Wedding of Aleksandra & Tomislav

Aleksandra was a 14 years old girl when she arrived at the school in Đurđevac where she met Tomislav. They played football together almost every day and when it came time to leave the school she told him that he was her best friend and will remain so for whole her life.

Elegant Wedding of Alena and Vadim

Like all newlyweds planning an important event in their life, we were puzzled by the organization of the event. The most important things that we wanted were quick, efficient, and creative!

Ivana & Damir wedding

It was a freezing day, everyone was making preparations for the celebration of New Year 2012. In the evening Damir went on a party with his friends and it was just a destiny, he met his love Ivana. While they were sitting at the table, eating and talking with their friends, they did not pay

Sweet love: Morgane and Ori

Every girl wants to be a princess, at least once she wants to dress up in a beautiful gown and be with her fairy-tale prince and that this one special day will be just for them. But Morgane never even thought about something like this until she met Ori.

Wedding of Vera and Filip

This year the beautiful couple Vera and Filip will celebrate 10 years together. They started their journey together by a happy accident, they met each other at a celebration in Bjelovar (Croatia). After a couple of months they started to go out together and from that moment till the wedding they were together an amazing

Lovely Scottish wedding

One beautiful evening, Chris kneeled down with a ring and a huge bouquet of flowers in front of Mariana. It was unexpected for her, she was full of emotion and joy that she could not even put two words together. After that they planned their wedding.

Love-Inspired Wedding of Tatiana and Gunnar

It was almost spring, the beginning of March, the air was saturated with Winter flavor, but at the same time you could feel a gentle smell of spring. But it was not that important on that day. The biggest event was that a great couple of Tatiana and Gunnar woke up think about what will

Beautiful wedding of Morlene and Itai

One day, Morlene who grew up in a small town in southern California decided she had enough, she packed her bags to look for something more. She decided to run away and move halfway across the world. She had no idea that in other country she will meet her destiny – Itai.

August Wedding – hot wedding

Sun Shining day! Natalie (19 and a student), a beautiful bride, was waiting for her groom Alexander (26 and a student) at home with her parents. It was the most special day in her life but also the hottest one, as the wedding was in the middle of August. The young couple radiated purity and

Flowery Bridal Day in Green Scenes

It began by and large as usual: Leila cooked her favorite healthy porridge with fruits and berries, kind sights to mom and dad, who actually haven’t got enough sleep thinking of forthcoming nuptial. Well, yes, cups of coffee were changed to mugs.