If you are invited to a wedding, two questions stand in front of you: what to present, and what to put on. Choosing a gift is simpler – all wedding gifts are rather universal and don’t depend neither on weather nor on a season or the concept of a wedding. Choosing an outfit is trickier task.

It is necessary to consider some factors: a season, weather, time and place of a celebration, and also style of a wedding (if it is). It is necessary to take into account and your relations to groom and bride.

For example, if you are bridesmaid or best man you should pay special attention to your outfit. Close relatives of future couple should be more elegant than other guests — it will reflect their special status in a wedding and will emphasize importance of a celebration for them.

Summer: tips for women

It is possible to put on a wedding a dress with a flower print. Such a dress will help you to create very fresh, light, romantic look. It is awesome choise especially if the wedding begins early.

Black dress could be put on only in the evening. In a summer darkens late if darkens at all. Therefore during summertime you should refuse black dress. Decide on something more cheerful and bright. The sole-coloured dress of flower or fruit colour: for example, orange, yellow, coral, lilac, pink, blue, cornflower-blue, lime, etc. will be a fine choice for a summer wedding, regardless of time of the day. Colour can be both bright and pastel.

As for length, there are no limits. It is possible to put on either short or a long dress if it is made of some light, “flying” fabric. If the fabric close, shorter length is more preferable.

Dresses with spangles, paillettes, pastes, etc. in summer look not so stunning as in other seasons. Sunshine makes dress sparkling — often it looks cheap and ridiculous. Anyway, sparkling dresses should better be left for evening events or night clubs.

If the wedding reception starts late enough, it is better to choose something light. Even in cool summer evening you shouldn’t put on a dress made of wool and closed shoes. It is possible to put on a light dress without sleeves and the barefoot person and if it gets chilling — to put over a dress a blazer.

What not to wear in summer:

• Heavy jewelry. It looks ridiculously in hot summer, especially with light dress.
• Knitted clothes. It will make you hot and uncomfortably very soon.
• Even if it is very hot, it isn’t necessary to be too undressed. Naked stomach on a wedding is inappropriate, as well as too deep décolleté.
• If the wedding will take place open-air, think — whether the capful of wind will lift your skirt? Even if you the fan of Marilyn Monroe, you shouldn’t pose at a wedding with the lifted skirt precisely.

Summer: tips for men

If the wedding starts early enough and it will be hot outside, you aren’t obliged to dress a suit at all. Trousers and a shirt with short sleeve — good choice in casual style.

If the wedding takes place in the evening in restaurant, it is worthy giving preference to a suit. In hot time light suit looks good. A vest in the summer — an optional element.

What to wear in other seasons

If your participation in wedding reception event begins in the afternoon, you should refuse black, brown and dark blue colours. It is desirable to choose something light or bright, not gloomy.

Refuse you casual and official dresses you wear for work in office or on shopping. Such dresses obviously aren`t suitable for wedding reception.

In the afternoon it is possible to put on a wedding a suit — a jacket with a skirt or a dress with a jacket. The suit should be light or bright, from good fabric. It can be glossy or opaque. The suit shouldn’t look formal.

Usually suits are worn by senior women. It is a good choice for mother and other adult relatives of groom and bride. However younger guests can wear suits too — it is against neither etiquette nor rules of style. A suit has a powerful advantage: in a suit is a little warmer that is very good for winter.

You can choose for a wedding set “skirt& blouse”. This option is good only in case you don’t look in it as if you gathering for work or in library.

Don’t wear long evening dresses in afternoon! You can put on a long dress in afternoon and if a dress is rather light. The solemn evening dress in the daylight looks ridiculously.

The best choice for the day — a cocktail dress!

You shouldn’t put on dresses or suits with spangles if the wedding begins during daylight hours.

The dress choice for evening wedding depends on a degree of its formality. If the wedding is very solemn and a banquet place is “pathos”, the dress has to correspond. The long evening dress will be the best choice. It is possible to put on long gloves and even a fur cape if you like. High-heel shoes – must-wear. It is possible to wear accessories like bright jewelry, magnificent clutch decorated with an embroidery, paillettes, pastes, etc.

If the wedding is simple, without special delicacy, it is worth giving preference to more reserved dress. It can be both short (cocktail), and a long dress. For evening the classical small black dress will become a good choice.

Tips for men:

If your reception begins in the afternoon, don’t put on a tuxedo. According to etiquette tuxedos should be worn only after 5 p.m. If there is an opportunity to change clothes, it is better to be present in so-called “morning suit”, and in the evening — in a tuxedo.

It is possible to put on a shirt with trousers and a tie in afternoon, without suit coat. Remember that the shirt with a short sleeve isn’t worn with a tie!

According to etiquette, black ties to black suits are worn only in special cases — funerals, or some official events. If you have a black suit, pick up a tie of other colour. It will make your look more elegant.
“Nots” for wedding.

1. White clothes. You shouldn’t compete with a bride.
2. Jeans. You shouldn’t look as if you happen in a wedding by a chance.
3. Night-club outfit. No comments.