Femininity and elegance are in high esteem again. The fashion world gradually gives up the formal men’s style suits and shapeless pants, preferring flowing lines, romantic colors and vapory fabrics. The lace wedding dresses have returned to runways too.


This is not surprising, because the lace has always been a symbol of femininity, elegance and tenderness. Wherein in the famous designers’ collections one can see not just dresses with tracery decoration, but also lace dresses, impressing mind with luxury and originality.

According to the designers’ forecasts the lace will stay at the peak of popularity for rather long time. Looking at wedding fashion trends of 2016, you’ll see that lace outfits will not climb down the nearest couple of years.

However conformity to a fashion is not the only criteria of choosing wedding dress. It also must be suitable to you. Choosing lace dress, make sure that it fits for you and conforms to your style. Is there fashion fitting you the best among tracery outfits? Would the vintage lace harmonize with your hairstyle and make up?

Lace wedding dress: tips for choosing the style

  • The wedding dress which is totally made from lace should not be too fluffy. A strict A-shaped silhouette, “mermaid” style or almost straight lines of dress fashion would be an ideal variant. These styles are equally suitable for slender and sonsy brides.
  • A combination of innocence and sexuality has always acted infallibly on men. That is why classical wedding dress with long sleeves and open back or deep neckline would be appreciated by the bridegroom.
  • Closed lace dress with long sleeves is the perfect choice for a winter wedding or in case if you are planning wedding in church. The most beautiful closed dresses are usually made of lace.
  • Combined dress made of lace and satin (or other material) can help to hide figure flaws and to highlight its merits. The lace body can help to emphasize the beautiful bust and vapory skirt can hide wide hips.
  • Short lace wedding dresses would be a good choice for tall slender girl. Such outfits are associated with youth and freshness. In the case if the bride is older, it will be better to choose longer dress.

Accessories for lace wedding dress

Lace itself is a worthful adornment. Choosing a wedding dress which was totally made from lace, remember that it’s very important to avoid an excess of accessories. In such case a bridal veil can be replaced by an elegant diadem, flower, wreath or wedding comb. Some boldest brides can choose veil hat which can become a real catch for wedding in retro style.

Deciding to put on the veil, choose the smooth and sole-coloured one. Avoid the excess of lace in your outfit – otherwise it will look too mottled and focus attention away from the bride.

Choosing lace outfit, avoid too large, pretentious and bold jewelry. Let it maintain the theme of tenderness, dedicated by the dress.

The wedding dresses, partly decorated with lace offer more freedom for creativity. They could be harmoniously combined with long gloves, lace bolero or veil. The lace theme should not be traceable in each accessory, but the bride’s image would be more complete if the veil and the dress would be decorated with the same kind of lace or the bouquet will be tied with a lace ribbon.