In this article I would like to tell about bride`s preparation for a wedding day, about the beautiful morning to be exact. Each bride wants to have a perfect wedding day. And it begins with a morning. But not all brides think about the details, which results in missing of some important points.

Wedding day`s morning is charming and touching part of a big day. It is a wonderful opportunity for photographer to show a bride in a cozy and tender atmosphere, make beautiful sentimental portraits, to depict all the details and show this atmosphere of expectation and for pleasure. So, the beautiful wedding morning: photographer`s version.

Bride`s image

First of all, let’s understand what a wedding morning begins with. Of course, with a bride! Think over the image. What would you wear before putting on your stunning wedding dress? It could be a light dressing gown of delicate colours or a loose fitting dress which could be easily taken off. If you want to be photographed in boudoir style, think about gorgeous comfortable and fitting underwear, which will look good at your photos.

Wedding Photography tips


The image is clear? Great! Now let`s think over the details. Prepare your wedding dress: it could be hanged on some unusual hanger. Take your jewelry and accessories for the dress out. If you have pretty perfume bottles, you should use them. Your wedding photographer will definitely want to take their detailed shots. Pictures of several details will laconically complete collection of wedding morning`s photos.

Now it`s time to talk about the room where bride`s preparation will take place. Which it should be like?


The first, which drives my attention on the spot, is a light. Weather it is room in hotel or private apartment — correct light is the most important for photo session! So try to conduct important preparations in bright room with natural daylight lighting. Exclude all sources of artificial lighting if possible. Straight natural light suits both for taking photos and applying make-up. Bride and make-up designer should sit near a window.


The last, but not least is the room, which is chosen for preparation. Interior also plays important role, so it is necessary to prepare the room in advance. Take away as more things which are not suiting for the atmosphere as possible, hide all spare things which could be caught by the camera or could attract unwanted attention.

If you consider your apartment to be too small, dark and don`t suitable for photographing, or if you have renovation process, you can rent a number in hotel. Now it is a common practice.

Anyway, it is absolutely your decision where to conduct your preparations. But you should certainly discuss this part of your wedding day with your photographer and tell him about your wishes.