Though variety of wedding gowns is huge, brides still face difficulties. To start with, the quantity of styles is immeasurable. Certainly every woman knows what suits her best, but what if another design fits even more? Decoration of nuptial outfits can also vary, that is why one will surely be puzzled while choosing among several options of the same style. So, an additional question arises: “What color of the wedding gown to prefer?”.


Bridal dress color: how to make a better choice?

Fiancées, who are on the angels’ side, believe their outfit should necessarily be white. Others select color of their gown depending on the season: in winter – snow-white or silver, in summer – the color of sun, grass or flowers, in fall – golden or red, in spring – sky-blue, shades of first greenery or long awaited sun.

There are people, who believe in color symbolism and draw on this experience in the process of choosing the bridal array. For others superstitions and national traditions are even more important.

As the story goes, in the West Europe every single bride has a right to pick any color of bridal gown, since the democratic society provides its members with the right and possibility of self-expression.

It is absolutely insignificant, what will your choice of color be based on: traditions, superstitions, symbolism, season or personal taste. Nothing matters more than YOUR own choice, but not a far-fetched idea. Otherwise, hereafter you might profoundly regret of not having stood up against the trend or traditions, and even failed to give full expression of your own identity with no fear.

Picking the bridal gown palette: basic rules

Before everything else, you definitely should ponder over classic white dress. It is not just familiar alternative, but such traditional wedding dress will also let you feel comfortable and give additional self-confidence.

Again, questions come up!

  • Will the white dress naturally complement your nuptial?
  • Will it prettify you by showing off the skin?
  • Won`t it make one look plump?
  • Will it fit in style and color scheme of your reception?

These are the most pivotal questions you have to put yourself before making final choice concerning the bridal outfit. If you adhere to traditions, but do not esteem the snow-white dress as the one, which can beautify you, or hold it tedious, you can always opt for any light shade of yellow: cream tint, light-beige, ecru, ivory and so on. If you try some attire close to these hues, it is entirely possible that one of them will serve as a foil to your beauty, show your face and hair.

If one made up her mind to walk down the aisle in a colored wedding dress, she can act in two ways.

The first way: select it to one’s liking

You are advised to go directly to the shopping mall where a huge variety of apparels is sold (not just nuptial ones) and try every single dress on. Well, it’s a hard job, and it takes more than a day or even a week. Pay special attention to the impression that every color makes on you and its impact on your appearance. A lot depends on woman`s “seasonal type”. For instance, chestnut brunette in terracotta dress can melt into it. Light-green dress will, on the contrary, give life to her appearance and draw attention to her skin and eyes color.

If you have no intention to change clothes over and over, you may act another way: go to the drapery and standing in front of the mirror, apply materials of different colors and surface characteristics. As soon as you come across the color and cloth structure, you will immediately realize it. When your preferences are defined, one may either purchase the chosen textile, or order the dressmaking. You can also buy a small fabric piece in order to take it along to the wedding boutique, where you will pick wedding gown of similar color and texture before try-on and applying the piece to clothes.

The second way: looking for the nuptial attire of preselected shade

At the beginning you have to come up with the palette, and only after that look for the appropriate tint. As it is widely known, each color has several dozens of hues, varying from warm to cold. Far not all of them can fit you. For example, fuchsia dress is not to everybody`s liking, but light-peach-like shade will appeal to many women. Indeed, both of them are tints of pink. That is why one may follow our aforesaid recommendations and go to the drapery to choose the best suitable shade.

By the way, bridal gown is known as the key element of wedding decoration. Consequently, bridal gown color has to seamlessly blend and amplify the palette of nuptial composition. There are also two options:
First of all bride-to-be makes her mind concerning the dress color and only in accordance with it, the ornament is being designed.

Couple starts with thinking over the color and style of their celebration and afterwards fiancée picks up the dress with appropriate characteristics.


Palette of bridal gown and wedding decoration

Well, as it has been mentioned, bridal gown is to correspond to the nuptial environment. However it is not necessary for them to be in color. If you keep to the tradition, you are free to wear white or cream dress with colored border. Such decorative components of the attire as belt, brassiere trimming, wrap of skirt, embroidery, decorative fixtures and gussets may comply with bridal decorations. On the one hand you will not break with tradition, on the other – you can manage to shine out and be in tune with nuptial environment.

If the wedding is in several colors, one of them should be selected for the bride and another – for maids of honor. Talking about the nuptial decorated with pink and light-green palette, then bridal gown can be for instance whitish pink and the bridesmaid`s attire may be light-green.

Wedding gown and theme shades

Whether you plan a theme bridal, the wife-to-be’s outfit definitely has to be special. Thus, let us say, eastern style nuptial, usually in India or China, implies the bride wearing dress of the red tone. One of the three apparels of Japanese fiancée is also red.

Green bridal outfit is the second popular color among Hindu fiancées. Future wives from Africa and many on-islanders also choose green, as the color of fertility, or dazzling-yellow tint, which is said to struggle with evil spirit and protects bride from whammy.

