When it comes to wedding designs and decor, the sky is the limit. A wedding is typically known for its exquisite ceremony.But, for many of your guests, real wedding begins at the reception thus: food, dancing, open bar and having fun.

That said the wedding decorations you choose would define the scene for your big day. You have many décor choices, but don’t let the selection overcome you. First, consider the season when your wedding will be held, will it be spring, summer or an autumn wedding? The process will help you to narrow down the finest wedding décor ideas.

Creative Wedding Planning Ideas

Planning a wedding, entails endless details such as family drama, beat deadlines, and far too often enough stress to make you just elope. In fact, there are tons of wedding ideas out there? But you probably don’t want your wedding day to be just like any other planned wedding. Your wedding should be unconventional, special and totally awesome. This is where a wedding planner intervenes so as to redirect you in the best possible ways.

-Color scheme: Your wedding planner should help on the best color to choose. For instance, if you love the mixing pastel color, your wedding planner should compliment it with other beautiful colors such as blush and a pale lavender wedding where the bride would wear a blush Vera Wang dress. The bridesmaids can wear super pale lavenders dresses.

Come up with new trends: As stated earlier, your wedding should be unconventional and totally awesome. A wedding planner should help you to choose new and trending wedding planning ideas. You can choose to have an edible party whereby you put a set up as a food station. This can simply be done by introducing a display of soft pretzels with dipping sauces.

-Headcount: Sometimes, it might be difficult for a wedding planner to come up with the actual budget. The bride and groom to be should discuss and come up with an estimate head count, thus helping the wedding planners to choose the perfect wedding venue.

Lighting, Lighting, and more lighting: If you want to have a creative wedding, and you are on a tight budget, then splurge on lighting. Especially, if you are having a night party and you don’t have the right lighting; no matter what you spend on the flowers or linens it won’t matter.

Awesome Ways to Make the Finest Wedding Decorations

As a bride to be, you must have a certain goal on how you would make and create a rustic vibe and pull off your dream wedding. Luckily, there are simple and stylish ways on how to add a unique and memorable wedding decoration.

-Choose the main color theme: In order to add the finest touch to any rented items, purchase tablecloths that are in bright colors and accent them with the type of nature that you choose. For instance, if you choose a spring wedding, then emphasize on choosing creative ideas like twig and flower centerpieces, planted tulips in bowls and pots or even vases filled with growing grass or fruit tree blossoms.

-Collect photos of friends and families: The process is easier when planning a decent wedding. To create a loving environment, place the pictures on each guest table assignment.

-Surprise guests: You can choose to write a handwritten note on each place card i.e. (Steve, thanks for flying in from Canada).

-Don’t let your guests go hungry: Your guests should not get hungry and bored while they wait for you, have a creative idea. For instance, have few nibbles for your guests to nosh on while they wait for you to make a grand entrance. You can choose to go for one –bite appetizer so guests can chat while they snack.

-Plan a creative exit strategy: If you want your guests to enjoy themselves, then arrange for them transportation where they can get home safely afterward. You can choose to hire a shuttle service where it will be available throughout the night. This extra consideration will make your guest relax without worrying. Thus, they will also get home safe and sound.

-Invite the clowns: I bet you can remember the scary or magician from your seventh birthday party? Well, today’s specialties are nothing like that. You can spruce up various entertaining options such as singing waiters, belly dancers or even a DJ.

Think beyond a Wedding Cake: Wedding Cakes are still defined as a staple ingredient in a cake wedding. Besides, consider expanding various selections such as a sweet tooth; thus a full wedding desert, starting from cupcakes, truffles, black and white cookies and much more.

Wedding Garters Styles and Sets

A wedding garter is a key component of a bride’s attire. Even though it’s beautiful, it is always hidden underneath her gown, thus waiting for the perfect time where the groom will retrieve it and toss it to all single men at the reception area. It comes with various varieties and colors.

Bridal garter set comes with two garters, and they both come in the same color and design thus a bride can choose to keep whichever she wants.

The popular material for garters includes satin, lace, and silk. Wedding garters are recognized as one of the momentous parts of the bridal celebration. Even if you don’t intend to do a bridal toss, consider purchasing a unique and special wedding garter.

What Makes a Fun Wedding?

The wedding was planned for both couples; thus it is not all about having fun activities or unlimited alcohol. In fact, it’s all about the mood of the couple. If you are having fun, then it’s overwhelming.

Don’t sweat the small stuff. If the wind shifted the scheduled program about four inches away, It’s okay, one would not notice. But, the wedding was set for you to spend quality time with friends and families. To avoid sabotaging your fun, and then assign any last minute task to a wedding planner or bridesmaid.