Lots of people believe the best time for the wedding is spring. Why do they think so? The answer is obvious: spring is the time of new life being born, likewise the origin of new family. This time of the year associates with first warm sunbeams, morning birds singing, lilac fragrance in the air and, of course, freshness and brightness. I suppose, these are the things you are looking for to remember your wedding by.

Advantages of a wedding in spring

In spring there is not so much rush and fuss as in summer; consequently it is easier to book the best restaurants, toast-master services, photographer, make-up artist, choose a wedding dress, etc. Costs of wedding services are lower than, for example, in summer or fall.

One more strong point is nature. What can be better scenery for the wedding photo shoots than trees in blossom? I believe you can find orchards in every town.

Nowadays more and more couples tend to choose specific wedding theme. It can make any celebration more personal, unique and unforgettable. Lots of things depend on a theme, like menu, flowers, invitations, attire, etc.

So, here are some brilliant ideas for spring wedding:

1. Wedding in a country style. Gold, lilac and cinnamon can be considered as good patterns for this type of wedding. Furthermore, decorations of the celebration with field flowers, little jars of jam and honey tied with nice ribbons usually look great. If you wish to make the day even more memorable, think of getting married near the actual barn or nice hut. The guests will be fascinated. You can also make your bouquet with wild flowers.

2. Orchard wedding. What can be better for romantic wedding than delicate pale flowers? With this aim in view you can pick up cherry tree, lilac, magnolia. One can put the branches of these trees in the vase on the tables. Try to decorate the whole place with them. It would be great to serve some dishes and cocktails which resemble these delicate flowers.

3. Outdoor ceremony. Such wedding demands serious preparations and in a long range can turn out to be expensive one. It takes to rent tables, chairs, tents etc. and pay to make all it set up. Nevertheless, it’s worth the price. Make sure, that the place you’ve picked up can house the number of guests you wish to invite. One better consider the decorations with birds, butterflies, flowers, light thin fabrics on the trees, balloons, etc.

4. Picnic wedding. For those who don’t like to spend much money on the wedding, yet who desire to make this day special and romantic, picnic wedding is a perfect option. You can easily use your imagination while planning picnic wedding. Take picnic blankets, wooden furniture, baskets with fruits and vegetables, some snacks. Still one shouldn’t get too much into the theme, it’s not just a picnic, it’s your wedding! That’s why you can number the blankets to give them elegant look. As the attire, one can choose short light dresses and sandals.

5. Retro wedding. There is no such thing as old staff. History repeats itself. Stay focused, try to keep every little aspect of your wedding in retro style. You can find various knickknacks in the vintage shops, attic and flea markets. They all must be in the chosen colour palette and style. Experiments are welcomed; one can combine old retro staff with modern one.

6. Fairy wedding. Many women started to plan their weddings while being little girls. When they believed in fairy tales and dreamt to live a life like Cinderella. That is why, wish to have fantastic fairy wedding is natural. You can think of your favourite fairy tale and focus on it while preparing for the special day. Best place probably will be outdoors: in the garden or on the backyard. As a decoration one may consider fairies, elves, glass or crystal shoes, castles and carriages.

7. Voyage wedding. Travelling is always entertaining and exciting. One can focus on a particular place or process of travelling itself. Again, you should stick to your theme while preparing invitations, picking up the place for the ceremony, decorating it and of course wedding attire. For instance, one may create invitations looking like tickets, serve dishes that are typical for the theme country.

8. If a celebration is just after the Easter, one can use bunny motives in the design and special food for the receprion.

9. Now, with the chosen theme in mind, one can start thinking about other details, like wedding colours. To make the celebration joyful, warm and amorant, try to get away from the cold winter tones. Here are some ideas:
Lilac (from lavender to violet) – you’d better combine it with pink, blue, gold and green;
Pink perfectly harmonizes with plum and ivory;
White colour one can dilute with green, pink and yellow;
Sunny yellow would be perfectly grouped with peach and apricot gives the wedding a hue of joy.

10. It’s possible to combine several colors, but the great variety of them can bring your wedding a hint of garishness. Great option is to use not more than two or three colours together.

11. Flower arranging. While picking flowers for the wedding, consider which ones are typical for spring. After all, you can purchase seasonal flowers as many as you like and save money, as they are often cheaper than off-season ones.

12. Depending on the time of spring, relevant may be tender tulips and daffodils, delicate lilies and snowdrops, luxurious peony and mimosa, crocuses, lilacs. In addition, for the wedding decorations, one can use all the elements of nature: the branches of cherry blossoms, apricot, moss. It would be nice to complete the various floral arrangements with ribbons, beads, decorative figurines. Flowers can be used not only for event hall and car decorations, but also for bride and bridesmaids’ hair styles.

13. Wedding photo shoot. Think of some original places and ideas for a photo shoot in advance to have spectacular, memorable and sentimental first family photos. You can depict an atmosphere of romance and love on a meadow (for example, on the lawn of dandelions, violets and snowdrops), near lakes, against the background of orchards, in green parks and squares.

14. A wonderful idea is to plant a tree in the garden. Then you won’t just get the unforgettable emotions and beautiful photos, but also will create your first family value.

