessert, especially if this dessert is ice cream and/or coffee. Even in the 19th century, it was appropriate to offer liqueurs to coffee, after lunch or dinner. Baileys Irish Cream is perfect to complement them with its strong burning taste. To coffee, ice cream or other desserts Baileys served in a special liqueur glasses.

Liqueur glass is alike wine-glass on a stem like a wine glass or Martini, but of a smaller size. Typically, the amount of liqueur glasses does not exceed 25-50 ml. In liqueur glasses drink is served in its purest form.

One can offer to add Baileys directly into guest’s coffee instead of cream. Now it is a common practice. However, it is an option for the informal events.
Don’t forget that Baileys is sweet, so it is not necessary to add sugar in coffee.

If Baileys is combined with something, it is served in glasses of bigger size – for example, in a wine glass or Martini glass. You can serve Baileys with ice cubes or crushed ice. The top of a glass could be sprinkled with cocoa powder or grated chocolate. In addition, each glass can be decorated with strawberry.

Is it possible to serve Baileys directly to the food?

Of course it is possible, when we talk about informal dinner. However, it is worth to think over, whether sweet creamy caramel flavour of Baileys liquor combined with the taste of food. Baileys might be good if served to meat with cream or berry sauce and a fruit and vegetable salad, but the pasta with seafood or sushi are not the best meals for Baileys. Generally, liquor is not served during the meals because it overpowers the taste of food, and this is unacceptable for food lovers.
Baileys can be the main beverage, if there is a sweet table or sweet buffet.

Baileys Irish Cream: what to drink with?

As already mentioned, the Baileys liqueur can be served with ice (lots of ice – cubes or crushed ice). In addition, the top of the portion of Baileys liqueur sprinkled with cocoa or grated chocolate. Baileys served mostly with dessert, but if you want to drink liqueur with friends or with your partner not after dinner but at any other time, it is possible to serve Baileys with some fresh strawberries. Strawberries and cream – famous pleasure!

In addition, Baileys goes well with the banana taste. Bananas can be cut and chop on skewers. You also can quickly prepare a salad with strawberries and banana.

How to prepare banana boat fast and easily: peel bananas, cut in half lengthwise, remove the pulp with a spoon to make “boats”. Recesses can be of different fillings (depending on your tastes and what you have on the hand): for example, cream cheese mixed with the removed pulp of banana and powdered sugar or walnuts, chopped in a blender and mixed with melted chocolate.

The liqueur with ice-cream can be served as a dessert. For example, break some usual shortbreads, mash these nuts, slice berries (cherry or strawberry) and mix it all with slightly softened ice-cream up. Put ice-cream in the cream plates and sprinkle with grated chocolate or cocoa. Dessert should be eaten with a spoon while drinking Baileys liqueur.

Perfect choice for Baileys is tasty “Tiramisu” cupcake, it combines with the taste of Baileys well. Any other coffee cake with butter cream will taste good with it. It is also possible to serve marshmallows with Baileys.

If you want to have a snack, prepare a fruit salad with any fruits and berries, which you have in your fridge. Choose sweet yogurt or cream as a dressing.

Do not mix Baileys with carbonated beverages in any case, because the reaction of the liqueur is unpredictable (the cream may curdle). Juice is also not recommended to mix. However, this does not mean that cocktail with Baileys is impossible. On the contrary, this cream liqueur is perfect for preparing delicious alcohol cocktails!

Here we offer some cocktail recipes with Baileys.

Baileys: cocktails for sweet teeth


The most famous cocktail with Baileys liqueur is “B-52”. This cocktail is made of three liqueurs that are not mixed, but layered, being poured directly into the stack.


  • 1 portion of coffee liqueur
  • 1 portion of Baileys Irish Cream
  • 1 portion of orange liqueur

Firstly, pour the coffee liqueur in the stack. Then gently pour the cream liqueur with a bar spoon. Layers should not be mixed. The third layer is poured very neatly – it’s a layer of an orange liqueur. Drink cocktail without a straw.

To diversify the cocktail, ingredients can be mixed in a shaker with ice and served in a regular cocktail glass with a straw. In addition, B-52 cocktail could be burning – drink it fast through a straw when it burns.

Cocktail “Baileys-smoothie”

This cocktail will especially be liked by women who love smoothies.


  • Liqueur “Baileys” – 100 ml
  • Coffee liqueur 50 ml
  • Advocaat liqueur – 50 ml
  • Cream – 50 ml
  • Bananas of medium size – 3 pieces

Peel bananas and slice them, put in blender, add remaining ingredients and ice. Mix all, pour into tall glasses and serve with straws. Optionally, you can sprinkle the cocktail with grated chocolate. Instead of Advocaat you can take any other thick liqueur with a mild flavour, or replace it with ice cream.

Cocktail “Chocolate” with Baileys Irish Cream

Chocolate shake is one of the most popular cocktails with Baileys Irish Cream. This cocktail can sometimes be substitute for dessert. It can be served to ice-cream.


  • Baileys Irish Cream – 3 tablespoons
  • Chocolate liqueur – 2 tablespoons
  • Vodka – 1 tablespoon
  • Grated chocolate, to taste
  • Ice cubes

Mix Baileys, chocolate liqueur, vodka and ice cubes in a shaker. Pour into glasses, profusely sprinkled with liqueur grated chocolate.

Cocktail “Creamy coffee”

This cocktail is good for summer heat, when one would like to drink coffee, but have no desire to brew more. Cold coffee with Baileys will give cheerfulness and cool off guests.


  • Cold strong coffee – 100 g
  • Ice cream – 100 g
  • Baileys Irish Cream – 30 g

Mix and whip all ingredients, serve with a straw.