Tequila – famous, hard liquor, the symbol and pride of Mexico. This is the traditional drink of the Mexicans – they have been making and drinking it for more than 400 years. Tequila is produced from agave core. The beverage turns scalding and excitatory. This is not surprising, because the fortress of tequila can vary from 38% to 55%.

Tequila immediately excites and causes dizziness. Therefore, deciding to try this drink, you have to be careful: one should drink tequila with small sips, making a pause between them, so at the right time to feel the signs of intoxication and stopped.

Besides the fortress, tequila differs in price, which primarily depends on how many agaves are used in production of tequila. The most expensive tequila – one that is 100% made from the agave plant. Cheaper is tequila, including only 51% agave sugars.

Furthermore, the cost of tequila depends on its age. Tequila Blanco (silver) is bottled immediately after distillation, meaning it does not pass a long process. It is distinguished by natural transparent color. Tequila Blanco’s benefit is that it retains maximum agave flavor.

Tequila Joven (or Gold, Ogo) – also without long exposure. In this tequila different color – there are natural dyes added into it, those give the tequila a golden color.

Tequila Reposado is higher valued and more expensive, because it is kept in oak barrels from 2 to 12 months. This gives the drink special aroma. The best choice – tequila Anejo, which is kept in oak barrels from 1 to 10 years. It does not have to explicit agave fragrance, but special the amazing taste and aftertaste, and very high price.

Tequila, incidentally, for a long time, has been almost unknown outside Latin America. Europe got acquainted with tequila during and after the Olympic Games in Mexico City in 1968. Since then, the popularity of tequila outside Mexico has only been grown.

Over time, tequila has become popular in our country. Tequila is considered to be drunk not at home dinner, but incendiary feasts in bars, clubs, etc. Tequila can drink and at home parties, particularly the thematic (for example, the Mexican party) as well as on in special cases at reception of important guests. Drinking tequila is accompanied by special rituals, which make tequila a party-drink.

What kind of rituals are there and how to drink tequila correctly?

How to drink tequila like the Mexicans?

The Mexicans, by the way, drink tequila simply, without respect for special rituals. They just poured tequila in the kabalito – it the cylindrical wineglass, slender and tall, a depth of about 50-60 ml. Mexicans drink tequila in one gulp, biting that which is at hand. That’s the whole ritual.

Mexicans do not drink too cold tequila. Its temperature should be approximately roomed.

Still there is one tradition: Mexicans often wash down tequila by soft drink called Sangrita. How to make Sangrita for tequila? The basis of the famous Mexican drink “Sangrita” – tomato juice. It’s diluted with fruit juices (usually citrus), and pepper.

The prescription of sangrita: option 1

  • tomato juice – 2 portions
  • orange juice – 1 portions
  • lime juice or lemon – 0.5 portions
  • milled chili pepper – to your taste

All the ingredients are thoroughly mixed. Then put the drink in a cool place for cooling.

The prescription of sangrita: option 2

  • tomato juice – 1 portions
  • orange juice – 1 portions
  • salt, ground red and black pepper, Chili sauce and Tabasco – to your taste

All the ingredients are thoroughly mixed. Then put the drink in a cool place for cooling.

How to drink tequila with sangrita in the Mexican way?

Put in front two cylindrical wineglass, one filled with tequila, another – sangrita. Place a plate with slices of citrus fruit to taste: lemon, lime, orange, grapefruit, and others nearby. First you need to do a sip of sangrita, then one gulp drink tequila, again drink sagrita and biting a slice of fruit.

How to drink tequila: international method

It is a ritual with salt and lemon, about which the Mexicans learned from the Europeans. It is believed that this ritual drink was invented by marketers interested in increasing of tequila sales. As the saying goes, the more original way to drink beverage – so it is popular.

So the “international method” – it’s tequila with salt and lemon. The sequence is as follows: we pour tequila into a shot glass. Put nearby the salt shaker and a plate with slices of Lemon. The palm of one hand (in which it is more convenient to keep the glass) is pivoted the back of a hand, and removal of the thumb. On the hand, between the thumb and the index finger squeeze a few drops of lemon juice and smear. While a hand humid, pour a little salt on it – just a pinch.

Now, while free fingers are holding the lemon slices. Thumb and index finger of the same palm, take a glass of tequila, breathe out, lick off salt from the palm, drink one gulp and instantly, put a lemon in the mouth. Then you can exhale.

German way to drink tequila. This way of drinking tequila is not specifically German, but the Germans use it more often than the others. The process of drinking the same as in the previous method, but on the arm, spilling a pinch cinnamon, instead of salt. Moreover between the fingers clamped, not a lemon but orange. Instead of salt and lemon – cinnamon and orange. It is more mild and pleasant in taste option, which many women use.

The easiest way to use tequila. First you need to moisten the edges of shot glasses a lemon juice and spread salt. Then simply pour it into a glass of tequila. Put nearby a plate with lemon slices. Then, without any ritual, drink tequila, lick salt from the glass. This method of tippling tequila spectacular and pleasant to the taste.

Cocktails with tequila

Talking about how to drink tequila, one should mention about the cocktails with tequila. If you do not like the natural taste of tequila, you can always cook a cocktail with it. The most famous cocktail with tequila is called “Margarita”. This cocktail is prepared around the world. Give one of the “Margarita” recipes with tequila.

Cocktail “Margarita”


  • tequila – 35 ml
  • liqueur “Triple-sec” – 20 ml
  • lemon or lime juice – 15 ml

All components are poured in a shaker with ice and shaken. Prepare cocktail, bottle into the glasses. Before that, the upper edge of shot glasses for cocktail “Margarita” is moistened with water or lemon juice and smeared with salt. Cocktail “Margarita”, poured into a shot glass, and usually drinking without a wand. Salt on shot glasses makes the taste of the cocktail juicier.

Liquor “Triple-sec” can be replaced by any other liquor with flavor / aroma of orange – like Curacao, Cointreau, and others.

Cocktail “Bloody Mary”

This Mexican analogue of the world-famous cocktail “Bloody Mary”. The bartender says, that this cocktail with tequila has a refreshing and tonic properties, so it is fed in the morning those who are tormented by a hangover. In the evening also, this cocktail is very popular with those who like tomato taste.


  • tequila – 60 ml
  • tomato juice – 120 ml
  • lemon juice – 30 ml
  • sauce “Tabasco” – 2-3 drops
  • Worcestershire sauce – 2-3 drops
  • salt – a pinch
  • black pepper – a pinch
  • stalk of celery for decoration

Shaker is filled with ice and all the components, except the celery. Give it a good shake. Pour the cocktail into glasses with ice, insert in each glass a stalk of celery. Drink a cocktail through a straw.

Cocktail “Tequila Boom”

The easiest to prepare cocktail, capable quickly cause strong intoxication. Be careful!


  • tequila – 1 portion
  • any carbonated drink (lemonade, Sprite and other) – 2-3 portions

Pour it directly into the glass with the bottom of a large, lightly mix. Then, shut glass with hand, lifting it over the table and quickly put it down, hitting the bottom of the table. This time, the cocktail must “boil.”

You can mix the ingredients in a shaker and just pour into glasses, decorated with lemon slices.