Wedding creativity is categorized as the first aspect that visitors will see at your wedding ceremony. Thus, they can pack a big punch when it comes to the first impression. Does that mean that you should spend all your savings to make them happy? Absolutely not! There are simple and creative methods that you should follow as a bride.

Top 10 creative weddings

Besides, wedding creativity is based on the decision made by the bride and grooms to be. As you both plan to get married, you can decide to have a simple wedding thus cheap or luxurious wedding but it all depends on your perspective ideas. For instance, a bride cannot choose a luxurious wedding while the groom only wants the marriage certificate from the advocate and calls it the end. Also, you should seek advice from other couples on the way to go as you plan to have an enormous wedding.

Advantages of wedding ideas
By setting up various wedding ideas, it will help you in:

  • Time management since you would have listed everything you need.
  • Saves money since couples would budget on the most crucial things.
  • It helps to keep in progress on what is not available on your shopping wedding list

Top 10 creative weddings

Wedding Venues
Choosing a perfect venue that is not far from where you live is an added advantage since it will facilitate easy movement of visitors in your region. However, there are luxurious wedding venues and cheap wedding venues. The main difference between them is that:

  • In a luxurious wedding venue, it will tend to give you more room for your wedding budget hence you will be able to offer a more grader and exorbitant menu.
  • It will also take less time to prepare for a guest list.
  • Cheap venues or small venue will make you invite fewer people, which can cause various reactions when family members and friends find out that they were not invited at all. Besides, the task of creating smaller guest list might be stressful; conflicts might tend to arise between the brides and groom to be since one might have a large family circle that will be a problem in whittling them down.
  • In a luxurious wedding, big ideas are expected in everything that you do. You will enjoy your wedding with your closest friends and loved ones too.

However, creative weddings have taken the personal touch to another level. Some of these creative features will blow your mind, be it an edible invitation card, an exquisite 3D décor or a recipe for your love story and expensive clothing. I’m not going to spoil it further, take a look for yourself:

1. Unique Wedding Ceremony Programme– By creating a unique wedding program, visitors will be comfortable as they sit and read the contents on the program. However, you tend to forget that before the bride comes, they will be all bored hence they will start reading the program once more. A creative idea like telling a little bit of love story in the pamphlet will be an added advantage. An example includes:


2. An adorned bathroom décor– Allot of creativity is done in specific places. Hence, they tend to forget the washroom area. As you budget for décor, don’t forget the washrooms too. Make them tailored and add some creativity hence making the environment to be more beautiful as an example below;

3. The Little Secret Service Ring Bearer– It has been the norm that flower girls are the main target in carrying the newlyweds ring. If you didn’t know, you could have the most creative ring bearer by improvising a unique metallic box that only a little boy who has won like a secret service agent will carry it. I bet people will be talking about this through the week.

4. Guest block wedding creativity– Instead of using the same old guest book all round, sometimes creativity helps to make the occasion more appealing. For instance, creating a guest block box will enhance the reliability of written message that will tend to stay for a long time.

5. Gorgeous Drinking Tags– As far as creativity is concerned some of the methods are for a luxurious wedding. For instance, including a unique drinking tag that implies the beautiful day typically, shows that it is a gorgeous wedding since the tags wouldn’t be used anymore. That said they allure everybody feeling on wanting to take more sip from it.

6. Cake Creativity– The most important thing to choose as you prepare for the big day is the exquisite cake that will make visitors exorbitant due to its creativity. It can be small but adding different texture like changing its shape and adding beautiful color will be more reasonable. For instance, if you are the groom to be, and you love football to the bone, you can have your cakes to be created as a football stadium like the one shown below:

7. Luxurious Wedding Creativity: If you love big and shiny weddings, but you don’t know where to start, this guide will help you. The luxurious wedding is not complete unless you add uniqueness to it. It can be unique crystal floating duck, or an extravagant floral peacock which will leave everyone speechless hence it has an elegant catch for a dinner date.

8. Beautiful and unique photography– At the end of the day, as just married couples you are expecting to see the perfect videos and picture while you are relaxing at home. They might tend to be boring if there wasn’t any creativity in them. You can add value to the pictures by choosing different styles and emoticons. For instance, you can decide to pose like you are acting a movie as shown below.

Top 10 creative weddings

9. Picnic Blanket for outdoor wedding– As you plan for an outdoor wedding, another creativity niche might tend to vary. Don’t bother to hire chairs or tables for visitors but add your creativity by introducing blankets for an outdoor wedding. An example is shown:

10. Exquisite Wedding Escort– You can have the most luxurious wedding but imagine yourself coming to the event with a 1990s car that is all worn out, I bet that would not be you. As a bride, you can choose to be carried by a horse or the latest luxurious car.

Now that you have got the location and creative ideas for your wedding, to really wow your guests look beyond the actual forms of a wedding but create your own as professional as you can. Try to find out something that has never been used before in a wedding.