How to Make a Wedding Photo Album

Wedding photo albums are like small boxes with jewelry, with the only difference that the first one stores memories of the happy events in our lives. All the exciting moments of pre-wedding fuss and a ceremony, joy and smiles, and all the fun of a holiday will remain forever imprinted in photos.

32 Spring Wedding Ideas

Lots of people believe the best time for the wedding is spring. Why do they think so? The answer is obvious: spring is the time of new life being born, likewise the origin of new family. This time of the year associates with first warm sunbeams, morning birds singing, lilac fragrance in the air and,

Mermaid Wedding Dresses

«Mermaid» is one of the most popular styles when it comes to evening and wedding dresses. Such gowns are also called «godet», «fish» and «fishtail». What is the «mermaid» wedding dress? It is a narrow dress which completely fits a figure from top to knee and flares below.

Charming Bridal Boudoir Photography

One of the most important and responsible event for every person is wedding. It has a lot of difficulties in organization. Every couple tries to make the best choice of restaurant, menu, wedding style, car, decorations, wedding glasses, photographer, etc.

5 best wedding cocktails

What can be more exciting than your wedding? Wedding is the most important, expected, unforgettable and magical event for every young couple. Of course there are a lot of problems and difficulties associated with it.

5 types of wineglasses

Wine etiquette appeared long time ago, determining both the temperature of serving and shape of wineglasses for the specific kind of wine. Selecting a glass of particular style for a special kind of wine is important, as the glass shape can influence its perception.

Photo & video shoots in countryside

It’s hard to say what brings attention to human mind in this big and constantly changing world – there is so much festivities which brings fun and delight. But mostly we value outdoor meetings and celebrations: we go to the beach, we’re making barbecues, and some of us even live in the country house all

Unusual wedding cakes

There are different kinds of wedding cakes. Look at this one. You can see that the idea isn’t quite ordinary. There is a couple of doves on the top of the cake, but they don’t sit side by side as usual. They strive from different corners to meet each other.