Chinese Wedding Traditions

What can we imagine Chinese wedding? Bride and bridegroom are dressed in kimonos, some of guests are dressed like a dragon, musicians are playing exotic instruments, tables are placed according to the rules of feng shui, guests are eating sushi and hundreds of Chinese lanterns are uprushing to sky.

Italian Wedding Traditions

Those who want to organize a thematic wedding should learn about Italian wedding traditions. Creative approach allows organizing a celebration which would be different from the classical type. As in many other countries, in Italy everything starts with an offer of marriage.

Baileys – the best Irish Cream ever

A rare representative of the gentle sex remains absolutely indifferent to the scent and taste of cream with vanilla, caramel, coffee and chocolate. Men know, how to take an advantage of this: a woman, who is being wooed, is often treated to cakes a La tiramisu, delicious ice cream and flavoured cappuccino.

What’s the best way to drink tequila?

Tequila – famous, hard liquor, the symbol and pride of Mexico. This is the traditional drink of the Mexicans – they have been making and drinking it for more than 400 years. Tequila is produced from agave core. The beverage turns scalding and excitatory. This is not surprising, because the fortress of tequila can vary

History of wedding rings

What do we know about these strange round things we put on our fingers? Let`s follow logic and start from the beginning. If trust numerous sources, history of the wedding ring begins in the Ancient Egypt, about 5000 years ago. Hot guys from south worshiped Amun-Ra, who was the god of the Sun of Ancient