Which girl has not dreamed of a Prince Сharming from a fairy-tale, fancied a white wedding veil and beautiful dress? Probably, it will be difficult to find even one among female representatives. Time goes by, dreamy little girl grew into a beautiful young woman, and finally the long-awaited Prince made an offer of marriage.

Chosing a dress is probably the most important event for bride`s pre-wedding planning. You can leave organisation process to professionals, but choice of outfit is task for bride only. Choosing outfit trust only yourself.

Many of us think that with the current range and a large number of special boutiques with wide choice of gowns it will be no difficulties in finding the dress. Indeed, the choice of outfits is huge, but it also makes navigation more difficult, and you need to take something fitting to figure, tasteful, nice and suitable for the celebration concept. Hopefully, following information will be your guide in the world of wedding-gowns and help to find a suitable one.

On condition that you are choosy and think that your figure is unusual and does not correspond to any prevailing type, you should go to dressmaker`s. Exclusive gown, made by a professional is a perfect solution for you. Although at first you need to define the style. How?

The answer is – by studying your figure and realizing to what type it is the closest. After deciding which one you want to have, you will be able to do modelling, changing details such as neckline, waist height, fullness of the skirt, presence and place for draperies, etc. So you will find your model and be able to order perfect dress. Everything to push figure visually closer to the ideal.


The best silhouette for your type of figure

There is no sensational discovery that the clothing can help to present advantages of the figure and also to hide some flaws or emphasize features of the body.

Before searching for the dress, examine your figure in front of a mirror once more. Determine your shape of body: hourglass, pear, apple, or inverted triangle. It is very important to know, because you would like look out perfect at the wedding! Decide where you would like to visually add or reduce volume.

By the way, the size is also precisely defined. The fact that one of mistakes made by brides while choosing an outfit is to purchase one that is 1-2 sizes bigger. Remember that the only outfit of your size will underline all your beauty!

Further, if you are in the family way, pay special attention to special clothes for pregnant brides or order tailoring to individual measures. Also it is possible to buy an outfit just a few days before the wedding.

Now about the figure. What should be the dress for women with ample curves? If you have luxurious shape, probably it is necessary to hide it a little with the help of corset dresses. Because of this, you may experience unexpected cases during the celebration.

Staylace is more decorative in nature and is not intended for excessive loads. Unable to bear the stress, it can burst in the most unexpected moment, completely spoiling the mood. So stick to such an advice: don`t tie up, just buy a dress of a good cut, gently allowing to mask shape.

Gown of A-line and vertical cut lines – is probably the best option for brides of luxurious size and for women in short terms. Do not choose form-fitting dresses; eliminate the flounces of lace and wide sleeves. Pay attention to gowns of brushed tissues. Remember that glossy wedding and evening clothes tend to emphasize figure flaws.

If you are the owner of a large bosom and willing to choose a dress with a corset, notice clothes with sleeves or wide straps. Distribute the load of the body slimmer so that it spread to the shoulders, otherwise you might get a broken garment piece.

Another tip: going to the bridal salon, bring a digital camera and a companion – looking at your photos in different clothes, you can better see which one suits you the most.

Choice according to personal height

When you look for an outfit, you should consider the stature. Outfits with scoop neck and high waist will look perfect on brides of medium height. With additional accessories you can visually “grow” a little. So, for example, long gloves make the bride visually above. This effect can be achieved by selecting a wedding gown with short sleeves or even sleeveless.

For brides of average height with a normal figure there are almost no restrictions. However if there is extra-size, you should choose simple styles with few decorative elements.

Brides taller than average may wear skin-tight dresses – this will help to emphasize a slim figure. If fitting option is not satisfied, please rate yourself in the mirror in the dress with a low waist, puffed sleeves and a wide belt.

If you have tall, lean body, you probably should visually enlarge hips and chest. In this case, decoration with ruffles and draping will help you. Though, if such shapes are not your cup of tea, keep your eye on fitting gowns made of velvet, satin, moiré.


Far not all the brides can boast of perfect body shapes. Remember: style of dress may hide or accentuate advantages and disadvantages of the figure. While thinking over the decoration for desirable outfit, get clear idea about different styles. Correct choice will not only spoil bride`s beauty. However it can also ruin the image of any stature, even if it is perfect. So, the styles of wedding dresses are like…


This fashion refers to the Napoleonic era. The peculiarity of these dresses is high waist below the breast, passing in a skirt – narrow or flared.

Such gowns are made of light fabrics. For the top, for example, you can use the brocade, and for the skirt – satin.

Summer type of Empire dress – with straps or without them, winter kinds generally have wide sleeves.
Outfit in this style is very convenient for mothers-to-be or for brides of short stature, as well as for plump women. Empire fashion is also good in hiding figure flaws.