15. Of course, the changeable spring weather can bring some adjustments to your plans, still take it easy. After all, Jack and Jill can be reflected on the photo, no matter what the weather is like. If the weather is rainy or foggy, shoot in the interior, for example in a botanical garden or in the cafe with a cup of hot coffee. You can make interesting photos under the large umbrella wearing bright rubber boots.

16. Wedding invitations should go with one’s wedding theme and also have some spring hues. While designing invitations one can use various spring colours, original prints, images of birds, flowers, butterflies, umbrellas, green leaves. Another good idea is to enclose in an envelope along with the invitation dried field flowers.

17. As favours that will remind guests about your wedding, think of potted houseplants, cups with the attributes of your celebration, original candles with thank you cards, cookies or chocolates in the shape of birds or flowers, etc.

18. Wedding menu. Spring banquet menu, like the rest of the wedding should be notable for its tenderness and simplicity. Therefore, you’d better give preference to seafood, cold snacks, light sandwiches, delicate sauces and fresh vegetables; they will look curvaceously on the tables.

19. Again as the central table decoration one may think of a basket filled with seasonal fruits and vegetables. Also, one may combine spring flowers with berries and fruits, like raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, fresh peaches, pears, apples. It will look nice and also will be great snack for guests, especially for vegetarian ones.

20. Drinks. At this time of the year it would be nice to serve various juices, lemonade, cold fruit tea, which will add a touch of sophistication and brightness. You can also surprise your guests with a variety of cocktails prepared with champagne.

21. For the spring wedding dessert sweet strawberries will be a perfect choice. It would be lively to consider a variety of desserts. For example, strawberries with cream, strawberry cheesecake, baskets with berries, etc. Another excellent option could be strawberry chocolate fondue which will bring lots of pleasure to your guests.

22. The most important item in the menu is, for sure, wedding cake. Think of light ones, like jelly cake with soft whipped cream and plenty of fruits. The cake can be made in delicate pastel shades, adding colorful accents in the form of flowers, butterflies, birds and berries.

23. Marvelous idea is to give each table its name, like sports teams, the names of the artists, countries, flowers, cartoon/book characters and many others. Although, make sure, you don’t offend any of the guests with the table name.

24. Bride’s attire. For your spring wedding consider dress made of light fabrics such as silk or lace. Choosing the perfect dress depends on weather conditions. If it’s the beginning of spring, tend to the attires with long sleeves and lush ruffles. If it’s warm May, you can choose open lace dresses. Keep in mind that the weather in spring is still quite changeable, and your wedding day may be marked with cool weather. It’s not doom and gloom; all you need is to be ready. One can buy a nice cardigan, short fur coat or a light coat, and cute boots.

25. Groom’s style. Groom’s suit can also be made in bright colors (combined with the color of the bride’s dress) – for example, a cream suit and white. It would be great to wear tie or shirt that corresponds to wedding theme colour – it will look terrific.

26. Dresses for bridesmaids. If a bride chose a traditional white dress (perhaps with bright accents), bridesmaids can be dressed up in attires of gentle tones. Such colours as beige, pale pink, light green, light blue, pale yellow are universal ones that will go with almost any wedding theme. You can add some zest with the help of colorful shoes, jewelry, belts or bouquets.

27. Bride’s hairstyle. In spring experts recommend natural hairstyles. The basis of which are light curls. Also, the stylists do not recommend a veil to cover bride’s hair – it can be replaced by a diadem, natural or artificial flowers, etc. Also, hat-veil will look originally.

28. Bride’s accessories. The main bridal hair accessories are traditional veil, ribbon, barrette, headband and wreath. So, the fiancée can choose which one will make her look special. Spring image can be completed with nice accessories, like bracelets, pendants and brooches. Still, wearing a large amount of jewelry is not worth it.

29. The main task about wedding make-up is to choose the right colours that will go perfectly with the dress and the whole image. One may consider natural, warm colors such as peach, beige, pale pink or pale coral. The main emphasis may be placed on eyes with the help of black mascara and eyeliner. It is better to complete the bridal make-up with pink or beige lipstick.

30. Spring bride’s bouquet. Spring is the time to move away from the threadbare floristic composition of roses and experiment with bright and original combinations. So, the bouquet is sure to be bright, fragrant and light. Wedding florists often use early spring or wildflowers. Collected in a single bouquet, they symbolize strength and spring awakening. You can also input in the bouquet some thematic decorations. If you wish to try something new, ask the florist to give it an unusual shape: cascade or a ball will look just fine.

31. Let children bring the wedding rings or little girl carry them in a basket decorated with flowers. It will not only look terrific, but also make children happy by involving them into a ceremony. Moreover, boys can blow bubbles and girls can throw flower petals down the aisle during the wedding procession.

32. As an entertainment after dinner the newly married and guests can stargaze from the open tent or fly lanterns. Bride and groom may order heart-shaped lanterns in the wedding colour pattern in advance. This activity is a safe choice, given that it will be interesting for adults and for youth.

In conclusion, I would like to mention that at the spring wedding it is important to save tenderness, lightness and purity of this season. Mind the advices listed above and nothing will gloom fun, joy and happy faces at your celebration. Draw inspiration from warm sun, the chant of birds and trees in blossom and you will create romantic holiday, worth remembering a lifetime.