Amazing time of wedding planning has started. In this article there are lots of useful advices to make the celebration unforgettable for you, your family and friends. The main advice is to plan everything in advance, and then there will be no reason to be disappointed that the most important day isn’t like one you have in mind.

6 month before wedding

Be organized

During the preparation one has to keep in mind so many details. In order not to forget anything, it will be useful to keep track of all the expenses and events by means of planning tools. Their range is quite diverse, so everyone can choose the best for him.

If there is no time or desire to develop modern electronic organizers’ skills, Excel or a notebook are always an optimum alternative. The idea is to write down all the notes, including addresses and phone numbers of wedding assistances, partner and services. What is more, one may get a folder where the contracts and receipts of advance payment will be kept.


Fall, winter, spring, summer – all the seasons are beautiful in their own way, so it really doesn’t matter which one a couple chooses to settle a date for their X-day. So one just has to choose a month and date by preference. Also, it would be a good thing to opt another date. It may come in handy in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

5 month before wedding


While planning the special day there may unexpected and unplanned expenditures emerge. To avoid this, one would rather set a budget and stick to it trying not to go beyond the designated amount. It’s better to adjust and place a priority on more important expenses for particular newly-weds-to-be: whether it’s a beautiful wedding procession, a large number of guests, or all sorts of entertainment. When the decision is taken over this issue, it will be easier to calculate the price for certain services. This is the essential expenditure estimate:

  • Bride and groom’s attires including veil, underwear, shoes, shirt, etc;
  • Bride’s haircut, manicure, pedicure, make-up;
  • Wedding photographer;
  • Bridal bouquet, boutonniere;
  • Drinks and snacks for a walk;
  • Cortege;
  • Banquet (restaurant, guests invitations, decorations, food, beverages, toastmaster, music, entertainment);
  • Honey moon.

Wedding theme

Celebration style is largely dependent on the expenses, guests quantity, date. In any case, whatever the idea bride and groom choose, it should reflect their own preferences.

It is important to note that having come up with event topic, all the minor details should be related. It goes for decoration, invitations, attires, etc. The most popular options are country style, retro, disco, oriental, vintage, classic romance, seaside celebration and many others mentioned in our article.


As the theme is defined, time to look through wedding dresses’ catalogs comes. One finds all the details and peculiarities about trends, modish colors, designs there. If necessary, bride and groom may take some gym time to look breathtaking at a holiday. While picking a dress, consider not just the theme, but also the season, weather conditions, the place of celebration and, of course, the budget.

Best man and bridesmaid

There is no need to mention that a party is an irreplaceable part a wedding. Best man and bridesmaid help during preparation, cheer guests. All in all they are responsible for dealing with all the minor problems, so the newly-weds won’t be involved in organizational issues at the celebration itself. For this reason, it’s significant to pick right people for these roles. Taking into account duties a wedding party has to perform, it is desirable that it has organizational skills, good sense of humor and able to solve any problem.

4 month before wedding

Place of celebration

While choosing a restaurant one should take into account its location, exterior, interior, distance for the majority of guests, their number and of course prices. It would be great if the place for a banquet is in the wedding theme. If not, that can be easily handled by decorating it. Some way or other, one has to use various knick-knacks that reflect the event’s style. Therefore, granting a couple gets to work thoughtfully and creatively, eventually a place will look magnificent.

Arranging services

Many professional photographers, hairdressers, make-up artists often have orders for several months ahead. So one shouldn’t miss a moment, but make the required services in time. What is more, hairdo and make up, not mentioning the photo shoot, are better to be well discussed in advance. Another good idea is to store all the advance payment receipts.

2 month before wedding

Planning honeymoon

Honeymoon will probably be such a relief after the wedding hustle, so it’s better to spend some time choosing the right place to go. After picking a route, a couple has to purchase tickets at an affordable price. Also, Mr. and Mrs.-to-be can ask friends who may be able to recommend a good travel agency and the resorts they have visited.

Wedding invitations

In case bride or groom or their friends have creative skills, why not making original invitations in the wedding style? If it’s not an option, then one may order them in a design studio or print shop; trust this to professionals. When invitations are ready, send them in a month or two before the celebration.

1 month before wedding


Probably everyone desires to have an incredible wedding, and the main condition for it is a pleasant and cheerful atmosphere. Not only newly-weds are to have nice time, but also their guests. So, let’s think of the ideas that will make a celebration memorable.

First of all, various games and contests are the best way to entertain a company. So, one should decide which will be appropriate for this particular wedding. Another idea is good music. It’s worthy to point out that the songs are better be of different genres, like disco, pop, classic, romantic, so all people may have an ability to dance to the compositions they like.

Purchase time

Not much time left for the X-day, so one should consider wedding shopping. Everything that has already been chosen must be bought. The following items are in this list: wedding rings, shoes and accessories for bride and groom, the outfits.

Also bride may need to buy cosmetics and perfumes, decorations for cortege and restaurant, drinks, snacks, champagne and wine glasses for a walk, props for a photo shoot, everything needed for a honeymoon, etc.

Tips for a bride

A good advice for a bride is to visit beautician, hairdresser and stylist beforehand to put in order hair and skin. Also, it’s preferable to show a wedding dress and all the necessary accessories to professionals, so it will be easier for them to decide on the hairstyle and make-up. If one wishes a wedding dress sets off her tan, she may start to visit a solarium.

Hope these notes will come in useful while preparing for so long-awaited day. Try to be calm and organized and as far as feasible enjoy the wedding arrangement.