This is a great solution for so-called “apple” women. It is also suitable for “pears”. If the upper part of the gown is made of a dense material, and the skirt of light or airy fabric, this variant will satisfy owners of a small chest.

If the bride has larger breasts, this does not mean that an outfit in this style is not suitable for her. Square cut can visually reduce the volume (if you need it). To achieve this effect, reject models with embroidered top. Avoid using too much jewellery.

A-line silhouette

A-line dresses are reminiscent of the letter “A”. These dresses are also called the trapezium and “princess gowns”. A-line is very versatile: they are suitable for any occasion and for any figure.

By changing some parts (for example, the length or the waist line, etc.) figure`s flaws can be both hidden and emphasized. For example, high-waisted A-line attire will be good for women of “apple” shape. Also A-line gowns, combined with Empire silhouettes with long skirts will gently hide, but not underline waist. Though ladies with a figure of a pear, can choose a “princess dress” with a synched waist. Trapezoid skirt will hide the excessive splendour of the hips.

For making A-line dresses there can be used any fabric. For example, if you are planning a classic image of the bride, light silk will be very helpful.

If the model is in intricate style, prefer a heavier fabric, such as organza or satin. To achieve originality in a simple addition, you can decorate it by using crystals, beads, etc.

Sheath attire – simplicity or elegance?

“Sheath” is a straight fashion, looking simple and elegant. Outfit, made in this style hugs the figure, showing all the curves of the body.

I’d like to note that even though it is line style and looks very simple, but at the expense of the many ways of modelling it is possible to improve one’s gown to infinity.

Those who prefer to look both sexy and elegant, can look at a straight dress without shoulder straps, and fabric suitable one that will be able to emphasize the lines of body (for example, light silk or organza).

For those who like romantic style, good recommendation is a straight model with long sleeves and boat neck.
This straight dress is recommended for brides of low height: an elongated style can make them a little higher in the eyes of others. This type can be recommended to high women with lean bodies as well. However with the presence of curves. If you are looking for an outfit, which can add volume to the figure, such a silhouette is definitely not suitable.


Sometimes this style is called “fairy tale dress”.

Such attires can be recommended to brides with “banana” figure type (slim elongated body) and “pear” (light top, heavy bottom). They don`t fit to ladies of “apple” shape, as they emphasize the lack of waist. Ballgowns suit to the owners of gorgeous breasts, because wide skirt can visually make higher and lower parts equal, bringing the figure to ideal “hourglass” pattern.

Ballgowns fit both tall girls and brides of average height. However, petite women should choose a dress of a different style.

Full skirt of this type accentuates the waist of a bride, helps to hide too wide hips and, what is very important, even a small belly.
These dresses are made of almost any kinds of fabric.

In order to highlight elegant silhouette, use satin or chiffon. To increase the volume of the skirt such materials as taffeta, tulle, and organza are used. In case you have to highlight the top, try to find one, decorated with beads or embroidery.

Gowns in this style can be complemented by the presence of the plume of any length.


It should be noted that the outfit in this style is not for every bride. Perfect mermaid dress looks great on women with slender figures; close to “hourglass” type, their stature is not very important. Due to the fact “mermaid” is a form-fitting, so if you have some extra pounds – avoid this silhouette.

You are better to pay attention to other important features of this silhouette. The first is that for this model light and transparent fabric is usually chosen. The reason is that the style is fitting, so the others will be able to observe not only the body lines, but also the boundaries of underwear. The second is that this dress has narrower lines, so it will hamper moving in the extent to which you are accustomed to.


Of course, traditional colour of wedding attire is white, but like someone said, “Just because something is traditional, there is no reason to do it”.

Remember, that white may also have shades. To make sure, try one white dress and then go to another one – you can easily catch the difference of shades. So choose white wedding dress in a good lighting, preferably daylight. Artificial lighting can give the white colour a different shade.

Modern tastes are so diverse that you may come across a bride even in a black dress (that is certainly rare, but still a reality). Saying that you need to wear a wedding gown of one particular colouring is actually incorrect, because each bride has her own ideas and notions of taste and fashion. So I would like to give some pieces of advice on colours of your future wedding attire, taking into consideration your complexion.

Colours by bride`s skin colour type:

  • Blondes with fair skin should wear clothes of rich apricot, golden, or white shades.
  • Grey-eyed brides with dark blond hair may consider options for the white outfit with light coloured shades or with bright elements (purple, green, pink).
  • For redheads with hazel eyes the perfect choice is a wedding gown of cream colour and adjacent shades (champagne, ivory, etc.).
  • Outfit of silver-grey or pale-pink tone will look beautiful on a woman with dark hair and fair skin.
  • For hot tanned brunettes the best choices are white, cream, golden and red.

Well, perhaps, this is all that I decided to tell our brides. Hopefully, with these tips, you will confidently go to wedding boutique or to dressmaker`s and get the best outfit in which you will be the queen of the celebration.