It isn’t worth explaining importance of such event as a wedding to every person. Everyone likes to transform own wedding into true magic fairy-tale. This great event has several significant steps which claim particular attention from a couple. Nowadays many agencies are appearing.

It is very popular today is to use wedding catering services. Indeed, such facilities create certain aspect of wedding unforgettable, uncommon, and dispense of the occasion from unnecessary botheration. Therefore it is the main reason for hiring a special agent.

After all, bridal guests often remember the bride’s dress, original decorations and peculiar food. Menu for the reception should have a spark, which hardly keeps anybody indifferent. The very wedding food catering can help you to choose such elements and surely these experts select menu with taking into account your wishes and palates of your guests. If you decided to hire a wedding manager, you should follow these tips:

1. Count your guests attentively.

2. Determine the style of your wedding.

3. Choose the place for wedding.

4. Define every step of your wedding.

5. Choose appropriate decorations.

6. Think over wedding symbolism in every detail.

7. Reason out every moment, every step of wedding.

8. Hold your peace even if something goes wrong.

Let’s consider hiring a wedding caterer in details now. The right choice of such reception menu is one of the most significant details. Please remember about the wedding place. Exactly wedding catering services can combine home environment with restaurant charm.

One can manage the wedding in own house, if it’s a mansion or in a beautiful roomy apartment. You don’t have to cook a lot and worry about serving the table using such services. Professional wedding caterer takes care of any problem instead of you.

A bride shall be as a queen during her own wedding, she ought not to worry about details. The most romantic option would be is the wedding dinner on the ship’s board, I suppose. Surely you calculate another factors, for example, state of your guests’ health. A wedding ceremony is often conducted near a sea. Some couples arrange their wedding dinner in restaurant at the seaside.

A wedding caterer always helps you to choose the most romantic place and the most suitable dinner menu. If you have own special event food ideas, propose them without hesitation. Every your wish shouldn’t be leaved without attention. You may heed every detail and the following tips help you.

9. Arrange catering prices and gratuity percentage, all services.

10. Offer your own menu or give several recommendations.

11. Choose and coordinate types of such services: you may book on-site (in splendid restaurant or in your house) or off-premise caterers (at nature) and some options (buffet, sit-down dinner, food stations or hors d’oeuvres).

12. When you define your wedding schedule and place for celebration, one can choose any options easily.

13. When you choose the wedding place, remember all pleasant moments connecting with your darling. Maybe you prefer the place, where you enjoyed some sweet minutes of your life.

14. The most popular place for wedding nowadays is nature: at the sea-side, in the forest, in summer cottage. Fresh air and picturesque landscapes are ideal for the most significant event in your life.

15. One of The most romantic places for such celebration is a board of ship or airplane. It is the most exciting and unforgettable adventure for couple.

16. If you chose an open-air place, you might be delighted of moon dancing, fascinating scenery and magnificent fireworks.

17. Check every detail several times with your caterer.

Any menu for wedding includes certain points, such as beverages, snacks, main course and wedding cake. Today this list is simpler, and you can manage the table without complicated dishes. You may order original cakes or biscuits, light salads or other modern meals.

The main feature of unique wedding banquet is uncommon dishes for food and drinks. Let’s stop in beverages. They are very important in any celebration. You should choose different types of drinks: simple, such as water, juice, classic alcohol beverages, for example, champagne, wine, cognac etc. and vary them by more complex, such as wedding cocktails.

Choosing cocktails you may use all your fantasy and our tips from another article. These bright beautiful and uncommon drinks can be pleasant decorations of your wedding. You may advise your caterer to place beverages in unusual order, for example in form of flower or something else.

This idea helps to decorate the table in very peculiar way. The notes below will help you to choose wedding drinks fast and review certain questions connecting with it with your assistant:

18. Choose the beverages according to the tastes of your guests.

19. Try to surprise your guests with amazing ideas.

20. Wedding drinks can be chosen as decorations.

21. Every drink should be chosen according to wedding steps. One should use lighter alcoholic beverages at the beginning of a wedding and then more stronger at the banquet itself.

22. Think over wedding drinks symbolism. It will help you to make wedding extraordinary. Certain ingredients in beverages can represent a symbol of family happiness, for example.

