A royal wedding is typically categorized as unique and top most wedding of the year. As the name suggests, Royal is a word or a status that is related to Queen, King or a member of their family. Besides, everybody would love to be invited to a royal wedding but Alas!

You need to have been invited earlier as the wedding preparation is being done. It entails a lot of commitment since there will be a written schedule that needs to be followed for the big day. Also, as a bride and groom to be you are expected to be the most cheerful during this day hence making the crowd to applause your presence.
The most remarkable and luxurious royal wedding was that of Prince William and Kate Middleton. The organizers achieved their target of accommodating more than two thousand guests from all over the world. It was described as a royal wedding since Prince William was the one who was offered the succession to inherit the British crown after his father Charles, who was the Prince of Wales. It was held on 29thApril 2011.Hundreds of thousands of people lined the streets of London in result to only catch a glimpse of the newlyweds.

Importance of a Royal Wedding

I know you tend to ask yourself as to why the royal wedding should be planned earlier or why is it so expensive? The reason is based on various aspects such as:

  • It brings different cultures together: A royal wedding makes various people meet on one occasion, it can be a different religion, ethnic but all the same they tend to share one thing in the common thus happiness of the newlyweds.
  • Marriage is a blessing: While attending a royal wedding, people tend to refresh themselves on topics related to marriage. For instance, if you are a divorcee.
  • You forget about life struggles: With the entire struggle and hustle that we experience in life, sometimes you just need to attend a luxurious event such as a royal wedding that will make you forget a little bit of what life expects. You don’t have to attend it physically since it is always broadcast on television.
  • It recognizes the trending Prince and Queen: Royal wedding is specifically done so that people can recognize the current king who will be taking the throne at that time. For instance, Prince William was widely recognized internationally as the next British Prince after his father.
  • The new Fashion Slogan: A renowned fashion designer once said that “Fashion is art, and it nourishes the soul.” Another advantage of attending a royal wedding is to identify the main fashion aspects regarding clothing and the color combination in general. For instance, there will be different forms of wedding styles on the occasion, and you might come across with unique and luxurious wedding dresses styles.

A Royal Wedding is a Luxury Wedding

It is very true that whatever you see in a luxury wedding, you will see it twice or even thrice in a royal wedding. It can be described as a luxury wedding since it entails a lot of commitment and hard work from both parties. For instance, the invitation might seem to be a hectic work since the attendees are expected to be more than one million. The following factors briefly describe why royal weddings are defined as luxurious wedding:

  • Use of Rolls Royce and Traditional Carriage: It has been the norm that currently luxurious weddings tend to use the traditional carriages for transport. It implicates that the use of a traditional mode of transport in a wedding is quite expensive hence the vehicles are only seen in a royal wedding.
  • Use of red carpet for guests: Since honored guest have been invited to the royal wedding, a red carpet is usually expected at this time; it implicates the respect and honor of the guests.
  • Wedding theme and reception: In a luxurious wedding, an exquisite reception is always expected. To identify one, you must be able to see the beautiful décor and the golden crystal-like shapes that are aligned together in one form hence identifying a royal wedding will be that easier.
  • Email invitation: Since many guests are expected to attend the royal wedding, wedding invitation cards will not be accessible to various people. An email invitation is the best option since you will be able to send more emails at a go. The process will save you from more working hours hence making you work on something else.

Royal Wedding Dresses and Style

As you attend any wedding, the first glance will be to see the Bridals wedding dress and the unique style of the brides. However, wedding dresses simply implicates the type of wedding that you are attending. For instance, a civil wedding is expected to be very decent in terms of dressing code and style but a royal wedding entails various wedding dresses and styles such as:

  • The dressing code: In a royal wedding, every guest is alerted on what to wear on that special day. It can be a black and white for men and pink for women. For instance, during the Prince Williams’ wedding all women were alerted to wear a wedding hat.
  • The bride determines the Type of flowers- During a royal wedding; the bride chooses the type of flowers that will be used in the whole occasion. They can be a spring of Myrtle in the bouquets which symbolizes love for one another.
  • Wedding dress- In a luxury wedding, the wedding dress for the chosen bride is expected to be at the top notch of all the guests and brides. That said the wedding dress chosen should be unique hence making people alter the word Wow! Even before having a closer look at it.

However, during a royal wedding there will never lack some form of speculation. As a result, people tend to find or speculate by rumors on what they see during the occasion. Besides, a royal wedding should be planned earlier hence avoiding the rush hour minute since it entails various planning schedule before the big day.