Engagement time is the most romantic moment in any couple’s life. It is the beginning of the most significant step of every person. Such event is important, but it doesn’t celebrate overall. Several countries don’t consider that this event is worth to commemorate, because the next holiday is wedding and it demands much charge and energy.

Formerly the spectacular balls were arranged on the occasion of betrothal. After such proposal the groom didn’t have rights to cancel the future wedding, and if it happened, he should pay very large sum of money as penalty. It was very difficult for any family. Nowadays affiance party is more formality and beautiful tradition than splendid solemnity. It is the first pace before the most meaningful holiday for future relationships. In other words it is the move before wedding; therefore it isn’t necessary to bring very expensive gifts.

Engagement gifts from friends

These surprises may represent symbols of attention and love. As D. Walcott mention: “Every present even the smallest will become the great, if you hand in it with love”. If you are the guest of some engagement party, it isn’t worth to bring valuable cadeau, because the main celebration is yet to come; so great accounts are unnecessary.

Engagement party gifts may be divided into the following categories:

  1. Those which are the signs of true love and light happiness with sincere wishes of mutual understanding (certain statues, photo frames, candlesticks etc.);
  2. Things which help the couple to manage their future wedding (magazines or calendars with best dates for marriage notes, books with tips for preparing the celebration);
  3. Some small items for helping in house holding or decorating family nest (pictures, vases, flowers in the pots, kettles, tea pots and something else);
  4. Verbal wishes in uncommon card, handwork, for example; you may write yourself magnificent poem about sincere love;
  5. Hand-made gifts which can bring gladness and pleasure to his owners (they can be different things that newly wedded like).

The most important people for couple are usually invited to their engagement party to share happiness: parents and the best friends. They know one another indifferently well so they can manage shower gift which cause joy to the couple itself.

The main rule for these units is that they should be requisite. The most significant rule is the following: these gifts have to be necessarily from the heart. These are symbols of attention and true love and friendship.

Several tips for parents

Sometimes a couple fixes beforehand that gifts are not required. However if you wish to make a present, it might be brought, especially if a bride or a groom is your best friend and if the connection continues for a long time bringing great number of bright and unforgettable moments. Parents may grab some gifts too. The best will be:

  1. Heirloom things, which are underlined the importance of the event and new member of family;
  2. Accommodations for wedding night or honey moon, etc.;
  3. Tickets for some group tour or romantic impression, such as dinner with candles on the roof, or some extreme which promotes brides and grooms to feel stronger their love;
  4. Bedclothes adorned with symbolic ornament, which save the couple from quarrels in family life;
  5. Dinner service or tea set, which warm newlyweds in cold evenings;
  6. Romantic collection of candles or unusual bed-lamps;
  7. Photo collage or picture in scrapbooking or different style. This present can create every invitee. Every moment of life together and any every meeting may be embodied here.

If you know the couple well, the right idea will come up easily. The main rule in this case is listening to your heart and using fantasy. They can certainly suggest the best idea.

Engagement Party Gifts made by grooms

Traditionally fiancées doesn’t bring gifts for her groom, but it isn’t something one must do. She may present family heirloom or anything which her darling likes, for example, watches, cufflinks, notebook or something significant for half. It’s so romantic to recite own poem in honor of love. Several lines or sms in poetic form designed as the book with creativities will leave nobody indifferent.

As for groom, his gift is a very meaningful symbol of eternal love and purity of feelings. Mostly “knights” in love with their “princesses” bring them a ring. This tradition has ancient origin. Nowadays fiancé can allow making another gift, of course if their fiancée likes it. The most popular presents except rings are (although you may combine such pleasant surprises):

  1. Jewelries (bracelets or necklaces, for example), in general – that decoration which the half wishes;
  2. Ticket for trip, concert or any other romantic event;
  3. Poem for the only charming beauty who stole groom’s heart;
  4. Note “I love you” on a road by flowers, candles or something else;
  5. Serenade or song on a radio or TV;
  6. Any pleasant surprise which she likes;
  7. Fireworks near the picturesque fountain or on the bridge of beloved;
  8. Trip to the sea or the river, being at nature with the fire;
  9. Bouquet of balloons or favourite flowers;
  10. Trip aboard with romantic music;
  11. Romantic dinner with candles or another impression which remained in her heart for the whole life;
  12. Flying lanterns as your symbol of true love and sincere hopes.

Surely this list can be continued according to your personal fantasy and feelings.

Multitudinous variety of engagement rings.

It is worth to go back to our rings now. Engagement rings are different from wedding ones. There are more multifarious and they always have a stone. In ideal situation this stone is a brilliant, but it isn’t the compulsory rule. If your darling likes another gem, you may buy it.

The groom may follow horoscope or his honey’s tastes. Every jewel however has own properties which can help to choose the best variant of such romantic gift. For example, garnet is the gem of true love and the person, who presented it to the girl, will certainly remain in her heart.

If your dear one likes sea-trips, aquamarine will be perfect talisman for her. Tourmaline matches for creative persons, it promotes desire of invention. Meaning of the ring isn’t the only thing that should be considered but the form of the jewelry. There are many magnificent and distinguished forms symbolizing infinity of the marriage bonds. Popular stones are topaz, zirconium, amethyst and sapphire.

Engagement rings were compound and refined in Medieval ages. Any sort of them may have additional sense. That time the ring Fede was very fashionable in Italy. It looks as two united hands and was symbol of trust and faith. The perfect variant to affiance rings was Gimmel Ring, twin rings and joint ones. They represented puzzles and could transform in the wedding day.

The queen Victoria introduced Snake rings which served as the symbol of true eternal love. Gems in romantic style of “you and me” considered a couple. Precious stones may differ. Sometimes jewels are signs of past, present and future. Very popular form of such rings is a symbol of infinity. Different symbols can be engraved on the ring: two doves, certain flowers or phrases which are very meaningful for couple. You may order the ring alike the Middle Ages’ if your bride likes it. Those times were always regarded as romantic ones.

One more important aspect is it’s metal. Precious ones match for this event: gold, silver, platinum. The most popular is the first, but everything depends on the bride’s favour. Engagement rings often go together with the wedding one or brides can wear it on special celebrations.

Presenting the ring has some difficulties. If you don’t know the size may take usual ring from the half and circle it on the paper. Everyone will be helped in the shop. Another method is to go to the store together.

Try to present such magic gift in the most romantic atmosphere. Surely it is not that easy to make such important proposal sincerely in the perfect way, but this moment can be remaining in your memory for many years. It can comfort and warm up in uphill situations and make your relationships strong and happy.

If the ring is heirloom, this fact helps underline the importance of the cadeau and seriousness of your intentions. Surely not all dear people have such treasures, however everyone can find appropriate ring for the sweetheart. Any surprise from beloved person is unique and desired, and the cost isn’t important. The most significant are the feelings and wish to do everything the best for your half.

The main thing is the present by heart

In conclusion it’s not redundant to mark once more time that the most meaningful in choosing engagement party gifts is your imagination and love. They help to choose the best variant from the heart. Remember that the essentials are not the price of the fairing but particle of a soul and emotions which you wish to surprise for couple or for darling.

According to T. Fuller: “The gift presenting with the smile is precious in double measure,” so give the souvenirs with sincere smile and kind feelings so it brings much pleasure and gladness for everyone. People say that “Good gift warms your soul.” All will be happy with presents from the heart. Sometimes your attention is the best.