There are different wedding trends that come and go, but one wedding style seems to be sticking around thus a country style wedding. However, there are simply amazing styles and decorations that pertain in planning a country wedding.

Country Weddings

To achieve that unique and appealing look, you have to look for a spectacular country themed wedding venue. As you start planning on how to arrange your wedding invitations cards and cowboy boots, a country wedding is categorized as a unique and sophisticated event. Besides, you should also choose the best country wedding song that compliments with the actual environment. For instance, you can choose a country song like “Bless the Broken Road” or even “From This Moment On” by Shania Twain. The list is endless.

Vintage country wedding style

Some of the factors to consider while planning a vintage wedding style is to choose the best location where your guest will be more comfortable. The following are key benefits of choosing a country wedding style.
Venue Space: While choosing a countryside venue, you have to make sure that it is large enough to fit everyone and also small enough to keep that intimate feeling. For instance, you can try to find an outdoor venue or even a venue where there are a lot of trees. You can forget about hiring a décor and choose to do it yourself. You can also decide to go for a full country mood and find a unique space that offers a barn. Either way, it is important to choose a wedding venue where it both reflects you as a couple and the actual setting that you want.

Country Weddings1

Wedding décor: With a fabulous introduction of (DIY) projects, a country wedding should be well decorated. That said a vintage wedding was described as a classic and decent wedding. Thus, it is much easier to add different color variations. The idea is to make the simple site turn into an elegant affair. For instance, if there is much space you can choose to add the alliterations of twinkle lights as the sun sets to go down; the lights creates the enumerations of soft glows that alters the romantic environment.
Use a centerpiece: Every wedding must have a centerpiece theme. It can be in the reception area or at the door. The main purpose of the centerpiece is to enhance a welcoming gesture for the guest and the whole event in general. For instance, you can choose a simple DIY project such as using a red or white candle as a centerpiece; it helps in adding the romantic glow of the entire event.
Wine Barrel: Instead of using an expensive wine racket, you can decide to use the vintage method style. A customized wine barrel can be used as a table and décor too. Also, you can both enjoy the moment by sipping the sweet wine on it. Instead of using the usual glass wine, why don’t you choose the mason jars since it narrates the story of a vintage country wedding style.
A burlap flower girl: Burlap is typically a unique woven material that is made from sisal fibers. You can choose a brown color fabric that illustrates the country wedding theme. The chosen flower girl dress can have attached burlap on the upper part of the fabric and white on the lower part that typically tends to rhyme.

Country Weddings3

Wear cowboy boots: So as to compliment with the vintage wedding event, the best choice is to wear elegant cowboy boots for the bride, groom, and bridesmaids, as well.

Country Wedding Dress and Photo-session

Now, what will you wear in your country wedding day? And how about the photo session process? The questions might seem like the most difficult test of the year, but the reality is that the answer relies on what you will love and feel more comfortable to wear and the photo process too. For instance, as you plan to choose a country wedding dress, the following factors will help you.
Don’t go for Sky-high Stilettos: It is the trend that bridesmaids tend to love tiptoed heels. Consider the point where you walk down the aisle, and your bridesmaids tend to hoop over through grass and dirt with their beautiful stilettos. You should think about the outdoor friendly wedding shoes. Classic boots will be the perfect choice of shoes to wear.

Country Weddings6

Choose a lace wedding dress: Your wedding dress should also compliment with the vintage theme. In fact, it is advisable to choose a lace wedding fabric thus a country love fabric. If you want to dance and move out all night long, don’t forget to include a birdcage veil. Besides, don’t let your groom wear his suit all day long. Instead, you should choose a nice vest coat for him and groomsmen too.
Wow! Photo-session: To have that Wow! Feeling while taking your vintage wedding photo session, you should decide on looking for the perfect places. For instance, you can choose a green grass background and horse riding pitch. You can also choose to stand in a big circle tree and take the perfect photo session for the moment.

Country Weddings2

Another thing that most brides tend to forget is that country wedding food should be different with that of other weddings. For instance, you should think about the country comfort foods. You should opt to serve a BBQ style of food such as a pulled chicken or pork, don’t miss your favorite macaroni and cheese, potatoes salads, rolls and much more. You can also carry that theme onto the desert choices. In fact, choose some of your family members and let them make some of their favorite pies that will be served.
There are elegant country wedding venues around the globe, but the best idea is to choose a decent place where there are few trees and a dry land. You don’t want a scenario where your guests come with heavy waterproofs and raincoats on your wedding day. The vintage wedding will also help you to save a lot of budgeting process since you don’t have to pay for a wedding reception area or luxury cars. A horse will do at this point

All photos were made by: Kolin Toney | Creative commons license