From the earliest times Spanish ladies went down the aisle in orange dresses, because orange trees are considered to be the symbol of endless adolescence in their country. Even nowadays Spaniards try to include orange flowers in posies and adorn their hair. In case you make up your mind to have a Spanish-style wedding, you may opt for either orange or red gown.

Bride should rather wear blue, azure or whitish blue gown if the nuptial is going to be in marine or pirate style. Pearl-colored, golden or red dress with orphrey is ideal for every vintage wedding.

Hipster-style bridal gives a splendid opportunity to choose any shade for the dress, but the best thing is to buy short white gown ornamented by colored belt, trimming and so on, popular in fifties. Stylish polka-dotted ornamented dress will become an interesting alternative instead of the plain white one.

To cut the long story short, the bridal dress color is especially important, if we talk about theme nuptial, since the gown has to match the concept.


The wedding attire palette: meaning, symbolism, associations

The color of your garment not only beautifies, but can also vanish your attractiveness. Clothes’ tints convey the impression of temper, since every color has these or those meanings and evokes particular unconscious associations.
Thuswise, brides wearing beige, ivory or champagne dress are taken by others as friendly, kind, calm and trustworthy people.

White wedding dress will not tell anything about its wearer, because it is a common choice for most women. Although the style will be of a crucial importance.

Fiancée wearing azure bridal gown looks like a tender and innocent girl. Light-blue dress gives the impression of a calm, tranquil and content person. All in all, the blue color of the wedding dress means chastity.

Brides who prefer red dresses are known as passionate and forceful personalities. Red color symbolizes the wildfire of passion, power and aggression.

Yellow color has much in common with sun. The same concerns orange. That is why brides in yellow and orange gowns are associated with cheerful and positive people. If we talk about golden color, welfare and prosperity is added to the aforesaid associations. A lady wearing golden wedding dress looks like a genuine goddess among people round her.

Pink color of the nuptial attire can vary, as we’ve said. If it is a traditional girlish pink color, bride will appear as innocent and, unfortunately, not the brightest bulb in the shed. At the same time complex pastel shade of pink will definitely indue the bride with tenderness, so people will percept her as the apotheosis of womanhood.

Green is the symbol of youth, energy and freshness. Bride in a green dress will look younger. No doubts, if the shade is pleasant and delicate, a lady will produce an impression of equable, stable and self-assured person with wild energy and will to live.

Will the bride in a gray gown be associated with a mouse? We hardly doubt! Of course everything depends on color tint. If the dress is made of luxurious fabric of pearl hue, the fiancée will be seen as honest, kindhearted, fair, innocent and devoted person, but proud and aware of her worth. The same can be said about a bride in a silver attire.
Ladies will hardly choose purple or violet wedding outfit. However girls in such arrays look majestic and royal. Depending on the hue one can trigger association of a splendid flower. Equally such kind of a dress can tell people about her immaturity and fragility.

Think over the impression you would like to make in your bridal gown.


Today white color is associated with innocence, chastity and virtue. Addressing to history, we will find out that many centuries ago women got married in dresses of absolutely various hues.

Ladies from the upper class tailored vivid and expensive apparel. The lowest tier of society, as a rule, preferred either gray or black wedding dresses. It can be easily explained: girls put on bridal gowns many times after the nuptial in their everyday life. That is why poor brides opted for an easy-care fabric, since it can serve many years.

In the second quarter of 19th century Queen Victoria wore white dress on her own wedding. Many women started to imitate her. Little by little the vogue of white bridal gown spread not only in the vicinity of England, but also overseas. Since that time, whether you are rich or poor, brides started to purchase white bridal arrays. In fact, it is obvious that symbols connected with chastity and innocence are not as significant as fashion. The one who suggests us how and where to celebrate the wedding and what to wear.

During many decades white nuptial dresses were an unshakable fashion, but all things change. Today, no one will be shocked by colorful bridal gowns. Wedding trendsetters always include in their fashion collections both white dresses and colored ones.

Nowadays people do not tend to believe in omens, picking the color of attire in accordance to either eyes or car tints. Before Queen Victoria brought white nuptial gowns into vogue, people used to believe in magic power of colors. In Britain during Victorian age a poem with omens concerning bridal attire options was spread widely. What is in store for the bride in this or that color of her wedding dress?

  • Getting married in a white dress means you have done the right choice.
  • Walking up the aisle in a gray gown signifies leaving for a far-off land.
  • Marrying in black attire designates your desire to hit back home.
  • Espousing in a red dress denotes your wish to pass away.
  • Choosing a green gown for wedding ceremony means your shame to be in a spotlight.
  • Opting for a blue wedding dress signifies you as a trustworthy wife.
  • Walking down the aisle in a pearl dress promises a hectic life.
  • Marrying in a yellow dress means that you are ashamed of your date.
  • Getting married in brown attire destines you to dwell in a city.
  • Espousing in a pink dress designates that you will give up.

To conclude, you have to make your own decision, whether to believe these omens concerning color of a wedding dress, or not.

We wish you to make up you mind wisely while wandering in the forest of bridal gowns and never regret!