Many young couples rack their brains whether to have an engagement party or not. Sure, it’s a good way to announce and celebrate this special event, nevertheless not all Mr. and Mrs.-to-be organize a social evening on this occasion. Let’s consider all pros and cons of having an engagement party.


  • This night out allows announcing and celebrating the betrothal to the closest relatives and friends in a cheer, pleasant atmosphere.
  • Thanks to parties like this, parents and friends can easily get to know each other and in such way avoid the tension and awkwardness at the wedding itself.
  • This is one more reason to gather and have a great time with those people one really likes.
  • What is more, such a celebration could be considered as a logical beginning of the upcoming hassle of the long-expected day.


  • As much as any other party, betrothal requires additional time and money. Although, bride and groom can charge someone else to organize this event.
  • If not so much time has passed from the actual offer of marriage, it will not be a good idea to throw a social evening on the eve of a wedding because of the tiredness, expenses and stress.

So, if one considers all the pros and cons mentioned above, it would be much easier to make a choice. For those who tend towards having an engagement party, the following ideas may come in useful.

Home Engagement Party

Nowadays it is not very popular to celebrate important events at home, but with a hint of imagination, it can turn out to a quite nice evening. One can invite close friends and relatives, arrange a cocktail table and order food from a favorite restaurant, so not to spoil the festive mood with the organizational troubles.

Limo Engagement Party

At the wedding bride and groom can hardly enjoy the comfort of a beautiful car, as far as it performs the role of the carrier and props for the photo shoot. So why not to rent a limo for the evening and have a ride through the city or to enjoy the countryside with nice music and champagne? Then your engagement will be worth remembering!

Dinner with family

Sharing the joy of one’s engagement with friends is a great idea, but do not forget that this event is so long-awaited by your family. That’s why it makes sense to combine the celebration with a small family council, where the key points of your X-day can be discussed.

Wedding rehearsal

Sometimes it happens that the newly-weds complain that they didn’t have enough time to get a feel for the solemnity of the moment. Therefore, they wish to have a wedding day once again. This can be done even before the marriage. All one needs to do is to invite a few friends to the chosen restaurant, put on beautiful attires, exchange vows of love and loyalty, etc. This is a useful rehearsal for the real wedding, insomuch as some interesting ideas may cross one’s mind and a young couple will be able to avoid some unfortunate mistakes which occurred during the event.

Cooking class Engagement Party

Everybody likes good and tasty food. So, impress your guests with delicious dishes prepared by themselves at the cooking class hosted at some local cooking school or a restaurant. Another option is to hire a chef to master class at home.

As for the menu, it’s better to choose an appetizer, main course and dessert. If a young couple belongs to the specific cultural environment, it would be fantastic to serve their traditional cuisine. Split the guests into smaller groups so that each group can cook one of the suggested dishes. So the invited would be able to try all the dishes, set up a kind of a buffet dinner along with the recipe cards, that at wish can be taken home.

Picnic Engagement Party

It’s obvious that the wedding will take a big part of one’s savings. So for those who don’t want to spend much money on the engagement party, yet who desires to make this day special and romantic, picnic is a perfect option. One can easily use imagination while planning picnic party.

The main items for this celebration are picnic blankets, baskets with fruits and vegetables, some snacks, wooden furniture at heart’s ease. As the attire, one can choose short light dresses and sandals.

Tea Engagement Party

Organizing this very event is also a wonderful idea for those who don’t want to run into expenses. All one needs to do is to prepare several kinds of desserts and teas to arrange a dessert bar. Although, it’s necessary to notify guests in advance what kind of party it’s going to be.

Then, instead of starving and, consequently, being cranky at the celebration, they can have a meal at home and later come for a dessert in a good mood.

These were ideas for the place of celebration. Now after deciding the theme, one can think of entertainment, menu, attires, decoration, etc. The following tips will be worth mentioning for those, who are planning an engagement party:

  • It’s better not to combine celebrating a betrothal with hen and stag parties. These events have quite different ideas in the first place.
  • Always pay attention to your beloved one. Even if a party is in full play and you are involved in a lively dance, come to your soul mate and tell him/her how much you love him and that this evening is only about two of you and your engagement. In general, this rule applies to the whole life.
  • The guests may not know each other well, so the engagement party is the best place for a closer acquaintance. What can be considered as ice-breaker? Lots of things: improvised photo booth or cocktail table where guests can mix beverages. Try to play fun games, so people may relax and laugh, even twister will be good or organize a dance floor, it is always a win-win option and guests won’t be bored.
  • Be sure to make a list of all the necessary things you need for the party: invitations, menu, music, decoration elements, food, drinks, etc. The more organized you are, the less stress you will have at the end.
  • As a decoration one can hang pictures of bride and groom all over the place. It will not only look terrific but also be suitable for the occasion.
  • It would be wonderful to have a book where guests can leave their wishes. Afterwards those suggested ideas a young couple may use during wedding preparations.
  • Think of sending cards to the guests where one thanks them for their time and presence at this solemn event. So, print out party pictures, write thanks, some warm words and send them by mail.
  • Some couples choose to prepare small gifts for their guests. It could be any knick-knacks like candles, heart shaped cork coasters, personalized cookies or handmade things in an engagement party theme. By and large, something reasonably priced though memorable.
  • We’ve already mentioned how important it is to pay attention to your beloved one. So, a couple can agree to exchange original gifts, such as a songs or a funny video clips. If one doesn’t have any creative abilities, then he/she may buy a present that one and only will definitely appreciate.

All things considered, I’d like to mention that for many newly-weds engagement is the first event when their relatives and friends gather together. That’s why it’s not that easy to do everything well and according to plans, maybe even impossible.

So, go with your gut feeling and opt for those decisions, which really speak to your couple. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a formal dinner, or a picnic, or jolly limo party, the main thing is that this kind of a celebration is the right one. If you are happy and cheerful, guest will share this joy and the engagement will stand out in mind for years to come.