Though, nowadays no one is astonished by a gangster style wedding, it is still rather popular. There are a few reasons: first of all, people have always been interested in carnivals and fancy-dress parties. Secondly, this style nuptial cortege always looks extraordinary, and retro-style vehicles will never get lost in the city streets. Any theme party scenario can be organized in the most exciting way.

Theme weddings are meant to have particular approach to Jack and Jill`s and their guests` attire, cortege adornment, invitations design, entertaining show and the like.

Gangster weddings are supposed to create the atmosphere of Chicago in the 20-ies– 30-ies of the previous century. Although it is not just a retro party, because it is necessary that one should recreate not only the main traits of the epoch, but also the life facts of a certain group of criminal people.


Any kind of premises can be chosen for this party: restaurant, night club, country house patio. It is strongly recommended to have enough vacant space to play active games. If the weather is warm you have a splendid opportunity to organize an “Chicago” open-air, what is rather customary for the USA. Luckily, furniture and pavilions rental is not a deep problem today.

What should you start with? First and foremost, one should ponder over the associations, which can be evoked, when you talk about gangsters. Of course, one might think of eye-catching suits and dresses, first class cars (retro-car in this case), cigars, whisky, weapon, casino, poker, cabaret show, money…


  1. Cortege has to consist of retromobiles. However it can also always be a limousine. Vehicle decoration is usual – ribbons and flowers.
  2. Suits. Bride wearing a ball dress with a hoop skirt will hardly blend with atmosphere. She should better look for a dress of 20-ies – 30-ies style. Short bridal gown will also be suitable. Groom will look excellent in a striped suit and hat; the latter can be worn only at the banquette. Men of honor and friends should also come dressed in the same style.
  • Invitations. If invitations also have relevant layout, guests will beforehand realize, the party will be unusual and distinguishing. Cards often look like a faded newspaper, movie poster or Cabaret show ticket. However, one can create regular invitations, but time style attributes like namely dollars, playing cards, pistol etc., are a must.
  • If you believe that traditional bridal decoration with balloons, fabric and posters is inappropriate at gangster style wedding, you are mistaken. Indeed, these adornment elements could and should be present at the nuptial. The most important thing is to be creative while adorning the party hall.
  • Banquette venue decoration. It would be better if you come to a decision with the main color of a wedding. The most appropriate palette for “old Chicago” wedding is the combination of white, black and red. Firstly, these are the colors of cabaret and playing cards. Secondly, these were the main colors of the restaurants in America of 20-ies – 30-ies. Furthermore, most of us associate that epoch with black and white movies that is why predominance of black and white colors will definitely let everybody deep in the special atmosphere.
  • Accordingly, décor elements should also be of the same tints. Mixtures and different shapes of these tree colors will look gorgeous. Special balloon shapes, which send us to the old times is rather a good idea. These can possibly be balloon statues in the form of weapon, automobiles, and half-boots and so on and so forth.

    We won`t also do without flowers. While ordering flower decorations, choose mostly red tints. It is desirable to purchase roses. Mobsters were in love with luxurious life and used to load beloved women with a million of roses!

    Recreation of cabaret entourage at Chicago style wedding could be embodied by fabric decoration. Red and golden drapery will ideally rise to this role.

    Laughing photoshoot with newly-weds, close family members and friends can be done beforehand. Afterwards, comic posters with cool inscriptions can be made. Such posters can be created in “Wanted” style notice (photo of a wanted person and his\her funny distinctive features and a sum of remuneration, of course) or faded newspaper announcing about future party, bride stealing and the like.

    Extra decorative components: enormous dice and huge playing cards (inflatable or made of paper), beautiful bouquets made of artificial dollars on the tables, paper dollar-napkins, peacock`s feathers in vases (women in 30-ies loved to beautify themselves and their houses with feathers).

    Pay additional attention to illumination. Let the lighting be soft and dimmable. Twilight will be ideal if you have an evening party.
    Furniture disposal. Placing one big table is not very good. Every 4-6 guests should be seated around separate tables. Don`t forget about seating cards.

    Background music

    In the midst of wedding any kind of music, even pop-music, is acceptable. However, at the beginning of the party, when guests will be in the process of plunging into the atmosphere, switch jazz, blues, boogie-woogie or tango on. Live music is preferable.

    Gifts for guests

    You can order candy boxes in the shape of dice. Not only dragees, sweets and nuts can be put inside, but also a mini pack of cards or tiny decorative bullets. If you plan a gangster party, stick to the topic in every single detail, including prizes for participation in contests, in photographs and shape of a cake.

    We hardly doubt that every guest will be able to comply with the dress code. You have to foresee such situation and buy additional hats, bow-ties for men and gloves, necklets and beads for women. Let you guests pick up the item they prefer on their own near the entrance of the banquette hall.

    Place separate tables for cigars, poker or roulette. Ask people about their associations concerning Chicago gangsters. More than likely, you`ll find out several interesting and distinguished ideas for your wedding decoration. By the by, don`t forget about fireworks at the end of the party.

    Read our article “Chicago style party: games and contests” and you will learn about games, contests and other entertainments which can be organized during the wedding or other party in gangster style.