«Mermaid» is one of the most popular styles when it comes to evening and wedding dresses. Such gowns are also called «godet», «fish» and «fishtail». What is the «mermaid» wedding dress? It is a narrow dress which completely fits a figure from top to knee and flares below.

Such dress is always long — it is a kind of floor-length gown. Recently the «mermaid» wedding dress has a train. Probably, it is the reason why we can see this fashion on red carpets and other formal events more often than other dress styles.

There is no doubt that mermaid style wedding gowns are the sexiest, because they make a female silhouette more attractive and seductive. Moreover, a woman’s posture transforms due to such dress.

The Mermaid Style Dresses: Choose The Best One For You

There are a lot of variations of the mermaid style dresses. First of all, such gown can be the kind of a princess dress — this fashion was formerly called godet. It is usually made of several wedges. The shape of dress, volume of its skirt and tail’s width depend on quantity of wedges.

The front side of skirt may have the seamless fit. In this case only its back side would be made of wedges— such dress flares behind and has the train.

The tail of mermaid dress may be manufactured as a separate piece sewn to dress. The upper part of such clothing looks like a bodycon dress (from top to knee) with a volant skirt, which is sewn down below. In the same way the mermaid style dresses with a drapery, frills or few flounces can be sewn.

By the way, the mermaid style wedding gowns are similar to flamenco style dresses and skirts — they are made of wedges or have the flounces, too.

As for fabric, it must be thick enough — at least as a material for a basis. Satin is the most preferred for such purposes. Therewith the mermaid wedding dress can be multilayered with chiffon, guipure or organza flowing atop the satin. Such bridal gown can be very expensive because of complexity of its fashion and cost of the fabrics.

Of course, you can find such wedding dresses at low prices, but make sure that the fabric is heavy and thick enough. Otherwise the dress wouldn’t keep its shape and will highlight all the flows of your figure. Moreover, the outlines of your underwear would be seen through the dress made of unsuitable kind of fabric.

Who can wear the «mermaid» wedding dress?

It would be easier to say who cannot wear this style. The mermaid style wedding dress would be definitely fitting for those girls who have rather shapely figure and average height.

However, the figures of petit girls can look unshapely in such dress. Those brides who have short legs or low hips should not choose this style, too — it can visually shorten the lower body (it would be better to wear the empire style dress).

«Fish» style dress highlights a hip line, so girls with flat buttocks should avoid it — side view may be unattractive. (It would be better to choose such styles like «sphere» or «princess»).

In case if you want to distract attention from excess centimeters at the waist, you should choose another dress style.
Unexpressed waistline, slenderness or plumpness of body shape cannot be the reasons why you should give up the mermaid bridal gown style.

Any woman who has shapely figure, rather long legs and no prominent belly may wear the mermaid dress style.
The Mermaid Bridal Gown – The Outfit Not Only For Slender

The women with «hourglass» figures can highlight the beauty of their bodies still more. Too thin girls or those who have unexpressed waistline would look more cuddly and curvy wearing the mermaid style dress. Don’t you believe? Just try on the gown and you shall see how your figure would change.

Keep in mind that there are different fashions of the «mermaid» wedding gowns. A dark belt can help to make the waist thinner if you have an apple-shaped figure.

The belt on hips will help to highlight slender waistline. (This is a good variant for the girls whose waist is slender but hips are not wide enough).

The «mermaid» dress with pleats on its bodice would help to add volume to your hips or to make figure more curvaceous visually.

The Mermaid Wedding Gown: Tips for The Brides

Choose the «mermaid» dress that is exactly in your size, because it can lose all the advantages if it is too large. In such case you may look not like a seductive lady but like a shoulder The gown must completely fit your figure. Trying on the outfit walk through the boutique: the dress must be narrow enough to make you to reduce your usual step length.

You should feel the narrowness of the skirt while walking. However, nothing should embarrass your movements when you’ll sit down, stand up or raise your legs coming upstairs – so try to do these actions while trying on the gown.

The tail of the «mermaid» dress should begin from knees or a a little above, but not below.

Women with seductive «hourglass» figures should be careful: the mermaid style bridal gowns emphasize curvy hips and buttocks as well as slender waistline, so avoid emphasizing your full bust with a low neckline.The bride should not demonstrate the whole her beauty at once – it is a wedding but not the red carpet, after all. There should be a little modesty in the bride’s image.

The «Mermaid» Style: A Bit of History

You can find the sources on the Web, which say that the mermaid wedding dress style is a creation of modern designers. However, these gowns have become trendy long ago – in the Victorian Age. In 80th years of 19th century women began to wear the dresses which fitted figure to knee and flared below passing into the small trail.

Since then the popularity of such dresses have not been abating. In 30-50th years of 20th century the «mermaid» gowns have turned from everyday clothing into evening dresses. This happened due to movie stars who became to choose the style for social events. For example: Marlene Dietrich liked such gowns.

Thus, the mermaid wedding dress style is not creation of modern designers – this is misinformation. Such gowns were worn as evening and as wedding outfits.