Those who want to organize a thematic wedding should learn about Italian wedding traditions. Creative approach allows organizing a celebration which would be different from the classical type. As in many other countries, in Italy everything starts with an offer of marriage.








Engagement in the Italian style

Italian wedding is preceded by match-making, and while in most countries of the world the man traditionally asks father for daughter’s hand in marriage, in Italy he asks mother for his sweetheart`s hand.

When consent is obtained, one needs matchmakers, because arrangement of the engagement belongs to matchmakers` responsibility. This event is quite lush and takes place in the fiancée`s house. Despite the fact that engagement is clearly assumes future wedding, it is forbidden for sweethearts to stay face to face. Also it is forbidden for a fiancée to visit the house of her future husband until the wedding.

The history of Italian marriage

Wedding in Italia inherent conservatism. Just a little less than a century ago, the citizens now have got the right to divorce, which the Church still does not approve today. In the 19th century and until the middle of the 20th century divorce in the country was prohibited.

At best it was possible to get right for so-called “separation” then remarry. Equal importance was given to dowry. Its quantity and quality were set by the laws of the late 18th century, so that ladies, is not burdened property, the marriage was problematic.

Celebration tradition

  • Creating a wedding album is of particular importance for every couple, but the Italians are characterized by excessive demonstrativeness and artistry. Much attention is paid to wedding photos and in some cases positions of newlyweds are so immodest, that they cause condemnation of the Church. Perhaps, Italian temper leads to this, but classical photos like “a group photo of all participants of the wedding” are barely seen in their albums. They strive to capture life in all of its aspects, involving artificial light and air flow, due to make bride`s hair fly on the wind and make the photos look attractive.
  • The most popular seasons for weddings in Italy – the end of summer and beginning of autumn. Marriage on Sunday is a good sign; this day promises newlyweds happy life together. Italian groom departing for the wedding should have a piece of iron in a pocket. It protects from evil spirits.
  • Italian bride protected from the evil eye by a veil. It is also believed that the only jewellery bride can wear in the wedding day is an engagement ring.
  • The first threshold of the Church transcends a bride; it shows her submissiveness to her future husband.
  • Gifts in cash collected in special satin bag, which a bride keeps throughout the celebration.

Specifics of organization

The procedure of marriage is carried out in the municipality; however church plays a special role in the wedding. There are certain obstacles: no marriages for persons fewer than 21 years, previously married, as well as non-Catholics allowed.

The wedding procedure requires some training. For this purpose couple attends to special classes held every few months, so the wedding day should be planned in advance.

Wedding suits

A bride in white – the traditional wedding image in Italy. Conservatism does not allow red or black wedding dresses, which are so popular nowadays. Of course, there are brides in all the outfits, but the vast majority prefers traditional dresses.

A groom wears black or white tuxedo.

Bridesmaids should be dressed in similar dresses, usually in cream or pastel shades. If it is too expensive to sew gowns, it is desirable at least to pick up clothes in a single tone and style. Little children, dressed in ceremonial outfits and carrying bride`s train or giving rings will make the atmosphere of a ceremony charming.

Festive treats

Special Italian wedding dish is, of course, pasta. Components can vary from traditional seafood to chicken, but without this dish wedding is simply impossible. The table can be decorated with a variety of cheeses with numerous spices. Italian cuisine is spicy and tart. The best alcohol accompaniment to cheeses is appropriate wine, especially because for each kind of cheese fits special type of wine.