During the ancient days, marriage was recognized as a legally sanctioned contract whereby both parties tend to play their role regarding helping each other. Traditionally, marriage has been viewed as the most important aspect hence preservation of morals and civilization is always governed.

Besides, the traditional principle approves that the institution of marriage is lead by the husband who has been given an obligation to support a wife thus she has the duty to serve him too. However, early 21st-century certain principles have changed hence leading to same-sex marriage. It has become the norm that same-sex wedding has been legalized in various countries such as Netherlands, Canada, Norway and South Africa too.

Same - sex wedding

Myths Related to Same-Sex Wedding Planning

As innovations are created every day, even the world tends to change; by telling you this I am preparing you for new and trending wedding plans, venue and photography of the same-sex wedding. Since you might have some misconception on what happens on these marvelous celebrations. So, what are some of the myths related to the same-sex wedding planning? The following are some of the facts of what happens as the same-sex wedding is planned:

  • Gender Roles: Gender role is also practiced in a same-sex wedding or relationship. For instance, in a gay wedding the bride wears a drag that symbolizes a one gender role. While in a lesbians wedding, the suit is worn by the ‘groom’ chosen.
  • Walking down the aisle: It has been the norm that in a same-sex wedding, Dads are always the one who escort the “groom” and “bride” to be. However, they can also choose to escort themselves.
  • Wedding planning is expensive: It has been actualized that planning a same-sex wedding is quite expensive than we thought. Both parties love to party and have fun hence inviting their closest friends.
  • Wedding ring: As you prepare to alter the words “I do” agree with your partner on who will be given the ring. Or will you take an oath first and accept a new chapter with your partner? Would you also like to differentiate the rings? At the end of it all, the answer is based on what you will agree upon. That said I think wearing different rings will represent a new alteration in your lives.
  • Selecting the bridal party: Feel free to invite all your friends and family regardless of gender and traditional beliefs. For instance, in a lesbian wedding you can choose to have two maids of honor or two best men hence calling it an “honor attendants” which represents a gender neutral name.
  • Making the actual pronouncement: I now pronounce you as wife and wife? The wording can get a little tricky when it comes at this point of making you officially married. While still planning for your wedding, discuss this with your officiator thus you can be pronounced as “partners for life.”

Besides, while still planning for your wedding decides on who will cater for all your bills? If you are both comfortable on footing the entire bills, then that will be an added advantage.

Same-sex Wedding Photography

It is very important to understand various aspects of same-sex wedding photography since they are quite different with others. In such cases, the photographer chosen should be strong enough to face the reality as it is. Community and other personalities will not uphold with the wedding photographer, but it is up to them to understand that it is a legal matter that only pertains to business on the long run. However, same-sex wedding photography appears to be the most beautiful, heartwarming and wonderful experience to watch.
By sharing your love openly in front of the lenses, will make you feel loved by the whole world. So, how do you interact or pose while being captured by your chosen wedding photographer? The question relies on what you love to do about the roles based on what feels more comfortable with your relationship. Even if one of you seems to be more feminine or masculine than the other, allow yourselves to choose your roles. That said you would be more confident to come up with the most beautiful and genuine images hence capturing your love flawlessly.

As a photographer, it is important to note that there will be different gender norms at the wedding venue. Interact with them positively by avoiding the word “gay” or “lesbian”. Be aware of terminologies like “wedding party” instead of using the “bridal party” name. Also, understand the newlyweds by communicating with them. By doing this, you will be able to understand if they like to display their affection publicly. For instance, you might choose to capture them in a remote area where they will be more comfortable hence preserving their best memories.
While taking a photo in public, be cautious on the community and relationship you have with them. For instance, you don’t want a scenario whereby a photographer is threatened and harassed leading to severe camera equipment damages.

Same Sex Wedding Venue

As you plan your wedding, the first thing to choose is the location, of where you are comfortable enough to tie your knots. However, there are various locations that are quite public, and also they don’t accept the same-sex weddings. While visiting different places, practice basic things like including formal language that everybody would be able to understand easily. Instead of asking the reception area that you want a “a gay wedding” or a “lesbian wedding” to be held in their venue, chose words like “same-sex wedding” or “LGBTQ wedding” that defines all same-sex couples. It might be difficult at first glance, but it will be worth it at the end.

While choosing a wedding venue, consider various things like a private place where you will be able to invite few guests. Also, due to family sensitivity issues such as other family members will disagree with your union, it is recommended to tell the chosen venue receptionist not to enclose your wedding so as to be sure that there will not be any media or disturbances on that graceful day.
Lastly, I feel this should go unsaid; while meeting with your family members, be kind and have a welcoming heart. They might tend to disagree with you at the moment but as time goes by they understand everything. By witnessing true love, they can be more consent and understand that love goes beyond gender roles. Besides, everybody is drawn to her partner by love and soul; and also by what is on the inside rather than by how your partner looks. By keeping the above statement in mind, you will be able to benefit in all your lifetime as married same-sex couples.