There is one absolutely useless today, but at the same time rather considerable part of women outfit. This fashion item is also the most mysterious, because usually it is worn secretly, so that nobody except beloved man could see it. One can only envision, dream and imagine if it is put on or not. So, what are we speculating upon? Certainly, we are talking about garter.

A bit of history

Actually, garter was invented long ago, when men were not used to wearing trousers and women knew nothing about tights. During the ancient times people put on stockings made of leather, which they had to knit up in order to prevent them from falling down.

A little bit later, when people started to tailor textile stockings, tying was also necessary. Knitted stockings appeared in the second century and were not flexible enough, that is why they often fell down and looked like accordion pleat. No one could dispense with suspenders, which were sewed from pieces of expensive fabric, adorned with embroidery, lace and even precious stones.

At the end of 19th century a convenient belt for stockings was invented, but people still kept on wearing garter up until the middle of 20th century. Gradually, stockings became more and more stretchy and special belts for them – more comfortable and popular. Consequently, women refused wearing garters.

The wedding garter

Nowadays, one can hardly stumble across the garter in place other than bridal, usually in groom`s hands.

We all love the very moment of throwing the bride`s garter into the crowd of unmarried male guests – it’s a part of our traditions. While choosing the bridal array ladies always keep in mind picking thigh-highs and garter. Tights are becoming the sign of an ill-mannered bride.

These beautiful knick-knacks are widely sold in certain boutiques, but many brides-to-be prefer making garter on their own. Thanks God, you do not need to be a licensed seamstress. First and foremost, one should choose the material: Venetian lace, silk, satin, organza etc.

Then you have to purchase elastic webbing, measuring tape, thread, needle, scissors and some decorative elements like lacing, sequins, beads, feathers and so on. Bridegroom`s name can be embroidered on the first garter, the one, which will be thrown during the party, the second garter, intended only for the husband`s eyes, may consist decorations with spicy content.

What should the bridal garter look like?

First of all, it has to be pretty and neat, because later one of the male gusts will catch it and leave it as a keepsake. Garter will be something like souvenir, so it has to correspond to its mission.

Bridal garters can have absolutely different sizes – narrow like a belt or wide as a lace of a stocking. As a rule, narrow garter is worn a little bit higher, and the wide one – lower. It is essential that garter should harmonize with bridal array. Thus, if the dress is a blend of white and pink colors, garter can be both white and pink.

Two or three colored garters look gorgeous. For instance, white garter made of organza can be adorned with a lacing and golden beads and ribbons. It is understandable, that azure garter does not suit whitish pink gown.

Wedding rite connected with garter

After the nuptial ceremony bride throws her posy into the crowd of her single friends. During the banquet (actually at its very end) groom takes the garter off the bride`s leg in front of everybody and throws it to the unwed group of his friends.

Of course, fiancé can obtain the garter with the help of his hands, but he can also take it off using his teeth, which is more interesting. Usually, they opt for the second alternative during the youth weddings. In case the bride is shy, and guests are known as rather conservative people, it is better to take the garter off in a private atmosphere.

By the way, some green-eyed grooms take off and throw their ties instead of the bride`s garter. Well, it is a gesture! However the rite is not as interesting as it could be.

The unwed man who has caught the garter is said to get married in the nearest future. It is the popular belief. He might also marry a girl who has caught the bride`s posy. Anyway, one can drop such a hint.

During some bridals, the rite of moving these two lucky people closer takes place. The fortunate man is asked to put on a garter on the leg of the girl, who has caught a posy and call her out. Anyway this is just an additional tip, invented for entertainment. To tell the truth, it is not obligatory to hold such kind of a rite. By the by, groom can only throw a garter after his bride has thrown her posy.

The quantity: one or two?

What about the fiancée? Is she destined to be left without a single garter? Not a bit of it! According to the western tradition, bride should wear two garters – one above another. The lower one is taken off by the groom during the party and the higher and narrower one – at home face to face. Taking the garter off in the due course of the nuptial night symbolizes the loss of bride`s virginity.

Blue is the color of purity that is why in the past bridal garters used to be only blue. Nowadays no one pays attention to this requirement, since it has to be in accord with the bride`s gown. Of course, we can pay tribute to the ancient tradition and get the second garter in blue, especially for the groom`s eyes.

Sewing yourself

Usually, elastic webbing, a little bit longer than leg circumference, is taken. We will also need the basis – fabric (or Venetian lace) and satin ribbon inside of which one will later put the elastic webbing. The length of fabric and ribbon is equal. Notably this length has to be twice longer than the elastic webbing`s. Its width depends on the width of basic fabric.

If it is necessary, basic fabric is edged. Further you may act in several ways. The first one: sew a satin ribbon to the both sides of fabric (it is done only for making it beautiful from the both sides – inside and outside). Ribbons are attached at same level, that is why they have to be pinned on fabric beforehand.

Ribbon can be sewed along the middle line of fabric or a little higher – the garter style depends on it. In the picture elastic webbing was put inside during the sewing of ribbon, but we do not recommend it. Elastic webbing is put inside and temporarily pinned only when the ribbons are already attached. Extra elastic webbing is cut and the garter is finished only after the try-on.

The second way: first you have to independently sew so-called ribbon tube, having folded it lengthwise into halves. Then with the help of a pin turn it inside out. Pin the tube to the fabric in the right place. Sue the tube to the basis by its sides, let the tube stay hollow.

Place elastic webbing inside the tube and tuck the ribbon. Both edges of the elastic webbing have to be outside the tube. Now you can try the garter on, pin it in the place, where it will be sewed. Apply elastic ribbon and cut the unnecessary ends. After all, the whole garter is done and decorated.
The third option: take any non-transparent fabric and make so-called tube, put elastic webbing inside and pull it out

from both sides. Try it on, sew and cut unused elastic webbing. Connect both edges of the tube. After that, you may add various lace flounce and different trifles, making the garter multilayered, or just leave it narrow.
Juicy garters for a bride:

Dear brides, stay creative and be different even wearing a garter!