There are magnificent wedding that are full of glamour but only a few can make their dreams into reality. A lot of effort and skill need to be put in place. A wedding is not just about tying the knot but also the feeling and the experience that the guest will have. Wedding color, style, and attire are main pillars that might stun or dull your wedding.

Wedding palette is known to give the wedding a fabulous look if the colors are chosen correctly. Picking the right color for your wedding is easy or quite hectic thus it all depends on how you approach it but once it is done all the other stylistic decisions become very easy.

Color Variations.

Colors are a vital component of how we perceive and interact with the world around us. Many wedding couples rush straight to picking colors only to realize later that the color doesn’t fit with their wedding plans. Therefore before picking the color for your big day you need to consider some factors such as the season that the wedding is scheduled, the environment of your venue, the theme that you want to be depicted should be carefully looked into.

Wedding Venue

When searching for the wedding venue it is good that you have a color palette in your mind. It is advisable for you to try coming with some colors that you would like for your wedding and try to see whether they will match up with your perfect venue. Sometimes the colors we pick might not rhyme with the setting hence we should try to prioritize on having a perfect color palette that does not involve the colors we would like.

Wedding Color Dictation

Settings like modified warehouses, attics and tents are not color dictating; therefore you can bring in your colors and styles and make it up to your desired looks. In case you have found the desired venue, use the available space to guide you in coming up with your right color scheme. The colors that you choose for the reception space and its environment are determined by the location. By doing this, it will spare you from a clashing color palette and most important, your colors will reinforce what you love about the vicinity.
Although the venue is typically a key decision you have to make your wedding plans, there are other particulars that also need to be considered before picking your colors too. If you’ve always dreamed of having your wedding flooded with purple Dendrobium orchids, then you should begin making your palette from there, rather than trying to find a way to work it in later. Otherwise you might choose a color scheme only to find that it makes other ‘must-haves,’ like your vintage ivory table runner, look out of place.

Wedding are just like your wardrobe where color scheme are inspired by the time of year when it is happening. Consider the shade you want to use that will match the season in your color palette. Rosy pink is known for spring while a brighter coral is a summer’s favorite. For winter, a rich fuchsia matches perfectly with other jewel tones. However, this should not hinder you from using the colors that you love. The trick is to concentrate on texture, and maybe even bring in a stronger accent color.
Your wedding colors can also help in bringing in some warmth in your wedding. If you are up for some drama, then a dark or jewel tone palette, like ruby red and black or emerald and gold, should be your best choice. Take into consideration the style and atmosphere you want to have, whether it’s relaxed or nostalgic, and, therefore, the colors that you pick should be those that transform to that particular mindset. The colors that add value to your home decorations are the ones that you can live with for a long time. Choose your wedding attire based on the clothes and accessories that you do like.
Art galleries, wedding magazines and friends’ weddings are all great sources for this kind of inspiration. While you would not want to choose a color combination just because it is trending, viewing a variety of arts and design may help you view colors you already love in a different way.

Choosing a Wedding Palette

You do not require a lot of artistic backgrounds for you to pick your palette, but there are some important principles that need to be adhered to. Colors that perfectly blend are ones that are opposites since they pair cool and warm, example coral, and turquoiseor sky blue and orange, etc. Other color pairings that work are “neighbors”—they’re similar to each other and share a primary color, like sunshine yellow and melon orange or fuchsia and blush. A classic way to make your color palette is by matching a bright, heavy color with a neutral one, example violet and gray or maybe blush and gold.

Most of the times, couples are easily caught up in the idea that they have to have a strict wedding color palette. Sometimes while planning family and friends put up a lot of pressure in picking your wedding palette and end up being confused. Though your palette will determine things, like your flowers and your bridesmaid dresses, you should not use it as a rule rather it should be used as a guide. It is not always a must that each and every part of your wedding has to match perfectly hence do not be stressed on having every detail color-coded just right. Instead, think of your wedding planning in terms of style, formality, texture and mood, in addition to color.
Another issue that you should have in mind is that beauty and glamour are mostly perceived in our minds, and this is dynamic and does change quite often. While picking the color sometimes, we can just choose to pick the color that comes to our mind and choose to work with it. While making the decision, you don’t have to follow a specific direction as long as at the end you will have the desired results.