There are different kinds of wedding cakes. Look at this one. You can see that the idea isn’t quite ordinary. There is a couple of doves on the top of the cake, but they don’t sit side by side as usual. They strive from different corners to meet each other.

The corners! This is a second unusual feature of this cake. During the last time I had to make wedding cakes in different colors and they had different thematic direction. Some cakes were decorated with robots, while other — with cowboy boots. Some of them were richly decorated and the others were decorated in a style of minimalism. But I can’t remember the case when the cake wasn’t round.

But this one doesn’t have a round shape. It looks like a box with gift tied with a ribbon. While I have been decorated this cake, I thought that the whole life is hidden in this box. It will start after the day of wedding, when the cake would be eaten. But the curious doves want to reach the ribbon in order to pull for the tip. They want to get their gift — their life. It will be clear soon, what their life is like.

Of course, it will be full of happiness. But each couple builds the happiness in different ways. The reality is often not the same with plans of newlyweds. It can be corrected and completed with new details. So, even if two people realize how to build their life together, a lot of things can surprise them like a gift in the box with a ribbon.

I have been thinking about a pair of doves. They don’t sit quietly side by side, but they strive to meet each other. It seems to me, that those two people who will choose this wedding cake cannot be an ordinary couple. They realize clearly that their moving to each other will just begin after the day of wedding. They’ll just begin to learn each other and to become closer.

Five years later, they will know each other much better. They’ll grow and change, soaring in a free flight together. They will not bind each other. Sometimes they’ll become more independent of each other in order to get closer again with great pleasure. In such way they’ll get the opportunity to learn something new. I think that such style of relations is rather good. It symbolizes unity and freedom. Freedom — is a guarantee of growth and development. Thus it is also a guaranty of unflagging interest to each other.

For such couple life would really be full of nice surprises in a gift wrapping. And it would always be interesting to pull the ribbon in order to discover — what is hidden inside.