23. There’s no need to be afraid of using cocktail bars at on your wedding. It makes any celebration fresh and charming.

24. Also, you can treat with hot drinks (based on coffee and tea). If they are served in traditional style of certain nations (Turkish, Tatar, Chinese, Indian), it will be amazing and very uncommon.

25. If you met in restaurant with a special cookery, you may use traditional elements. It wakes up pleasant recollections and closes guests to you.

26. Use unusual-formed decanters for non-alcoholic drinks, such as water, juice, lemonade or other.

27. The main feature of wedding catering menu is uncommon and peculiar serving and decorations of drinks and food.

28. Please remember to talk over the types of glasses for any beverages.

The next important question is food for unforgettable day. As mentioned above every drink and meal must have uncommon appearance. They had to surprise and inspire your guests. The following tips will help you to choose unusual, original and delicious food for your event:

29. Initially share your menu ideas with a caterer.

30. It is a great opportunity to try exotic food which one only dreams to try.

31. Everybody can create a wedding in national traditional style or organize several food stations with different dishes from several countries. Using various cuisines of the world you can manage particular tour around culinary masterpieces of Italian, French, Japanese, Chinese, English or any other cuisine in the only one day.

32. One may find new forms of feast. The brides can sit not only at the head of the table. They can sit on any place of the table. The couple may sit at the individual table. Best men may sit at another table.

33. Food can be multifarious. One may choose exotic and habitual dishes. You can lay several different tables with various foods, for example, Japanese table, Italian table, Seafood’s table etc.

34. A couple can organize their wedding as a coffee-break or a barbeque, or a cocktail party.

35. Marine style is very uncommon. You can select menu with seafood and decorate everything in marine topic. You can choose certain elements of nature too. For example, if fire is your inspirer, you may prepare food at fire.

36. If you adore the ancient or medieval history, implement the wedding in these styles. Using wedding mastermind you can manage everything without outlay of the energy.

37. You can choose menu from introduced variants or advise some of your favorite dishes.

38. Every dish can be a symbol of your feelings.

The last but not the least significant wedding detail is decoration. Wedding catering services help you to adorn every trinket. You can use your fantasy and any romantic images of your dreams for decorating. The following tips prompt to some moments.

39. Please don’t forget to ask a caterer about adorning the table with linen. Brides often prefer the tablecloth with the same colour their dresses or pick another favourite colour. Couples can utilize the symbolism of colours too and serve several tables with different linens. Let the nature is your inspiration for unexpected ideas of serving a festive board. Take calm colours. Napkins may be in contrast with selected table-cloth.

40. Adorning the table by napkins can surprise even very experienced guest. It has great number of exclusively original variations. One may ask a wedding assistant for laying the table with napkins folded in the form of flowers or something else. Such table appointments for glasses and plates are very pleasant for guests’ eyes and surprise in exceptional way.

41. Everybody knows that candles can create the most romantic atmosphere. If you pick beautiful antique or modern glassy candlesticks or candelabrums with patterns or in the form of animals, you will make splendid unforgettable celebration. Candlesticks can be in the form of flowers or medieval luminaire too, which add solemnity to wedding and become particular spark for your holiday.

42. One may use decorative figures for adorning the table and the place, where it’s decided to carry out a celebration. Luminaires or figured talismans may save your wedding and future family life from hex and another harmful influence.

43. Decorate everything with natural flowers. It makes the atmosphere fresher and lighter, adds faint notes of tenderness and luxury.

44. Could you not hesitate to experiment with decorations? Pick flowers in serving meals and beverages. Add modern methods of beautifying your wedding.

45. If you had chosen certain style of the celebration, you might have thought over the clothes of waiters. One can prefer traditional garments or offer something else. If you wish to create an atmosphere of certain country, the service staff might be dressed in national clothes.

46. Choose different plates and dishes. It isn’t necessary to use only one set. One can experiment with different styles of serving the table.

47. Try to set up the dishes in unusual way. For example, waiters can serve the plates so they form certain figure or wedding symbol. The furniture can be stood in such way too.

48. Using wedding catering services is a magic method to obtain to the country of your dream. After all, you can feel all coloring of national cookery and traditions.

Summarizing all aforesaid advises the following: there’s no need to be afraid to experiment and pay attention to details. A wedding caterer is the most appropriate helpmate in management of such family celebration as a wedding.